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Electronic cigarettes were developed in 2003 and have become quite popular. First, the manufacturer has positioned them as cigarette Smoking in places where Smoking is prohibited, later on – as an effective way to quit Smoking, then – as a less harmful method of Smoking.

How Does Electronic Cigarette Works

Electronic cigarette is an electronic device that resembles an ordinary cigarette and allows to simulate the process of Smoking. Packaging from the electronic cigarette includes a replaceable cartridge and charger.

In the case of cigarettes a battery and a tiny steam generator, the entire mechanism aktiviziruyutsya as soon as you make a “puff”.

In the process of Smoking vapor is generated, containing the dose of nicotine. When inhaled the nicotine vapor in the human body is delivered “puff” cigarettes and smoke inhalation followed by exhalation. Usual electronic cigarette is equipped with led, visually simulate the smoldering tobacco.

The strength and flavor of cigarettes depend on electronic “filters”, which contains the nicotine and flavouring compounds. Great unscrewed from the main body and can be easily replaced. One filter is equivalent to 15-50 cigarettes.

Benefits E-cigarette

Starting to smoke electronic cigarette, a person experiences positive effects – the smell of smoke out of his mouth and the hands, overall health improves, breathing becomes easier, the taste of food gets brighter, is shortness of breath. Also advantage of electronic cigarettes is the possibility of Smoking where prohibited – it does not burn and does not smell.

Electronic cigarette does not contain tar and combustion products that is less harmful than a regular cigarette and Smoking the electronic cigarettes do not yellow teeth, and the skin is not coarse and does not age as from regular cigarettes.

What threat E-cigarette?

Obvious cons of electronic cigarettes is considered to be a recognized fact – after the transition to electronic cigarettes, there is no waiver of the habit of Smoking, but only appears psychological dependence on a new type of Smoking. Savings from electronic cigarette no, often a person starts to smoke even more – because of the awareness of the imaginary harmlessness of this habit.

The electronic cigarette is not certified by the world Health Organization, and no large-scale study of this device was not conducted. Neither cartridges, nor the cigarette are not subject to mandatory certification – that is, unscrupulous sellers can produce fake or dangerous to the health of the device.

How Does Electronic Cigarette WorksIn addition, the simulated smoke in the form of vapor can irritate others psychologically due to the visual resemblance to cigarette smoke.

The content of harmful substances in the cartridge refills – completely on conscience of manufacturers. According to research by American scientists, electronic cigarettes are not a safe alternative to conventional, as the concentration of the nicotine in them is more than claimed, and most often they are made in Chinese factories with violations of safety standards.

The composition of the liquid, evaporation of which simulates tobacco smoke include propylene glycol. It can cause allergic reactions and even block the breath of the smoker. There is evidence that some smokers have problems with lungs and throat.

French Agency of sanitary surveillance of health products (Afssaps) issued recommendations in which had been urged to refrain from using electronic cigarettes.

In fact, despite numerous clinical studies, common positions on the impact of electronic cigarettes on health is not. On the one hand, the use of these cigarettes is associated with adverse health effects, especially in children. Depending on the nicotine content in the cartridges, electronic cigarettes may even cause nicotine dependence among those who had not been a smoker.

It turns out that by themselves, e-cigarettes are not safe and have not been studied sufficiently, but they are safer than regular cigarettes: bring less harm to others and produce less toxic components of tobacco smoke.

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