Female infertility: causes and treatment of infertility in women

What is female infertility?

Female infertility is more versatile than the male. Because the female body not only needs to produce a full egg, but also to create conditions for conception and passing of pregnancy. Any, even minor, the failure of the reproductive organs of a woman can make conception difficult.

Doctors divide female infertility primary and secondary. In the first case, the pregnancy could not occur initially in the second – the ability to bear children was, but for some reason lost.

Main causes of female infertility

Main causes of female infertilityIn the first place are problems with maturation. They are found in 39% of all cases. Often such violations occur as a result of improper operation of the hormones that control the development of the egg. However, sometimes guiltily damage themselves ovaries, for example, when the result of inflammation or hormonal disorders appears cyst.
Second place (30%) are defects of the fallopian tubes, which can be damaged or clogged. Be the cause of this may adhesions, which appeared after surgery of the abdominal cavity, as well as abortions or ectopic pregnancies or inflammation of the fallopian tubes (inflammation of appendages) and uterus (endometritis). Normal meeting of the egg and sperm must occur in the fallopian tube, and if it’s blocked, conception becomes impossible.

Problems with the cervical canal is another cause of infertility. In healthy women, it is completely filled with mucus, which is necessary to ensure that the sperm can easily overcome the cervix to reach the egg. If the mucus is too viscous or her a little, if its chemical composition is violated, the passage of sperm into the uterus will be difficult. Usually this happens as a result of genital infections, deterioration slizeobrazujushchej glands, erosion or inflammation of the cervix.
Immunological problems: in the mucus of the cervix appear substances that can damage and even destroy the sperm.

Infertility can cause abnormalities of the uterus: malformations, inflammatory processes, benign tumors (fibroids, fibroids, fibroids and polyps and granulomas formation of cysts.

Endometriosis causes infertility in 40-50% of cases.

To infertility can cause some diseases that are not directly connected with sexual sphere. This metabolic disorders, diseases of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, diabetes, etc.

Women need to keep in mind that with age, the probability to become pregnant is gradually reduced. Insidious role it can play a long experience of Smoking, alcohol abuse, poor environment, stress and poor diet: obesity, weight gain, lack of vitamins.

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