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“I” – Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Generic drug – is a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. That is, a drug having the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drug, but do not have patent protection.

May differ from the original drug in composition of excipients. Placed on the market after expiry of patent protection the original drug. The most common is now called “Generic”.

In the pharmaceutical industry there are 2 groups of drugs:

  • Original drug (Brand-name Drugs)
  • Generic drug.

Branded drugs are expensive, the price of generics are much cheaper than original drugs .

Original drug – this is a new development pharmaceutical company, which it was first discovered, synthesized, and protected by a patent for many years (usually 10+). During this period, the drug produces only this company. The original drug is often unique in its kind and has no analogues among competitors, so the pharmacy you will not be able to pick up analogue remains valid patent protection.

When patent protection is removed and appear analogues (Generics), this is the original brand-name drug will cost more than all other generics drugs

The essential requirement for the sale of generics – proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. The active ingredient original brand drug and the generic drug are always the same, but the dosage of the active substance and appearance of drugs can vary at the discretion of the pharmaceutical company.

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The list of expensive branded medicines (letter “I”) and their cheaper analogues (generic drugs):

Brand Generic
I-Chlor Chloramphenicol (ophthalmic)
I-Homatrine Homatropine (ophthalmic)
I-Homatropine Homatropine (ophthalmic)
I-Methasone Dexamethasone (otic)
I-Naphline Naphazoline
I-Pentolate Cyclopentolate (ophthalmic)
I-Phrine Phenylephrine (ophtalmic)
I-Pred Prednisolone (ophthalmic)
I-Sulfacet Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
I-Tropine Atropine
I.D.A. Dichloralphenazone & Acetaminophen
I.D.A. Isometheptene
Ibifon-600 Ibuprofen
Ibren Ibuprofen
Ibu Ibuprofen
Ibu-Tab Ibuprofen
Ibumed Ibuprofen
Ibuprin Ibuprofen
Ibupro-600 Ibuprofen
Ibutex Ibuprofen
Idarac Flocafenine
Idenal with Codeine Aspirin & Codeine
Idenal with Codeine Butalbital
Ifen Ibuprofen
Ilosone Erythromycin Estolate
Ilotycin Erythromycin (ophthalmic)
Ilotycin Erythromycin Glucepate
Ilozyme Pancrelipase
Imbrilon Etodolac
IMDUR Isosorbide Mononitrate
Imitrex Sumatriptan
Imodium Loperamide
Imodium Advanced Simethicone
Impril Imipramine
Improved Sino-Tuss Acetaminophen
Improved Sino-Tuss Chlorpheniramine
Improved Sino-Tuss Salicylamide
Imuran Azathioprine
Indameth Indomethacin
Inderal Propranolol
Inderide Propranolol & Hydrochlorothiazide
Indocid Indomethacin
Indocid Indomethacin (ophthalmic)
Indocin SR Indomethacin
Inflamase Forte Prednisolone (ophthalmic)
Inflamase-Mild Prednisolone (ophthalmic)
INH Isoniazid
Innolet Insulin
Insomnal Diphenhydramine
Inspire Xylometazoline
Inspra Eplerenone
Insta-Char Charcoal Activated
Insulatard Insulin
Intal Cromolyn
Inversine Mecamylamine
Invirase Saquinavir
Ionamin Phentermine
Ionax Salicylic Acid
Ionil Salicylic Acid
Ionil-T Plus Coal Tar (topical)
Ircon Ferrous Fumarate
Ismelin Guanethidine
Ismelin-Esidrix Guanethidine & Hydrochlorthiazide
ISMO Isosorbide Mononitrate
Iso-Acetazone Dichloralphenazone & Acetaminophen
Iso-Acetazone Isometheptene
Iso-Bid Isosorbide Dinitrate
Isobutal Aspirin
Isobutal Butalbital
Isocet Butalbital
Isoclor Chlorpheniramine
Isoclor Expectorant Codeine
Isocom Dichloralphenazone & Acetaminophen
Isocom Isometheptene
Isolin Aspirin
Isolin Butalbital
Isollyl Aspirin
Isollyl Butalbital
Isollyl with Codeine Aspirin & Codeine
Isollyl with Codeine Butalbital
Isonate Isosorbide Dinitrate
Isopap Acetaminophen
Isopap Butalbital
Isoptin Verapamil
Isopto Alkaline Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
Isopto Atropine Atropine
Isopto Carbachol Carbachol
Isopto Carpine Pilocarpine
Isopto Frin Phenylephrine (ophtalmic)
Isopto Homatropine Homatropine (ophthalmic)
Isopto Hyoscine Scopolamine
Isopto Plain Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
Isopto Tears Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
Isorbid Isosorbide Dinitrate
Isordil Isosorbide Dinitrate
Isotamine Isoniazid
Isotrate Isosorbide Dinitrate
Isuprel Isoproterenol
Generic Brand
Ibandronate Boniva
Ibuprofen Aches-N-Pain, Advil, Aleve Cold & Sinus, Amersol, Apo-Ibuprofen, Apsifen, Brufen, CoAdvil, Cramp End, Dimetapp, Dolgesic, Dristan Sinus, Excedrin-IB, Genpril, Haltran, Ibifon-600, Ibren, Ibu, Ibu-Tab, Ibumed, Ibuprin, Ibupro-600, Ibutex, Ifen, Medipren, Midil-IB, Midol 200, Motrin, Motrin-IB, Novoprofen, Nuprin, Pamprin IB, Paxofen, Pedia, Ro-Profen, Rufen, Saleto, Sine-Aid IB, Trendar
Idoxuridine (ophthalmic) Herplex Eye Drops, Stoxil Eye Ointment
Imatinib Gleevec
Imipramine Apo-Imipramine, Impril, Norfranil, Novopramine, PMS Imipramine, Tipramine, Tofranil
Imiquimod Aldara
Indapamide Loxol, Lozide
Indinavir Crixivan
Indomethacin Apo-Indomethacin, Indameth, Indocid, Indocin SR, Novomethacin, Nu-Indo
Indomethacin (ophthalmic) Indocid
Infliximab Remicade
Insulin Humulin, Innolet, Insulatard, Lente, Mixtard, Novolin, NPH, Protamine Zinc & Iletin, PZI, Regular, Semilente, Ultralente, Velosulin
Insulin Aspart Novolog
Insulin Glargine Glargine, Lantus
Insulin Lispro Humalog
Iodoquinol Diiodohydroxyquin, Diodoquin, Diquinol, Yodoquinol, Yodoxin
Ipratropium Apo-Ipravent, Atrovent, Combivent, Duoneb, Kendral-Ipratropium
Irbesartan Avalide, Avapro
Iron Polysaccharide Hytinic, Niferex, Novoferrogluc, Nu-Iron 150
Iron Sorbitol Jectofer
Isometheptene Amidrine, I.D.A., Iso-Acetazone, Isocom, Midchlor, Midquin, Midrin, Migquin, Migrapap, Migratine, Migrazone, Migrend, Migrex, Mitride
Isoniazid INH, Isotamine, Laniazid, Nydrazid, PMS Isoniazid, Rifamate, Tubizid
Isopropamide Darbid
Isopropyl Unoprostone Rescula
Isoproterenol Dey-Dose Isoproterenol, Dispos-a-Med Isoproterenol, Isuprel, Medihaler-Iso, Vapo-Iso
Isosorbide Dinitrate Apo-ISDN, Cedocard-SR, Coradur, Coronex, Dilatrate-SR, Iso-Bid, Isonate, Isorbid, Isordil, Isotrate, Novosorbide, Sorbitrate
Isosorbide Mononitrate IMDUR, ISMO, Monoket
Isotretinoin Accutane
Isoxsuprine Vasodilan, Vasoprine
Isradipine Dyna Circ
Itraconazole Sporanox
Ivermectin Stromectol

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