6 foods that lead to excess weight

You control the amount of food, but excess weight doesn’t disappear? Despite the physical exertion, the weight is still far from ideal? We’ll show you the names of the culprits – industrial products with added sugar, which is slowly but surely ruining your figure!

List of foods that lead to obesity:

List of foods that lead to obesity1. Candy and pastries

Sweets give you a boost of energy and vigor due to the development of glucose, but excessive sugar intake can be considered one of the main causes of obesity. Moreover, from sweet a person becomes addicted to about to the same extent as that from other drugs: in the brain, sugar stimulates the area of instant pleasure, forcing you to reach for the treat again and again. The safest substitutes for your favorite cakes and caramels – a couple of pieces of dark chocolate or one banana.

2. Fizzy drinks and natural juices

Sweet soda of advertising looks bright and appetizing, they promise to quench your thirst and make life a little more pleasant. But only 100 ml of this drink contains approximately 1 tablespoon of sugar (11 g). In sweet juices – a little less (10 g). If you want to lose weight replace sweets ordinary drinking water. At the same time eliminate the factor that provokes diabetes and dental problems.

3. Luscious pastries

Passing by the bakery, can’t ignore the aroma of croissants and pies? In vain, because in addition to sugar, the cakes contain white flour, the glycemic index is extremely high. If you are not a runner-a marathoner, you absolutely do not need to accumulate such an amount of glucose in the blood. The same goes for your favorite sweet cereal for Breakfast: crispy corn glaze threatens your diet serious problems.

4. Sweet yogurt, vanilla and cream cheese dessert

Your favorite place in the supermarket shelf with sweet yoghurt and dairy desserts? Surprising that the extra pounds don’t want to leave. Healthy dairy products – milk, yogurt, cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese. They contain milk sugar, which does not itself lead to tooth decay and excess weight. And here is a beautiful jar, beckoning that says “0% fat” often become a real sugar bomb, in a sweet drinking yoghurt may contain up to 20 grams of sugar. Since can boast of lactose tolerance – give preference to “clean” dairy products without flavors.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol, in addition to relaxation and good mood, can give us a good dose of calories. Pay attention to ingredients: 150 ml white wine can contain up to 1 teaspoon of sugar, and ladies ‘ favorite cocktails like a cosmopolitan or sex on the beach can be compared to a full dessert. Decided to eat at the party? Prefer a dry drink with ice.

6. Spicy sauces

The sauces and seasonings we are used to add to your favorite dishes to create a spicy taste. They can only remind you of the sweet, but in fact contain a huge amount of added sugar. This is especially true of all kinds of tomato ketchup and “Asian” sweet and sour sauce: 250 g bag of this culinary miracle can contain up to 50 grams of sugar. Can’t live without sauces? Learn how to cook them at home.

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