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Dysentery in children

Agents dysentery belong to the family of intestinal bacteria. They are particularly active breed in a hot environment, so the peak of disease falls on the summer months. The source and guardian of infection is a person – the patient or the media.

Infection dysentery may occur through infected objects or food. The most commonly infected are those who do not observe the rules of personal hygiene. Sometimes the child enough to eat one of the unwashed berries to get sick with dysentery.

Symptoms of dysentery in children:

Already in the incubation period may experience headache, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, “wrapped” white tinged language. The beginning of the disease dysentery most children acute with the growth of all forms of 1-2 days of the disease.

Dysentery begins with a sharp rise in temperature to 38-39C. It lasts up to 5 days. The typical symptoms of dysentery is a painful urge to defecate, watery defecation mixed with mucus, green, blood. In children with exudative diathesis manifestations of the acute period of more than erased, and the process of recovery is slower.

The treatment of dysentery in children:

The treatment of dysentery in childrenThe doctor will prescribe the baby glucose-solely solution. Do not insist that he immediately drank a whole liter, poite it from a spoon. And when the baby will be better, replace the solution unsweetened tea. Also he will prescribe antibiotics. Let’s drugs according to the scheme given by your doctor. Do not discontinue therapy at its discretion, otherwise the disease dysentery will recur or become chronic.

And yet the child needs a special diet for dysentery: a gentle porridge, steam cutlets and baked apples.

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