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Sports and hemorrhoids – compatible are these concepts? In recent years, the subject of physical exercises for hemorrhoids is particularly acute, as the disease is increasingly affecting not only persons of Mature age, but very young people.

For starters, it is important to understand what constitutes this disease. Psychiatrists explain that the basis of disease is an abnormal widening and weakening of the veins of the rectum. This leads to dystrophic changes of connective and muscle tissue, impaired circulation and stagnation in the pelvic area. The tone of the vascular wall is weakened, blood vessels the rectum overflow venous blood, which causes the main symptoms of the disease and its complications.

The most typical symptoms of hemorrhoids are pain, itching and burning in the anus, which over time, joined by bleeding, swelling, inflammation, and thrombosis. What if the diagnosis “hemorrhoids”? Does this mean the end of sports career, can I continue to exercise with hemorrhoids or have to give up physical activity for all?

Physical activity and sport for hemorrhoids

Doctors do not tire of repeating that an active lifestyle and adequate physical activity are key to your well-being and enhance health. Against the hemorrhoids is not as important. Because the main cause of the disease is inactive, insufficiently active lifestyle.

Residents of big cities are all less walk, getting to work on personal or public transport. And the work of many sessile. Most of my life, the employees of numerous offices spend at the computer table, and on weekends and holidays people prefer to lie down on the couch, relaxing in front of the TV and gaining weight. The result is deplorable. This way of life was the trigger to the development of many diseases:

  • obesity
  • hypertension
  • hemorrhoids

But there is another side of the coin.” Hemorrhoids often affects those who are dealing with heavy physical labor, spends workdays on his feet or engaged in power sports. And if in the first case, the vessels suffer from stagnation in the second – person is constantly experiencing a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, which also adversely affects the state of the vascular wall. Physical activity should be moderate, then they’ll contribute to normal blood circulation and eliminate stagnation in the veins of the rectum.

Proctology note that moderate exercise and exercise with hemorrhoids prevent the development and worsening of his symptoms. Active lifestyle normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs, eliminating congestion in the venous plexuses. Besides exercising strengthens the body, making it hardy and strong.

Treatment of hemorrhoids involves a range of measures, combining not only conservative medical therapy, dieting and special exercise, which improves blood flow and increases the tonus of the vascular wall.

Sports hemorrhoids needed not only to prevent disease, but also for its treatment in the initial stages. Exercise classes for patients with hemorrhoids should be gentle, do not cause overstrain of the body and increase the already existing nodes. Patients with hemorrhoids recommend to do therapeutic exercises at home, no special exercise equipment to perform such gymnastics is not necessary.

Proctology suggest to allocate to such physical activities 15-20 minutes each day. This will help to fight the disease and reduce the risk of acute hemorrhoids. Besides gymnastics is of great benefit long daily walks in the fresh air or any other physical activity.

What sports are recommended for hemorrhoids?

  • Swimming. the Most useful kind of sport for hemorrhoids. During the voyage the load on all the muscles of the body evenly distributed, and excessive pressure on the pelvis and the abdominal cavity disappears. Significantly improves blood circulation in venous blood vessels disappear congestion. Swimming is available without restriction to any age group, and it is not contraindicated for pregnant women suffering from hemorrhoids. The pool should be mandatory for people who are predisposed to the occurrence of this disease. This sport can be enjoyed at any time of the year.
  • Running. Use it if you are affected by hemorrhoids obvious. It not only boost blood flow to pelvic veins, but also strengthens the abdominal muscles. And it helps to fight against the main cause of hemorrhoids – constipation. Running is essential not only to prevent disease, reduces the risk of getting the disease into severe stage. While running, the arterial blood is saturated with oxygen, and the circulatory system improves. Intense contraction of the muscles of the legs and buttocks drives the blood through the veins by preventing stagnation. The nutrition of the tissues of the rectum improves, the healing process of damaged tissues and mucous membranes accelerates and improves the condition of blood vessels. Regular practice of this sport will help to eliminate congestion and reduce the risk of developing inflammation of the changed nodes.
  • Walking. is a Perfect sport for hemorrhoids. Perfectly strengthens and tightens the abdominal muscles and legs, excellent tones the blood vessels, causing the blood to run faster through the veins and not to stagnate in the pelvic organs. The minimum distance, which is recommended to be taken every day – 2-3 km. Over time, this can be increased to 5-7 km, this will not only help reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also to get rid of extra pounds.
  • Yoga. while yoga is a lot of exercises to help get rid of symptoms of hemorrhoids. Basic postures (asanas) of yoga aims to eliminate the stagnation of blood, improving its drainage from the pelvic region and normalization of the bowel. One of these essential asanas is Sarvangasana (birch). Adhere to it, taking a stand on the blades and lifting his legs up. In addition to her yoga there are many effective postures that are beneficial for person suffering from hemorrhoids.

These sports hemorrhoids help not only to maintain the body in good physical shape, but also contribute to the improvement of health and reduction of adverse symptoms.
Doctors do not recommend long time to be seated, every hour you must do a little workout. To do this, you can perform a few exercises that actively move and exercise.

A good result will give deep squats and stretching exercises of the muscles. Of General recommendations, experts advise not to wear tight underwear, and not to push while sitting on the toilet. Get stools soft by eating foods high in fiber. The bowel needs to be emptied quickly and effortlessly.

Fitness with hemorrhoids

Fitness with hemorrhoidsThese exercises are designed to prevention of hemorrhoids and the package of measures for its treatment in the early stages. In severe cases and when complications of the disease physical exercise will not help.
Gymnastic exercises and sports hemorrhoids is aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles, perineum and buttocks. Such exercises there are many, to execute their should be daily, for 20-30 minutes. Give a few of the most common exercises. They are performed slowly and deliberately.

Lying on the floor, lift your legs up at a right angle and start slowly to dissolve them, and then cross. Do 20 to 30 times:

  • From position lying on his back slowly and lift your pelvis, straining muscles, keep it in the upper position. Then descend to its original position. To execute thirty times.
  • Take a stable position, standing on all fours. Start slowly bend back down and then slowly bend it upwards. Perform exercise thirty to fifty times.
  • Take a stable position sitting on the floor. Legs pull forward. Begin to mimic the walk, moving your buttocks on the floor. Continue the exercise for ten minutes.
  • Exercise will help to improve blood circulation. Begin to walk, raising their knees high. Put feet, crossing over them, one in front of the other.
  • Accept position “lying on the floor face down. Resting on the elbows, knees and hands turn the torso in different directions, alternately touching the floor with the buttocks. Try to repeat the exercise ten times.
  • Lie on your back, hands pull along the body. Squeeze the buttocks, slowly counting to five, while simultaneously retracting the rectum. Then, on the same account slowly relax. Repeat up to fifteen times.

After graduating from gymnastics to recover, breathing a few deep breaths. The complex of these exercises will help keep blood vessels toned, improve blood circulation, and thus slow down or prevent the progression of the disease.

Types of activities that are incompatible with hemorrhoids

Moderate physical activity at hemorrhoids beneficial, but excessive exercise can cause an exacerbation of the disease, with an increase in adverse symptoms, contribute to the loss of nodes. When hemorrhoids are contraindicated sports such as:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting.

They are characterized by intense physical exercise on the body.

Abdominal exercises and weight training significantly increases intra-abdominal pressure and adversely affect blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The excess pressure is the reason why in the area of the venous plexus of the rectum increases blood flow and breaks down its outflow.

As a result, the nodes that are under the influence of load increase and drop out from the rectum. Increased intra-abdominal pressure and a disturbance in muscle tone of the anal canal lead followers of these sports not only exacerbation of hemorrhoids, but also to more serious complications.

Contraindicated in hemorrhoids horse riding and Cycling. This is explained by the fact that between the athlete’s body and a seat formed by the so-called heat wrap, which leads to stagnation in the organs of the pelvis and increases the pressure on problem areas. These sports hemorrhoids are unwelcome and with the origin and development of hemorrhoids the athlete is better to switch to more gentle sports Hobbies.

During exacerbation of hemorrhoids proctology strongly advised to stop exercising in gyms, and professional athletes to refrain from intense exercise until then, until there is improvement. At the first symptoms of hemorrhoids athletes are advised to reduce load and to follow a few basic rules:

  • To Exclude exercise, leading to the rise of intra-abdominal pressure (sit-UPS with weight, deadlifts)
  • To Perform a greater number of repetitions and reduce weight lifting
  • To Eliminate straining and breath holding during exercise
  • Deliberately to reduce the pressure on the rectum during exercise
  • To Exclude weight training during exacerbation of the disease

Thus, exercise for hemorrhoids should be moderate and not result in worsening of the disease. After surgery to remove the hemorrhoids doctors suggest for the recovery period not to play sports, to avoid heavy lifting, to abandon the heavy physical labor.

After rehabilitation, doctors suggest swimming, and speed walking. These sports will not harm but will only benefit, preventing the recurrence of the disease. The more you walk, do exercise feasible, keep a correct way of life and the disease will retreat.

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