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Fatigue in children – symptoms and treatment

Modern parents often seek to make up for what was lost in their childhood years due to the desire to make your child well-rounded and versatile educated. Bright signs of fatigue in the pursuit of results are of particular concern among moms and dads.

Signs of fatigue in the child

A normal, healthy baby full of ideas, energetic and committed to learn about the world from all sides. Motor activity and the desire to engage in games that require a certain level of perseverance, a certain calm, from nature balanced.

Temperature, mood, appetite normal. The child’s body self-regulates wakefulness and sleep, parents from the first days regulate and support the mechanisms of higher nervous activity. What to do if my son or daughter changes the mood, increased temperature, it starts to act up, refuse to eat or became overexcited? Many parents had to watch something like that.

These clinical manifestations have one common condition, as defined in Pediatrics as fatigue in children. It occurs at any age, but today many diseases and pathological conditions markedly younger. Well-known clinic in the border phenomenon is diagnosed in children from an early period, when the time from one to two hours without sleep leads to fatigue of the child.

Clinical symptoms children fatigue

Specific signs of exhaustion visible even in the early stages of the disease:

An increased level of otvlekaemost, your baby is partially or completely missing the focus on subject or task.

Frequent change of posture during sleep or practice, spontaneously elevated temperature.

The appearance of unusual movements.

Emotional lability, symptoms of disorders of the Central nervous system, for the child characterized by sleepiness or insomnia that are observed violations of the regime of the day.

Pre-school children lose interest in studies disciplines, and require concentration, such as painting, sculpting, attentively listen to tales, difficulty with retelling.

The temperature varies, the child violations of psycho-emotional plan. The symptoms consist in unpleasant mimicry, the desire to APE, to mimic those around the girl or boy of primary school or preschool age to spontaneous outbursts of emotion in the older age groups.

Girls teenage period of development feel a significant rhythm disturbance of menstruation. Certain symptoms, the harbingers of the imbalance of the nervous system in the form of headaches, a fever, pronounced irritability, unwillingness to engage or denial of everything that offer adult.

Age-related attrition among child

Causes the state of the young genius fatigue are factors which depend on his mental and physical development. To efficiently perform the preceding treatment of this pathology condition, it is necessary to remember about the reasons for his appearance:

The reasons for the child that are breastfeeding are in an unbalanced mode of the day, sleep a lot less time awake.

The period of preschool and younger school age is characterized by serious academic stress. A significant excess training time, minimize walking, signs of oxygen starvation.

In adolescence symptoms of hormonal changes the body, debilitating the nervous system, reducing the physiological protective functions of the body. On the background of weakening of immunity from intense academic load appears fatigue, turning into chronic type.

Individual factors that induce symptoms of disease in any age group are a stressful situation surrounded by the growing personality at home and school, lack of normal physical activity, the problems between the parents.

Diagnosis and treatment of fatigue in children

During the day the child or adolescent is in sight of adults. The phenomenon of pronounced fatigue and fatigue in children learn parents, caregivers, teachers. The clinical picture allows to determine the level of development of the syndrome of fatigue, fever requires a mandatory visit to a specialist.

Diagnosis and treatment of fatigue in childrenThere is a certain part of adults who see such manifestations from the point of view of the insignificance of the disease and use the old method, a child will sleep and all will pass. This leads to serious changes in the nervous system, giving rise to further disruption of organs and systems of the child’s body. The man of preschool or school age appear sustainable neurosis, insomnia, consistently elevated or reduced temperature, fluctuating readings of blood pressure.

To avoid these complications, the pediatrician prescribes a comprehensive treatment on the basis of the data of clinical tests and results of the inspection of narrow specialists – neurologist, cardiologist, an osteopath and nutritionist.

Treatment is a combination of psychological, pedagogical and medico-biological methods. Support adequate emotional background and restore the stability of the psyche with the help of autogenic training, massage techniques, exercise therapy, restoring the correct mode of the day, planning and distribution of teaching loads, stay active outdoors, as the temperature outside, the normalization of power gives you fast lasting results.

It is important to pay attention to diet and set of products included in the menu of the child, to a maximum of vegetables, fruits, cereals, digestible proteins. Products of plant and animal origin must be in precise proportions. The doctor appoints reception of vitamin preparations of group “B” and “C”, multivitamins tailored to age the biological additives.

Prevention of fatigue in teenager

The children’s organism very quickly and subtly reacts to any changes and deviations in environment. The main task of parents is to grow and nurture a healthy, full-fledged, self-sufficient person. This requires the maximum to protect the child from fatigue from the earliest months of life.

Timely complete prevention of fatigue in children allows them to learn life, to learn about the world with interest, effectively to master school subjects, to develop harmoniously spiritually and physically. Create baby conditions to prevent symptoms of fatigue attainable for every adult.

Since the first days of life to provide the child with adequate nutrition, to monitor adherence to routines and corresponding to the number of years of life physical activity.

It is important to maintain the correct microclimate in the room where he sleeps at night, spends the day your child. It is a comfortable temperature, ventilation, avoid the use of fresheners and hazardous substances in terms of allergies.

Of great importance in prevention is a psychological state, attitude in the family and in the inner world taken separately growing individual. Conflicts between adults cultivate a sense of discomfort, fear, uselessness, fear of each situation.

Age the lack of understanding creates a constant stress, your son or daughter, there are various versions, conjectures, guesses about what is happening, what else is intense depresses the nervous system and the psyche. In most cases this is the main cause of fatigue, exhaustion of the nervous system of the child.

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