The effect of alcohol on the kidneys

Alcoholism kills all and a considerable blow accounts of the kidneys, what we see through swollen faces and swollen limbs drunks. But this is only an external picture of what is happening inside. And inside the buds inevitably start to die.

The kidneys are filters in the human body. They remove excess liquid and water-soluble products of metabolism. But cleansing the body from unnecessary (toxic and poisonous substances are for him) is not the only function of the body.

Kidneys and alcohol

The kidneys are also involved in the processes of intermediate metabolism, in the synthesis of hormones, they perform an endocrine function, daily through the kidneys pass large volumes of blood, the kidneys affect the heart. Therefore, they lose alcohol is expensive man.

Kidney function filter and excrete a large part of the waste products of life, are the main organ of the urinary system. Toxins resulting due to the processing of alcohol by the liver, before they are released from the body pass through the kidneys. Pathogenic effects of alcohol on the kidneys is proved. There are the following forms of renal disease with alcohol consumption: the emergence of proteinuria and abnormal urine sediment in a single techniques of alcohol; degeneration of the kidneys with prolonged and massive intake of ethanol; the development of acute renal failure during delirium tremens and withdrawal; occurrence of myoglobinuria and acute renal failure in alcohol-induced striated muscles (alcoholic myopathy); the weighting of the course of chronic glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis under the influence of alcohol.

The effect of alcohol is accompanied by constant intoxication and kidney, and over time reduces their function, which leads to insufficient removal from the body the residual waste products, the result is a poisoning of the body, reduced immunity, there is a favorable environment for reproduction of viruses and the emergence of many diseases which are usually not even associated with the kidneys. In addition, there is the undermining of the entire urinary system appears the risk of kidney stones, and malignancies, which can only be removed by surgery, and in many cases the tumors are diagnosed at the stage when their removal is not possible, which inevitably leads to loss of kidneys or fatal.

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