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Flu in children – Treatment

If the protective forces of the body is not able to cope with its task, the influenza viruses penetrate into the blood and cause serious disturbances in the body.

Symptoms of Flu

In the first hours of the disease influenza child shivering. He pressed against you or tries to go under the blanket. He always wants to sleep. The temperature rises to 39-40C, loss of appetite. Cold – a mandatory attribute of a cold – initially may not be.

But on the third day usually appears dry cough. Children under the age of three months the flu begins softer than the older kids. The baby’s temperature during the first hours or do not increase, or increases only for a few tens of degrees. But the child still does not behave the same as always: he becomes whiny, loud wheeze does not eat.

Treatment of Influenza in children:

Treatment of influenza in childrenDo not attempt to cope with the flu. High temperature, of course, you need to knock down, but do not start treatment without the advice of a specialist. When the temperature of 38.5 C and above, use drugs on the basis of paracetamol, with 6 months of ibuprofen. Note: to take such medications can be no longer than 3-5 days.

Perhaps the doctor will advise the kid antiviral agents that enhance the immune system. Give the child the evening before bedtime cranberry juice, weak tea with lemon, infusion of lime or a decoction of rose and immediately lay under the blanket.

Just keep in mind that lime broth is not suitable 3-4 month old infants. Because the sweat glands in the baby still poorly functioning. If you have not ended lactation, often put baby to the breast.

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