Enema before childbirth

It is safe to say that a few years ago literally all mothers immediately before the onset of labor put an enema, and right before the fight. From this enemas could give is that only if women as they say childbirth proceeded too rapidly. And then as you know to this intimate, but not all pleasant moment could simply not reach the case, of course, for the lack of the necessary time.

It should be noted that in the days of our mothers or grandmothers many pervertie could simply not even know that they have, right before the birth undergo purgation because they felt no need to inform and right in the hospital with early contractions women indiscriminately made enema. Today, an increasing number of women think in advance about possible pending their unpleasant procedure, sometimes even fear it much more than the upcoming fights undertakings or birth in General.

As you have probably already heard the statement enema directly before the onset of labor today, there is no procedure required and necessary for every woman. Modern gynecologists very much revised, many scientists have changed their minds, specialists have conducted multiple interesting research and a few things changed. As a result of this activity scientists have proved that we are all very much mistaken, or we don’t, and those doctors who gave birth with our mothers and grandmothers, well, at least with regard to the use of enemas delivered immediately before childbirth. And yet, today from her completely refuse not all of the modern hospital and not all individual woman, and believe me on this as there are quite good reasons. So to put an enema before giving a birth or still not worth it?

Do I need to put an enema before childbirth

Enema before childbirthWe note that the feasibility of urgent cleansing enema before giving a birth previously not discussed. Almost all obstetricians were completely confident in her absolute and guaranteed benefits. And here it is, first of all, there were exactly hygienic side of this issue. Indeed, during the strongest futile all current contents of the intestine in virtually 100% of all cases defecate.

And as you know, this absolutely would not be a pleasant or positive, and not for the entire medical staff, nor, of course, for most mothers. And say more in fear of the woman in front of such a “dirty” outcome might very well push psychologically a woman, not allowing the mother to push most diligently. That, of course, can not benefit specific to the generic process. Next consider the second obvious benefit of this prenatal cleaning your intestines will for some time remain almost entirely empty, and so will last for almost all of the first day immediately after birth (well, if you do not decide to eat fatty pasta with meatballs). And as you may guess, this will greatly help you your “free” life as a new mother, for example, if you are due to breaks all the stitches will be put.

The almost complete absence of feces directly into the rectum can greatly facilitate the promotion of the head of the baby on the pelvic area, simply do not create any additional barriers possible without an enema in the form of multiple seals. Truth to tell, the most recent research scholars also suggest that if, for example, a pregnant woman before childbirth defecated, for example, during one recent day, the risk of any unpleasant effects from the intestine will be kept well almost to absolute zero. And another thing, if the mother has long been suffering from constipation and say the last three or even four days is not defecated and then in its lumen of the colon can actually produmyvatsya is seriously hardened fecal – that’s actually in this case, conducting preventive cleansing enema before giving a birth will be not only appropriate, but required.

As a kind of bonus assignment enemas, directly before childbirth can be considered and its ability to drastically tone the uterus of the woman, that is really to stimulate so necessary at this time the contractions and even enhance the whole birth process.In addition, is really a very important factor in the questions put or not a cleansing enema before childbirth, was considered a really high risk of getting a newborn baby in case some communication possible with the faeces of the mother. It should, however, be noted that modern gynecologists of civilized Western countries completely disprove this theory, stating reasons for such fears. So today, it is considered that when the full observance of all necessary childbirth hygienic measures during childbirth risks of infection of the newborn is simply minimal. Moreover, today there is a certain opinion, if after conducting a cleansing enemas risks of infection crumbs increase.

And still: what is the enema is just a whim of the medical staff, and perhaps sometimes are too insecure woman or is it completely justified and even necessary precaution during labor? First, absolutely do not think that now put the enema all in a row for women is the most pleasant thing in this world. Although, of course, perhaps it is better so, than say, then after giving birth to wipe all that came with the fetus of faeces and urgently to collect all this in a special tray.

Undoubtedly, only one, today you can easily afford to abandon this procedure or to make its pre-houses. Although not, of course, not the fact that the doctor who will have to take childbirth, will let you go home so you quietly made enema, really it is unlikely to go for it. And yet, if even the thought of the enema in the hospital sickens you, just try to be able to negotiate with personnel about to pass her appointment with you. It is necessary, however, to think how comfortable and absolutely freely whether you’ll feel during labor, knowing that this discomfort you may still happen.

But if you still a supporter of full bowel cleansing before giving a birth, then absolutely you should also clarify the matter with the gynecologist that will accept your childbirth. You must agree, it may well be that the nursing home where you are going to give birth to such enemas for a long time already nobody put, well, at least without special indications. In this case, you again will need to be able to agree on the formulation of the enema with the medical staff or even an enema at home immediately, before heading into the hospital. But in any case, about the necessity of formulating enemas, or that it is not always desirable, it is necessary to talk with the doctor who led the rest of your pregnancy. After all, this doctor precisely knows, you may be recommended, and that is contraindicated directly to the onset of labor.

How and when to do an enema before the birth of the child

If you are going to give yourself an enema before the onset of labor at home by yourself, then directly to the nursing home you will most likely only thank you very much I will say. Yes actually you will most quite possibly be a little more comfortable to do so intimate with such a delicate operation without anyone’s interference and even without the help of third parties.

Believe me, put a cleansing enema before giving a birth and the main thing is to do it completely by yourself is easy. To start with, just buy yourself a mug of Asmara number one, and then to carry out this procedure does not make any labour, it will be quite simple.

The second stage prepare the necessary solution for that would enter his rectum. And as you understand this, it may be the simplest (but not necessarily boiling) water, or simply a decoction of chamomile. The most important thing is its temperature, it is extremely important to remember that the temperature of the solution for enemas should not exceed 37 degrees. Next, fill the mug the obtained liquid, pre-releasing from it the rest of the air tight her tighten. Then simply attach the Cup to the meter or even half a meter above the level at which actually will be you. Usually to do a cleansing enema before giving a birth we strongly recommended that it is in the position of your body, lying side, and on the left side. Some sources as a more secure posture for pregnant women is recommended position standing on all fours, while leaning on his elbows in front.

How and when to do an enema before the birth of the childSo, to transgress the procedure, lubricate the tip of the tube a sufficient amount of cream, vaseline, or at least soap, release of the enema excess air and most carefully insert the tip into the anus. Further, after the introduction of the prepared liquid you’ll need to feel filling the intestine. And if such feelings do not, and you feel that the water from the enema does not go away, just change the direction of the tip. It is quite possible that you originally ran the tip in the bowel wall and the water is not able to leave the enema. Be sure to watch for that directly in the intestine has not got somehow the extra air. But at the slightest discomfort or if you are uncomfortable, just try to relax. Breathe in carrying out this procedure, it is desirable as slowly and as deeply as possible, you can Pat yourself on the belly. It will be good if when carrying out this procedure, you will be able to help someone very close friends, again, one of those people whom you are not going to be ashamed of.

Go next to go to the toilet you can literally immediately after you entered all pre-measured liquid (and it is not more than 1.5 liters). If a bowel movement does not occur immediately, or you, for example, begins to seem that such a volume of the liquid was not enough, then you may have to repeat this procedure but only after 30 or even 40 minutes. However, to repeat the same procedure is possible only fully convinced that I managed to get all introduced initially liquid.

Also, you must know and remember that such a cleansing enema in any case cannot be set with actual undertakings, and where would you do in this time were not – for example at home or in the hospital.

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