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Feeding of The Newborn

How Often to Feed a Newborn?

To do it right, follow the principle — feed your baby on demand and at will. Note that this principle is only suitable for breastfeeding, as the mixture longer to digest. In the case of artificial feeding in the desired mode.

Put the newborn to the breast as often as he asks and keep him on the breast until he is sated. Then you will milk you as much as necessary your baby.

How many times to feed a newborn?

Newborn babies may require the chest to 15 times a day. Some suck little and often (you can ask to eat every hour). And after only a few feedings eat and fall asleep. Listen to your child, it will install a convenient mode of feeding-stuffs.

What to cook and how to prepare for the feeding?

Feeding should bring joy to both you and the baby. Select a quiet place in the house. Believe me, even in a small apartment it is possible to allocate a spot to relax.

Throw in a chair with a back or a chair, or even better a rocking chair. Prepare several small pillows, a footstool.

All these tips will help you to skillfully keep the baby at the breast and it does not strain your back and arms. Comfortable position for mom during feeding is very important, because the process of eating the child can be lengthy and rush things a child should not – this is dangerous because the baby can choke and start to cough, also possible vomiting by incorrect feeding rhythm.

How many times to feed a newbornWhen feeding your baby not gorbie back, otherwise, you will tire quickly, and feeding will turn into an unpleasant burden for you, which will want to get rid.

Put next to the chair table. During feeding you will want to drink, on the table you can put a glass of water and a plate with crackers.

Relax, so the jelly will be easier to do to a child. Can imagine yourself as a cat. Because she has a whole basket of babies and imagine all suck at the same time, and she does not mind. Blissfully blinks and purrs softly.

How to Feed The Newborn

Well, emotionally comfortable environment made themselves tuned in, now we can talk about how to feed the newborn:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water;
  • Express a little milk and wipe them nipple to remove germs;
  • Pick up baby and hold yourself so that the nipple was pointing to his mouth;
  • The baby is well latched on, you need to submit — your fingers should be placed outside the borders of the areola. The index finger supports the breast from below approximately 5-6 inches from the nipple, ring and little finger pressed to my chest. The thumb is a little closer to the nipple and freely lies on top of the chest;
  • At that moment, when the baby opens wide mouth, put the nipple when he would touch the sky baby, baby will start to suck;
  • Make sure that the baby has captured not only the nipple but the areola, otherwise it will swallow air;
  • The baby’s mouth is wide open, the nose and chin should touch the breast, lower lip will be turned outwards, and the cheeks are inflated, and you’ll hear how the baby is swallowing milk. These are all signs that things are being done;
  • When the child was satisfied, he will release the nipple;
  • Squeeze a bit of milk, carefully grease the areola and nipple, and wait until it completely dries. In milk there are special substances that help to heal cracks and prevent inflammation;<
  • Hold the baby in a column that he threw up the air;
  • After feeding place the newborn on one side, under the back put the diaper rolled with a roller.

How Much to Feed a Newborn?

Duration of feeding for each baby is different. Some children become saturated faster, while others spend at his mother’s breast for more time. Some kids have enough milk from one breast to the other you need to apply and second. The child should be at his mother’s breast until they’re full and he lets the chest.

The duration of a single feeding can range from 10 to 40 minutes. However, if the baby falls asleep on your chest, you need to Wake him up, as he is actively sucking mom’s Breasts and get food.

The main task newborn – to get the most valuable and nutritious so-called “hind” milk containing large amounts of fats and proteins. So do not rush to take the baby chest, even if you think that he ate.

Dear mom, I think you could use the information about how to feed a newborn baby. Perhaps you learned something new and useful. But to strictly comply with all recommendations not worth it.

Best to listen to your baby, or rather, learn to understand his language, because only with gestures and invisible connection between you, he may have something to tell you. You certainly will succeed.

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