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Right now there are 3 types of procedure gastroscopy: traditional gastroscopy, gastroscopy in a dream, gastroscopy using the capsule. Consider each option more:

Traditional method gastroscopy

Traditional examination method, there is pain during gastroscopy.

Of course, to force yourself to swallow the flexible hose even the most subtle of the videoscope is not easy, but the doctor will help to suppress the gag reflex. For example, before the procedure will give the patient drugs, soothing the nervous system, will make local anaesthesia of the pharyngeal ring, injected drugs, relaxing the smooth muscle of the esophagus.

Methods gastroscopyBefore patients are wary of gastroscopy for another reason. Afraid of becoming infected through the endoscope with various infections. Today, in a good clinic like this there is no danger. Current standards of treatment tools are very rigid: the mechanical cleaning of the endoscope, soaking in a special solution. Disinfection and sterilization in special vehicles guaranteed to decontaminate the instrument.

Pros: video Endoscope allows to consider in detail the problem areas of the gastrointestinal tract, biopsy. A tiny piece of tissue is needed to make sure that there are no alarming warning signs of a malignant process. If the degeneration of cells detected early in development, the same device will hold operation will remove the affected area. Analysis of a fragment of mucosa and need for another reason – to determine the severity of internal organ bacteria. For example, in gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer it helps the doctor to choose the antibacterial drug. By the way, the biopsy procedure painless for the patient.

And endosonography is the new direction of endoscopy, added to the classical procedure capabilities of ultrasound. For example, if during gastroscopy suspected tumor of the stomach, biopsies confirmed the diagnosis and the patient have a serious operation, performed endosonography time can dramatically change the approach to treatment. The ULTRASONIC sensor will allow the doctor to assess how deeply a tumor penetrates the wall of the stomach, and to determine the correct tactics of surgical treatment.

Cons:  prior studies do not drink alcohol. From alcohol gag reflex is compounded. And remember: on gastroscopy go with an empty stomach. This means that the last time we have to eat not later than seven o’clock yesterday evening.

Gastroscopy in a dream

More expensive and modern method of examination gastroscopy in a dream.
If you can’t shudder to think about the upcoming procedure (or you already had the sad experience), ask to schedule an endoscopy during sleep. While it is used no anesthesia and local anesthetics, hypnotics and the modern short-acting drugs. Man falls into a NAP for an hour, and when waking up, learns that during this time he underwent gastroscopy. Short sleep is absolutely safe, no wonder when some of the complications of peptic ulcer disease this procedure is carried out every day, and sometimes several times a day.

Cons: If you chose a scope in your sleep, keep in mind that you cannot perform difficult work and to get behind the wheel until the morning of the next day. The reaction rate after the procedure can slow down.

Gastroscopy capsule method

Expensive, the most technologically the method that is painless gastroscopy.
The survey is done with single-use capsules, a tiny device that allows you to consider what happens in the stomach. Despite the Lilliputian dimensions (1.5 cm), in “the pill” fit color mini-camera, lights, mini radio with batteries (for 6-8 hours).

All you have to do is swallow the capsule with a small amount of her glass of water. More about her can be forgotten. Capsule during its travel through the gastrointestinal tract will conduct his full inspection and will report all the details to the reader.

Capsule gastroscopyIn some models, this device looks like ordinary smartphone and during the procedure, the patient is in the pocket, others put on the person as a vest. When the reader will show that the capsule has left the body in a natural way, the patient comes to the doctor for an appointment. Doctor downloads computer videos, which were gathered by the capsule during the promotion. The special program itself puts the preliminary diagnosis, by showing under what impulses she identified the disease. The doctor confirms the diagnosis or to clarify appoints additional tests.

Pros: When the capsule endoscopy the doctor will be able to consider what problems exist in the small intestine (this is the longest tortuous organ in our bodies), no other methods of diagnostics do not allow access to this section of the digestive tract. Capsule – the best diagnostician is not only for bowel cancer, but also in other problems: Crohn’s disease, a hidden GI bleed, anemia with iron deficiency, intestinal damage caused by the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Cons: Capsule don’t do a biopsy, do not take swabs for the detection of H. pylori, fungi (often a problem after taking a course of antibiotics – candidiasis in 12‑duodenum). Can’t she slow down, turn around, detailed to photograph a suspicious lesion.

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