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Fast pregnancy test

Today, women have more opportunities, so that when the first symptoms of pregnancy to confirm or reject it. If a woman observed a dramatic mood changes, delayed menstruation, it may indicate pregnancy. Everything is easy to find by using rapid tests that a woman can conduct at home, only need to buy at the pharmacy all the necessary accessories. Now there are women who about this method is not heard. But, the rapid test is very practical and easy to use and it has a high efficiency. In addition, you don’t need any special accessories for it. Only need to buy a test.

Rapid pregnancy test provides your results like litmus paper. The sense that it changes color under the influence of human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone, which is present in the female body in very small amounts. But implantation of the embryo and the embryo, begins to produce the villi of the chorion, and later by the placenta. In this way, the degree of HCG during pregnancy is gradually increased, and it increased defines a positive result.

Women today, in order to dispel his doubts about pregnancy have a great opportunity to use the rapid test, which is developed in modern experts. Fixtures can be different from conventional test strips to electronic tests. Recommend a quick test to do on the fifth day of menstruation. It was at this point chorionic gonadotropin perfectly produced. The test may be positive after the first seven days of pregnancy.

But, much depends on the quality of the test, the characteristics of the HCG, observance of certain rules for use of the test. May be such that the test result is “not explicit”: not changed color or poorly painted or strips are blurred. To confirm the test result, it is necessary to repeat the next day. If you have a positive result, then go for a consultation at the gynecologist.

Fast pregnancy test - how to choose a pregnancy testWhat a rapid test should I use? It all depends on the financial capacity of the person. Every test will be an effective method for diagnosing pregnancy. The test can only differ in price and ease of use.

Of course, the easiest to use pregnancy test is the usual test strip. To run the test you need to collect the urine of the morning and leave for a few seconds in her stripes. The result will appear in approximately three minutes.

There is a cassette, or a tablet, a pregnancy test. Its principle of operation is similar to the previous one, only it requires only a drop of urine. Apply it in a special window.

Inkjet test can be done at any time and anywhere, as a result, its effectiveness will always be the maximum. It is quite simple, you need only to substitute his urine stream, and then get acquainted with the result.”

Today there are electronic pregnancy test. And the price is much more expensive. Because it can be performed several times. The result of this test can be seen on a special screen.

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