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False negative pregnancy test – reasons

A pregnancy test can be attributed to the most convenient and useful inventions of mankind. Indeed, in any place and in a few minutes you can find out the answer to the disturbing question: is pregnancy or not. Our grandmothers about such could only dream of.

Usually, a pregnancy test is the right thing. But there are also disadvantages: often determines a false result. And most false-negative in the presence of pregnancy. Why is this happening?

Previously conducted diagnostics

False negative pregnancy test - reasonsIn many cases, to the first day of delay already high levels of HCG to be able to determine the reagent test. Many possible later in the other before. Therefore, in the instructions to the tests, you read that reliable results can only be in the first days of a delay monthly. If the diagnosis of pregnancy your HCG levels are not high, you will get an incorrect result.

Very diluted urine

If the test uses a concentrated urine, early truthfulness pregnancy test on a lot will be higher. For these reasons, experts advise to use morning urine. And if you are taking diuretics, morning urine should not even be relied on.

If very high levels of HCG in the body, then the test can be performed day and night. However, if you are pregnant two weeks, it is likely to get a false result.

Violation of the rules

All rules in the written instructions are not simple. Because if to follow them, then you can get a more reliable result. If you break one point, you could end up with an incorrect result. Always follow the instructions.

Bad Pregnancy Test

Preggo-Tests-negative-or-positiveEach test has a high reliability. However, there may be times when you got spoiled, stitched or low-quality test. In this situation, the test should be repeated after approximately three days.

Pathological pregnancy

False negative results may also be due to the non-developing pregnancy, because it does not increase the level of HCG. Sometimes this hormone is produced in small quantities with the threat of miscarriage, and then the result will be false-negative.

Therefore, if the test shows a negative result, and Your period still not, then you need to go to the gynecologist on reception and to find out the reason.

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