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Ecthyma – deep skin infection that affects together with the epidermis and the dermis of the skin (second layer). As impetigo may be primary, as a result of microtrauma and may be secondary, as a consequence of dermatoses, itching (itchy, eczema…).

Causes of ecthyma

At the present stage it is known that the causative agent is Streptococcus. Ecthyma occurs very frequently in individuals with weakened immune systems as a consequence of heavy diseases: tuberculosis, diabetes, HIV, impaired blood and infobrasilia (for example, in the lower extremities), dermatoses, plus sagrestia skin as a result of violation of rules of personal hygiene, humid hot climate, poor treatment of superficial pyoderma.

Symptoms of ecthyma

Symptoms and causes of ecthymaThe most frequent localization is the tibia. Ecthyma is characterized in its first phase by the appearance of pustules – flabby bubble with purulent or purulent-bloody contents. In the remainder of this shrinking and forms an ulcer with purulent crust with a distinctive red okolovosmibitnym Corolla. You can see the increase of nearby lymph nodes.

Rashes raskalennye, may suffer from a common condition in the form of fever, weakness. The process allowed the formation of a scar.

Diagnosis of ecthyma

Differential diagnosis is done with herpes, late cutaneous porphyria, venous and ischemic ulcers, and, of course, with syphilitic ecthyma. To deal with such symptoms should a dermatologist or surgeon and in parallel to a specialist who deals in treatment of chronic pathology of the patient, if this is the case. For example in diabetes – endocrinologist, TB – a TB specialist.

Mandatory tests, as with all of the pyoderma, is the blood sugar, and in this case, as You have seen from the foregoing that the blood on civilise HIV. Be sure to understand the causes of ecthyma for the early detection of other diseases and avoid a repeat of a recurrence.

Treatment of ecthyma

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to resort to surgical treatment with excision of the crusts, followed by a treatment focus alcohol solutions (green diamond), the appointment of antibacterial ointment (tetracycline, erythromycin). Inside necessarily antibiotics (erythromycin, ciprofloxacin…) and vitamin preparations.

Treatment of ecthymaFrom the diet should exclude sugar as a nutrient medium for microorganisms, and alcohol, reducing immunity, and the effect of antibiotics. Eruptive elements should not be wetted until this will allow You the doctor.

If there are no other abnormalities, then no further restrictions.

In the treatment of add and folk remedies. It is better that it was the ingestion, as a consequence of the fact that the lesion is deep, it is doubtful that folk remedy well will penetrate and will be detrimental to bacteria. Better still make anti-bacterial ointments and alcohol solution. And per os (by mouth) you can add a tincture of fennel seeds, leaf walnut, elecampane. It will be a good vitamin.

Complications of ecthyma

Complications of ecthyma are the same as with all the pyoderma: the penetration of infection in the lymph nodes and vessels (lymphadenitis and lymphangitis), erysipelas, blood poisoning. So distant is the scarring with cosmetic defects.

Consultation dermatologist

Question: How to avoid the appearance of ecthyma in atopic eczema, if the lesions are located in the knee folds?
Answer: the Cause of the appearance of pustular skin diseases in medicine are microtrauma at scratching and decrease local immunity of the skin. So you need to properly and competent to treat them.

Question : do I Need to adjust the sugar level in the treatment of ecthyma?
Answer: It is a mandatory requirement.

Question: To what expert it is better to treat the scar after suffering ecthyma?
Answer: To the dermatologist or surgeon beautician.

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