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Excessive weight at the moment

Obesity 3 degrees, BMI>40

Found 32 diseases with the symptom Excessive weight at the moment.

symptom Clarification

Central obesity (mainly belly fat)
female Obesity (predominantly thighs, buttocks, abdomen)
Obesity evenly throughout the body
Obesity, mainly on face, neck, torso (not on legs and arms), rounded face
Overweight at present

Symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Hypertension high 25-33
Cholelithiasis high 22-29
empty saddle Syndrome high 11-14
obstructive sleep apnea Syndrome high 7-9
cannabionoid Poisoning high 3-5
acute Cholecystitis high 5-7
uterine Fibroids high 17-22
Biliary colic (syndrome) high 6-8
cholecystitis calculous chronic high 8-11
risk of stroke high 7-9
True polycythemia high 4-5
risk of myocardial infarction high 6-8
risk of angina high 7-9
Carbuncle high 15-19
Hip high 20-26
risk Factors for hypertension (syndrome) high 6-8
Prader-Willi Syndrome average 14-18
Metabolic syndrome average 15-20
Gastrocardial syndrome average 7-9
risk of lower limb varicose veins average 5-6
Ischemic atherosclerosis average 8-11
hallux Valgus average 5-6
Boils average 5-6
increased volume of BCC (syndrome) average 3-5
Giardiasis: hepatobiliary form average 13-17
lordosis of the lumbar low 14-18
Candidiasis of large skin folds low 8-10
Lipoma low 5-7
Athlete’s foot groin low 6-8
lordosis of the cervical spine low 16-22
risk of hypertension low 7-10
Mixed hyperlipidemia low 7-9

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