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“D” – Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Generic drug – is a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. That is, a drug having the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drug, but do not have patent protection.

May differ from the original drug in composition of excipients. Placed on the market after expiry of patent protection the original drug. The most common is now called “Generic”.

In the pharmaceutical industry there are 2 groups of drugs:

  • Original drug (Brand-name Drugs)
  • Generic drug.

Branded drugs are expensive, the price of generics are much cheaper than original drugs .

Original drug – this is a new development pharmaceutical company, which it was first discovered, synthesized, and protected by a patent for many years (usually 10+). During this period, the drug produces only this company. The original drug is often unique in its kind and has no analogues among competitors, so the pharmacy you will not be able to pick up analogue remains valid patent protection.

When patent protection is removed and appear analogues (Generics), this is the original brand-name drug will cost more than all other generics drugs

The essential requirement for the sale of generics – proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. The active ingredient original brand drug and the generic drug are always the same, but the dosage of the active substance and appearance of drugs can vary at the discretion of the pharmaceutical company.

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The list of expensive branded medicines (letter “D”) and their cheaper analogues (generic drugs):

Brand Generic
D-Vert Meclizine
D.A. Chewable Chlorpheniramine
D.A. Chewable Methscopolamine
d4T Stavudine
Dacodyl Bisacodyl
Dalacin C Clindamycin
Dalacin T Clindamycin (topical)
Dallergy Chlorpheniramine
Dallergy Homatropine
Dallergy Caplets Chlorpheniramine
Dallergy Jr. Carbinoxamine
Dallergy-D Chlorpheniramine
Dalmane Flurazepam
Damason-P Hydrocodone & Aspirin
Dan-Gard Pyrithione
Danocrine Danazol
Danorex Coal Tar (topical)
Dantrium Dantrolene
Dapa Acetaminophen
Dapex Phentermine
Daranide Dichlorphenamide
Darbid Isopropamide
Daricon Oxyphencyclimine
Dartal Thiopropazate
Darvocet Propoxyphene & Acetaminophen
Darvon Propoxyphene
Darvon Compound Pentazocine & Aspirin
Darvon with A.S.A. Pentazocine & Aspirin
Darvon-N Caffeine
Darvon-N Compound Propoxyphene & Aspirin
Darvon-N with A.S.A. Propoxyphene & Aspirin
Datril Acetaminophen
DayCare Acetaminophen
Daypro Oxaprozin
DayQuil Acetaminophen
Dayto Himbin Yohimbe
Dazamide Acetazolamide
DDAVP Desmopressin
ddC Zalcitabine
DDS Dapsone
De-Tuss Hydrocodone
Deasonale Levonorgestrel & Ethinyl Estradiol
Deca-Durabulin Nandrolone
Decaderm Dexamethasone (topical)
Decadron Dexamethasone (ophthalmic)
Decadron Dexamethasone (otic)
Decadron Dexamethasone (systemic)
Decadron Dexamethasone (topical)
Decadron Respihaler Dexamethasone (oral inhalation)
Decaspray Dexamethasone (topical)
Decholin Dehydrocholic Acid
Declomycin Demeclocycline
Decohistine Chlorpheniramine
Decohistine DH Codeine
Deconamine Chlorpheniramine
Decylenes Undecylenic Acid (topical)
Deficol Bisacodyl
Degas Simethicone
Degest 2 Naphazoline
Del-Aqua Benzoyl Peroxide
Del-Ray Benzoyl Peroxide
Delacort Hydrocortisone (topical)
Deladiol Estradiol
Delatest Testosterone
Delatestryl Testosterone
Delaxin Methocarbamol
Delestrogen Estradiol
Delfen Nonoxynol 9
Delta-Cortef Prednisolone (systemic)
Delta-Tritex Triamcinolone (topical)
Deltasone Prednisone (systemic)
Demadex Torsemide
Demerol Meperidine
Demerol-APAP Meperidine & Acetaminophen
Demi-Regroton Reserpine & Chlorthalidone
Demulen Ethynodiol Diacetate & Ethinyl Estradiol
Denavir Penciclovir (topical)
Dent-Zel-Ite Benzocaine (Mucosal-local)
Dentapaine Benzocaine (Mucosal-local)
Dentocaine Benzocaine (Mucosal-local)
Dep Andro Testosterone
Dep-Androgyn Oxandrolone
Depakene Valproic Acid
Depakote Divalproex
Depen Penicillamine
depGynogen Estradiol
Depo Estradiol Estradiol
Depo-Provera Medroxyprogesterone
Depo-Testadiol Oxandrolone
Depo-Testosterone Testosterone
Depogen Estradiol
Deponit Nutroglycerin
Depotest Testosterone
Depotestogen Oxandrolone
Deproist with Codeine Codeine
Derbac Melathion
Dermabet Betamethasone (topical)
Dermacomb Nystatin
Dermacomb Triamcinolone (topical)
Dermacort Hydrocortisone (topical)
Dermal Minoxidil (topical)
Dermarest DriCort Hydrocortisone (topical)
DermAtop Prednicarbate
Dermicort Hydrocortisone (topical)
Dermolate Hydrocortisone
Dermoplast Benzocaine & Menthol (topical)
Dermovate Clobetasol (topical)
Dermoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide
Dermtex HC Hydrocortisone (topical)
Deronil Dexamethasone (systemic)
DES Diethylstilbestrol
Desenex Undecylenic Acid (topical)
Desogen Desogestrel & Ethinyl Estradiol
Desogen Ortho-Cept Desogestrel & Ethinyl Estradiol
DesOwen Desonide (topical)
Desoxyn Metamphetamine
Desoxyn Gradumet Metamphetamine
Desquam-E Benzoyl Peroxide
Desquam-X Benzoyl Peroxide
Desyrel Trazodone
Detensol Propranolol
Detrol Tolterodine
Detussin Hydrocodone
Dexacort Turbinaire Dexamethasone (nasal)
Dexair Dexamethasone (ophthalmic)
Dexaphen SA Dexbrompheniramine
Dexasone Dexamethasone (systemic)
Dexchlor Dexchlorpheniramine
Dexedrine Dextroamphetamine
Dexedrine Spansule Dextroamphetamine
Dexitac Caffeine
Dexone Dexamethasone (systemic)
Dexophed Dexbrompheniramine
Dexotic Dexamethasone (ophthalmic)
Dexsone Dexamethasone (ophthalmic)
Dey-Dose Isoproterenol Isoproterenol
Dey-Dose Metaproterenol Metaproterenol
Dey-Dose Recepinephrine Recepinephrine
Dey-Lute Metaproterenol Metaproterenol
DHCplus Dihydrocodeine & Acetaminophen
DHS Tar Coal Tar (topical)
DHS Zinc Dandruff Shampoo Pyrithione
Di-Cyclonex Dicyclomine
Di-GasFlatulex Simethicone
Di-Gel Aluminia
Di-Gel Magnesia & Simethicone
Di-Sosul Docusate
Di-Sosul Forte Casanthranol & Docusate
Di-Spaz Dicyclomine
DiaBeta Glyburide
Diabinese Chlorpropamide
Diagen Salsalate
Dialume Aluminium Hydroxide
Diamine T.D. Carbinoxamine
Diamox Acetazolamide
Diar-Aid Attapulgite
Diasorb Attapulgite
Diasporal Salicylic Acid & Sulfur
Diastat Diazepam
Diazemuls Diazepam
Diazepam Intensol Diazepam
Diazide Triamterne & Hydrochlorothiazide
Dibent Dicyclomine
Didrex Benzphetamine
Didronel Etidronate
Differin Adapalene
Diflucan Fluconazole
Dihistine Chlorpheniramine
Dihistine Codeine
Dihydromorphinone Hydromorphone
Diiodohydroxyquin Iodoquinol
Dilacor-XR Diltiazem
Dilantin Phenytoin
Dilatair Phenylephrine (ophtalmic)
Dilatrate-SR Isosorbide Dinitrate
Dilaudid Hydromorphone
Dilomine Dicyclomine
Dilor Dyphilline
Dimelor Acetohexamide
Dimetabs Dimenhydrinate
Dimetane Carbinoxamine
Dimetapp Carbinoxamine
Dimetapp Ibuprofen
Dinate Dimenhydrinate
Dio-Sul Docusate
Diocto Docusate
Diocto-C Casanthranol & Docusate
Diocto-K Plus Aloe
Diocto-K Plus Casanthranol & Docusate
Diodex Dexamethasone (ophthalmic)
Diodoquin Iodoquinol
Dioeze Docusate
Dionephrine Phenylephrine (ophtalmic)
Diosuccin Docusate
Diothron Casanthranol & Docusate
Diovan Valsartan
Diovan HCT Valsartan
Diovol Ex Aluminia & Magnesia
Diovol Plus Aluminia
Diovol Plus Magnesia & Simethicone
Dipentum Olsalazine
Diphen Cough Diphenhydramine
Diphenacen Diphenhydramine
Diphenadryl Diphenhydramine
Diphenatol Diphenoxylate & Atropine
Diphenylan Phenytoin
Dipimol Dipyridamole
Dipridacot Dipyridamole
Diprolene Betamethasone (topical)
Diprosone Betamethasone (topical)
Diquinol Iodoquinol
Disalcid Salsalate
Disanthrol Casanthranol & Docusate
Disipal Orphenadrine
Disobrom Dexbrompheniramine
Disolan Docusate
Disolan Forte Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium
Disolan Forte Casanthranol & Docusate
Disonate Docusate
Disophrol Dexbrompheniramine
Disoplex Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium
Disoplex Docusate
DisperMax Amoxicillin
Dispos-a-Med Isoproterenol Isoproterenol
Dital Phendimetrazine
Dithranol Anthralin
Ditropan Oxybutynin
Diucardin Hydroflumethiazide
Diuchlor H Hydrochlorothiazide
Diulo Metolazone
Diupres Reserpine & Chlorothiazide
Diurese R Reserpine & Trichlormethiazide
Diurigen with Reserpine Reserpine & Chlorothiazide
Diuril Chlorothiazide
Diutensen-R Reserpine & Methyclothiazide
Dixarit Clonidine
Doak Oil Coal Tar (topical)
Doal Tar Coal Tar (topical)
Doan’s Pills Magnesium Salicylate
Doctar Coal Tar (topical)
Docu-K Plus Casanthranol
Docu-KPllus Casanthranol & Docusate
Dodd’s Pills Sodium Salicylate
DOK Docusate
Dolacet Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Dolagesic Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Dolanex Acetaminophen
Dolene-AP Propoxyphene & Acetaminophen
Dolgesic Ibuprofen
Dolmar Acetaminophen
Dolmar Butalbital
Dolobid Diflunisal
Dolophine Methadone
Dolotic Antipyrine & Benzocaine (otic)
Dolsed Atropine
Dolsed Hyoscyamine
Dolsed Methenamine
Dolsed Methylene Blue
Dolsed Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Dommanate Dimenhydrinate
Donatussin Chlorpheniramine
Donatussin DC Hydrocodone
Dondril Chlorpheniramine
Donna-Sed Beladonna & Phenobarbital
Donnagel-MB Kaolin & Pectin
Donnagel-PG Belladonna & Opium
Donnagel-PG Kaolin
Donnagel-PG Pectin
Donnamor Atropine
Donnamor Hyoscyamine
Donnamor Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Donnapectolin-PG Belladonna & Opium
Donnapectolin-PG Kaolin
Donnapectolin-PG Pectin
Donnapine Atropine
Donnapine Hyoscyamine
Donnapine Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Donnatal Atropine
Donnatal Hyoscyamine
Donnatal Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Donnazyme Atropine
Donnazyme Bile Salts
Donnazyme Hyoscyomine
Donnazyme Pancreatin
Donnazyme Pepsin
Donnazyme Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Donphen Atropine
Donphen Hyoscyamine
Donphen Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Dopamet Methyldopa
Dopar Levodopa
Doral Quazepam
Dorcol Acetaminophen
Dorcol Carbinoxamine
Dormarex 2 Diphenhydramine
Dormin Diphenhydramine
Doryx Doxycycline
Dosaflex Senna
Doss Docusate
Dougex L.A. Oxandrolone
Dovonex Calcipotriene
Doxaphene Propoxyphene
Doxinate Docusate
Doxy-Caps Doxycycline
Doxy-Tabs Doxycycline
Doxycin Doxycycline
DPE Dipivefrin
Dr.Caldwell Senna LAxative Senna
Dramamine Dimenhydrinate
Dramamine II Meclizine
Dramanate Dimenhydrinate
Dramocen Dimenhydrinate
Dramoject Dimenhydrinate
Drenison Flurandrenolide (topical)
Dristan AF Acetaminophen
Dristan AF Caffeine
Dristan AF Chlorpheniramine
Dristan AF Plus Acetaminophen
Dristan AFPlus Caffeine
Dristan Cold Acetaminophen
Dristan Cold and Flu Acetaminophen
Dristan Cold and Flu Chlorpheniramine
Dristan Cold Maximum Strength Acetaminophen
Dristan Cold Maximum Strength Chlorpheniramine
Dristan Cold Multi-Symptom Acetaminophen
Dristan Cold Multi-Symptom Chlorpheniramine
Dristan Formula P Aspirin
Dristan Formula P Caffeine
Dristan Formula P Pyrilamine
Dristan Juice Mix Acetaminophen
Dristan Nasal Spray Oxymetazolin (nasal)
Dristan Sinus Ibuprofen
Dritho-Scalp Anthralin
Drithocreme Anthralin
Drixoral Dexbrompheniramine
Drixoral Oxymetazolin (nasal)
Drixoral Cold and Allergy Dexbrompheniramine
Drixoral Cold and Flu Acetaminophen
Drixoral Cold and Flu Dexbrompheniramine
Drixoral Plus Acetaminophen
Drixoral Plus Dexbrompheniramine
Drixoral Sinus Acetaminophen
Drixoral Sinus Dexbrompheniramine
Drixtab Dexbrompheniramine
Drize Chlorpheniramine
Drocade and Aspirin Dihydrocodeine & Aspirin
Dromoran Levorphanol
Drotic Neomycin
Drotic Polymixin B & Hydrocortisone (otic)
Droxia Hydroxyurea
Dry and Clear Benzoyl Peroxide
Dryox Benzoyl Peroxide
DSMC Plus Casanthranol & Docusate
Duac Topical Gel Benzoyl Peroxide
DUAC Topical Gel Clindamycin (topical)
Duagen Dutasteride
Dulcodos Bisacodyl
Dulcodos Docusate
Dulcolax Bisacodyl
Duo-Gen L.A. Oxandrolone
Duo-Gyp Oxandrolone
Duocet Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Duofilm Salicylic Acid
Duoneb Albuterol
Duoneb Ipratropium
Duoplant Salicylic Acid
Duoprin Acetaminophen
Duosol Docusate
Duotrate Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate
Duphalac Lactulose
Dura-Dumone Oxandrolone
Dura-Estrin Estradiol
Dura-Patch Capsaicin
Dura-Tap PD Chlorpheniramine
Dura-Vent/DA Chlorpheniramine
Dura-Vent/DA Methscopolamine
Durabolin Nandrolone
Duracid Aluminium Hydroxide
Duradyne Acetaminophen
Duradyne Aspirin
Duragen Estradiol
Duragesic Fentanyl
Duralex Chlorpheniramine
Duralith Lithium
Duralutin Hydroxyprogesterone
Duramist Nasal Spray Oxymetazolin (nasal)
Duramorph Morphine
Duraphyl Theophylline
Duraquin Quinidine
Duratest Testosterone
Duratestin Oxandrolone
Durathate Testosterone
Duratuss HD Hydrocodone
Duretic Methyclothiazide
Dureticyl Deserpidine & Methyclothiazide
Duricef Cefadroxil
Duvoid Bethanechol
Dycill Dicloxacillin
Dyflex Dyphilline
Dymelor Acetohexamide
Dymenate Dimenhydrinate
Dyna Circ Isradipine
Dynabac Dirithromycin
Dynapen Dicloxacillin
Dyrenium Triamterene
Dyrexan-OD Phendimetrazine
Generic Brand
Danazol Cyclomen, Danocrine
Dantrolene Dantrium
Dapsone Avlosulfon, DDS
Dehydrocholic Acid Bilax, Cholan-HMB, Decholin, Hepahydrin, Neolax, Trilax
Delavirdine Rescriptor
Demecarium Humorsol
Demeclocycline Declomycin
Deserpidine & Hydrochlorthiazide Oreticyl
Deserpidine & Methyclothiazide Dureticyl, Enduronyl
Desipramine Norpramin
Desloratadine Clarinex
Desmopressin DDAVP, Stimate
Desogestrel & Ethinyl Estradiol Apri, Cyclessa, Desogen, Desogen Ortho-Cept, Marvelon, Mircette, Ortho-Cept
Desonide (topical) DesOwen
Desoximetasone (topical) Topicort
Dexamethasone (nasal) Dexacort Turbinaire
Dexamethasone (ophthalmic) Baldex, Decadron, Dexair, Dexotic, Dexsone, Diodex, Maxidex, Ocu-Dex, PMS-Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate, Spersadex, Storz-Dexa, Tobradex
Dexamethasone (oral inhalation) Decadron Respihaler
Dexamethasone (otic) Ak-Dex, Ciprodex, Decadron, I-Methasone
Dexamethasone (systemic) Decadron, Deronil, Dexasone, Dexone, Hexadrol, Mymethasone, Oradexon, Solurex
Dexamethasone (topical) Aeroseb-Dex, Decaderm, Decadron, Decaspray
Dexbrompheniramine Allergy Formula Sinutab, Ami-Drix, Brompheril, Dexaphen SA, Dexophed, Disobrom, Disophrol, Drixoral, Drixoral Cold and Allergy, Drixoral Cold and Flu, Drixoral Plus, Drixoral Sinus, Drixtab, Par-Drix, Resporal
Dexchlorpheniramine Calmylin with Codeine, Dexchlor, Nordryl, Poladex T.D., Polaramine
Dexmethylphenidate Focalin
Dextroamphetamine Dexedrine, Dexedrine Spansule, Oxydess, Spancap
Dextrothyroxine Choloxin
Diazepam Apo-Diazepam, Diastat, Diazemuls, Diazepam Intensol, Meval, Novodipam, PMS Diazepam, T-Quil, Valium, Valrelease, Vivol, Zetran
Dibucaine (rectal) Nupercainal
Dibucaine (topical) Cinchocaine, Nupercainal Cream & Ointment
Dichloralphenazone & Acetaminophen Amidrine, I.D.A., Iso-Acetazone, Isocom, Midchlor, Midquin, Midrin, Migquin, Migrapap, Migratine, Migrazone, Migrend, Migrex, Mitride
Dichlorphenamide Daranide
Diclofenac Apo-Diclo, Athrotec, Cataflam, Voltaren, Voltarol
Diclofenac (ophthalmic) Voltaren Ophtha, Voltaren Ophthalmic
Dicloxacillin Dycill, Dynapen, Pathocil
Dicyclomine A-Spas, Antispas, Bentyl, Bentynol, Byclomine, Di-Cyclonex, Di-Spaz, Dibent, Dilomine, Forulex, Lomine, Neoquess, Or-Tyl, Protylol, Spasmoban, Spasmoject, Viscerol
Didanosine Videx
Diethylpropion M-Orexic, Tenuate, Tepanil
Diethylstilbestrol DES, Honvol, Mannest, Stilbestrol, Stilphostrol
Difenoxin & Atropine Motofen
Difitoxin Crystodigin
Diflorasone (topical) Maxiflor, Psorcon
Diflucortolone (topical) Nerisone
Diflunisal Apo-Diflunisal, Dolobid, Lodine
Digoxin Lanoxicaps, Lanoxin, Novodigoxin
Dihydrocodeine & Acetaminophen DHCplus, Hydrocet
Dihydrocodeine & Aspirin Drocade and Aspirin, Synalgos-DC
Diltiazem Apo-Diltiaz, Cardizem, Cartia XT, Dilacor-XR, Ketorolac, Novo-Diltazem, Nu-Diltiaz, Syn-Diltiazem, Teczem, Tiazac
Dimenhydrinate Apo-Dimenhydrinate, Calm X, Dimetabs, Dinate, Dommanate, Dramamine, Dramanate, Dramocen, Dramoject, Dymenate, Gravol, Hydrate, Marmine, Nauseatol, Nico-Vert, Novodimenate, PMS-Dimenhydrinate, Tega-Vert, Travamine, Trip-Tone, Vertab, Wehamine
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) Rimso-50
Diphendiol Vontrol
Diphenhydramine Aller-Med, Allerdryl, AllerMax, Banophen, Beldin, Belix, Ben-Allergin, Bena-D, Benadryl, Benahist, Benaphen, Benoject, Benylin, Bydramine, Calmylin #4, Compoz, Contac Night, Diphen Cough, Diphenacen, Diphenadryl, Dormarex 2, Dormin, Fenylhist, Fynex, Gen-D-phen, Genahist, Hydramine, Hydramyn, Hydril, Hyrexin-50, Insomnal, Motion-Aid, Nervine, Nidryl, Noradryl, NyQuil Liquicaps, Nyquil Nighttime Colds, Nytol Maximum Strength, Nytol with DPH, Phenfry, Siladryl, Silphen, Simply Sleep, Sleep-Eze, Sominex Formula 2, Tusstat, Twilite, Tylenol Allergy Sinus, Uni-Bent Cough, Unisom SleepGels, Wehdryl
Diphenoxylate & Atropine Diphenatol, Lo-Trox, Lofene, Logen, Lomanate, Lomotil, Lonox, Nor-Mil
Dipivefrin Akpro, DPE, Ophtho-Dipivefrin, Propine
Dipyridamole Aggrenox, Apo-Dipyridamole, Dipimol, Dipridacot, Novodipiradol, Persantine, Pyridamole
Dirithromycin Dynabac
Disopyramide Norpace, Rythmodan
Disulfiram Antabuse
Divalproex Depakote, Epival
Docosanol Abreva
Docusate Afko-Lube, BilaxCorrectolDialose, Di-Sosul, Dio-Sul, Diocto, Dioeze, Diosuccin, Disolan, Disonate, Disoplex, DOK, Doss, Doxinate, Dulcodos, Duosol, Gentlax-S, Kasof, Laxinate, Modane, Molatoc, Neolax, PMS-Docusate, Pro-Cal-Sof, Regulace, Regulax SS, Regulex, Regutol, Senokot, Stulex, Sulfolax, Surfak, Therevac, Trilax
Docutase Sodium Colace
Dofetilide Tikosyn
Donepezil Aricepr
Dorzolamide Cosopt, Trusopt
Doserpidine Harmonyl
Doxazosin Cardura
Doxepin Adapin, Novo-Doxepin, Prudoxin, Sinequan, Triadapin, Zonalon
Doxycycline Apo-Doxy, Doryx, Doxy-Caps, Doxy-Tabs, Doxycin, Monodox, Novodoxlin, Vibramycin
Doxycycline (topical) Adoxa
Doxylamine All-Nite Cold Formula, NyQuil Cough, Nytime Cold Mecicine, Pertussin All Night PM, Robitussin, Scot-Tussin Original, Unisom Nighttime Sleep Aid, Vicks NyQuil Multi-Symptom
Dronabinol Marinol
Drosperinone & Ethinyl Estradiol Yasmin
Dutasteride Avodart, Duagen, Neulasta
Dyclonine (Mucosal-local) Sucrets
Dyphilline Dilor, Dyflex, Lufyllin-400, Neothylline, Protophylline, Thylline

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