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Dream newborn baby

When the baby is born, then any mother, especially if this is her first child, asks the question: how much time your baby needs to sleep? First and foremost you need to understand that all children, like adults, are different and accurate delineation of sleep and wakefulness does not exist for them. However, we must remember that sleep is very important for anyone, but especially for a child. Not for nothing they say that in the dream the person grows. So, if your newborn baby will sleep, and his body will grow and develop harmoniously.

Healthy sleep newborn

Healthy sleep newbornAccording to doctors, in the first days of his life the child should sleep most of the day. And really, the kid can hold at this time 20-22 hours in sleep, interrupted only in order to eat. But after a few weeks after birth, the duration of sleep of the infant is reduced to 18-19 hours a day, but three months is 16-17 hours.

If the duration of sleep your child does not coincide with the number of hours referred to above, then do not worry. If the child sleeps less, but he is cheerful, good gaining weight, in the period of wakefulness is active and is in a good mood, then it suffices that the number of hours spent in sleep.

If he sleeps longer, in any case, don’t Wake him up. He will be hungry and will Wake up by himself.
A newborn sleeps

Sleep disorders in the newborn child

Sleep disorders in the newborn childThe child often cries in his sleep. Perhaps it suffer from any pain, and their timely detection can prevent disease;

A newborn baby often wakes up at night to eat, then sleep, but only for a short time. He may not eats breast milk and hunger does not allow him to sleep soundly;

Baby sleeps almost all day, and in short periods of wakefulness he is listless and inactive. Such a behavior of the baby can talk about the delay in the development of his nervous system, so it is necessary to show the child to the neonatologist.

And, of course, the mother should try to provide the best conditions for sleep her child: he must be fed, dry, the room should not be too hot or too cold (the ideal temperature in the bedroom baby 19-20 degrees). Follow these rules and the kid will delight you with its sound sleep, good mood and good health.

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