Disease children

Dysplasia in children

When the diagnosis of hip dysplasia in the area of special attention are the kids born in the pelvic previa, and children from families where there were such violations.

Symptoms of hip dysplasia in children:Treatment of hip dysplasia in children

Congenital dislocation is determined at birth. In other cases, an accurate diagnosis is when he turns 3-4 months. But you can test yourself by answering five questions:

– when the baby lying quietly, compare legs: not does one a bit shorter than the other?
– place your hands on your knees baby and spread the legs apart. Do you hear any clicking?
– take turns hip baby in hand. He wept?
– when the baby is lying on his stomach, whether asymmetric folds on legs?
– clasp your hands, legs, bend your legs at the knees, spread them apart. Do you think that one is given easily, and the other tight?

There is at least one answer is positive, go to the orthopedist. With suspected hip dysplasia he will send the baby on ultrasound or x-rays.

Treatment of hip dysplasia in children:

To cope with hip dysplasia can, but you need patience: the child must undergo complex procedures. What will determine the doctor. He will take into account his age and degree of pathology. Electrophoresis, paraffin baths, sea baths, calcium supplements, massage and exercises are prescribed for mild stages of dysplasia.

In the early stages will help to cope with a wide swaddling. How to do it correctly, tell the doctor.

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