Baby food

Feeding the baby formula milk

Dairy kitchen provides free meals to children from six months to two years. Large families (children under 7 years old), is a natural aid in form of infant formula. Families with children suffering from chronic diseases, are entitled to receive meals until the child reaches 15 years of age, and families with disabled children up to 18 years. The range of dairy dishes – milk formulas, milk, yogurt, cheese; all this shall be issued in accordance with the recommendations of the pediatrician and depends on the age or diagnosis of the child.

What is needed to get free baby food?
What is needed to get free baby foodIn each subject of the Europe and the United States rules for getting free baby food is regulated by legal acts of local authorities. To get a prescription for free baby food, parents should refer to a local pediatric clinic, where there is a child. Usually a prescription for the supply is issued with six months if the child is breastfeeding, and birth, if artificial. The recipe for getting free baby food is issued every month (not later than 25). The recipe number is recorded in the medical record of the child.

Where and how to get baby food?
Dairy products are issued in special paragraphs handout — “milk kitchens”, usually once every two days – two days is the norm, but only upon receipt of milk every five days – five-day rule. Dairy dishes are available from early in the morning, including weekends and holidays.

What foods give milk to the kitchen?
Usually it is adapted dry milk mixture, sour milk formula, baby milk, kefir (pack 200 ml) and curd (pack of 50 grams).

Can you get free baby food?
You need to get in the clinic a certificate stating that the child does not receive free meals in the district hospital, to which he applies for registration. It is also necessary to write the application addressed to the chief physician of the clinic at the place of actual residence of the child to allow them to get the power where the child resides. If the matter cannot be resolved at the clinic, will have to seek the advice of your local Department of social security.

What to do if there are no dairy dishes?
If in the city or town where the family resides with the child, no dairy food or the point would be given free milk nutrition, parents can instead receive cash compensation and to purchase dairy products on their own. You need to write an application to your local social security office. When dealing with such a statement will need a passport and birth certificate of the child.

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