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“S” – Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Generic drug – is a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. That is, a drug having the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drug, but do not have patent protection.

May differ from the original drug in composition of excipients. Placed on the market after expiry of patent protection the original drug. The most common is now called “Generic”.

In the pharmaceutical industry there are 2 groups of drugs:

  • Original drug (Brand-name Drugs)
  • Generic drug.

Branded drugs are expensive, the price of generics are much cheaper than original drugs .

Original drug – this is a new development pharmaceutical company, which it was first discovered, synthesized, and protected by a patent for many years (usually 10+). During this period, the drug produces only this company. The original drug is often unique in its kind and has no analogues among competitors, so the pharmacy you will not be able to pick up analogue remains valid patent protection.

When patent protection is removed and appear analogues (Generics), this is the original brand-name drug will cost more than all other generics drugs

The essential requirement for the sale of generics – proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. The active ingredient original brand drug and the generic drug are always the same, but the dosage of the active substance and appearance of drugs can vary at the discretion of the pharmaceutical company.

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The list of expensive branded medicines (letter “S”) and their cheaper analogues (generic drugs):

Brand Generic
S-A-C Acetaminophen
S-A-C Caffeine
S-A-C Salicylamide
S-T Cort Hydrocortisone (topical)
S.A.S Enteric-500 Sulfasalazine
S.A.S.-500 Sulfasalazine
Sal-Acid Salicylic Acid
Sal-Adult Aspirin
Sal-Infant Aspirin
Sal-Plant Salicylic Acid
Salac Salicylic Acid
Salacid Salicylic Acid
Salactic Film Salicylic Acid
Salagen Pilocarpine (oral)
Salatin Aspirin
Salatin Caffeine
Salazide Reserpine & Hydroflumethiazide
Salazopyrin Sulfasalazine
Salazosulfapyridine Sulfasalazine
Saleto Aspirin
Saleto Caffeine
Saleto Ibuprofen
Saleto Salicylamide
Salflex Salsalate
Salgesic Salicylamide
Salicylazosulfapyridine Sulfasalazine
Salicylic Acid Salicylamide
Saligel Salicylic Acid
Salocol Aspirin
Salocol Caffeine
Salofalk Mesalamine
Salonil Salicylic Acid
Salphenyl Acetaminophen
Salphenyl Chlorpheniramine
Salphenyl Salicylamide
Salsitab Salsalate
Saluron Hydroflumethiazide
Salutensin Reserpine & Hydroflumethiazide
Sandimmune Cyclosporine
Sanorex Mazindol
Sans-Acne Erythromycin (topical)
Sansert Methysergide
Sarafem Fluoxetine
Sarisol No.2 Butabarbital
Sarna HC Hydrocortisone (topical)
Sarodant Nitrofurantoin
Sastid Salicylic Acid & Sulfur
Satric Metronidazole
Scot-Tussin DM Chlorpheniramine
Scot-Tussin Original Doxylamine
SD Deprenyl Selegiline
Seba-Nil Alcohol & Acetone
Sebex Salicylic Acid & Sulfur
Sebex-T Tar Shampoo Pyrithione
Sebucare Salicylic Acid
Sebulex Salicylic Acid
Sebulex Salicylic Acid & Sulfur
Sebulex Sulfur & Coal Tar
Sebulon Pyrithione
Sebutone Salicylic Acid
Sebutone Sulfur & Coal Tar
Seconal Secobarbital
Sectral Acebutolol
Sedabamate Meprobamate
Sedapap Acetaminophen
Sedopap Butalbital
Selexid Pivmecillinam
Selsun Selenium Sulfide
Selsun Blue Selenium Sulfide
Semcet Acetaminophen
Semicid Nonoxynol 9
Semilente Insulin
Semprex-D Acrivastine
Senexon Senna
Senokot Docusate
Senokot Senna
SenokotXTRA Senna
Senolax Senna
SensoGard Benzocaine (Mucosal-local)
Sential Hydrocortisone (topical)
Septra Sulfamethoxazole
Septra Trimethoprim
Ser-A-Gen Hydralazine & Hydrochlorothiazide
Ser-A-Gen Reserpine
Seralazide Hydralazine & Hydrochlorothiazide
Seralazide Reserpine
Serax Oxazepam
Serentil Mesoridazine
Serevent Salmeterol
Seromycin Cecloserine
Serophene Clomiphene
Seroquel Quetiapine
Serpalan Reserpine
Serpasil Reserpine
Serpazide Hydralazine & Hydrochlorothiazide
Serpazide Reserpine
Sertan Primodone
Serutan Psyllium
Serzone Nefazodone
Shogan Promethazine
Shur-Seal Nonoxynol 9
Sibelium Flunarizine
Siblin Psyllium
Siladryl Diphenhydramine
Sildamac Sulfadiazine
Silphen Diphenhydramine
Silvadene Sulfadiazine
Simaal Aluminia
Simaal Magnesia & Simethicone
Simiron Ferrous Glucanate
Simphasic Norethindrone & Ethinyl Estradiol
Simplet Acetaminophen
Simplet Chlorpheniramine
Simply Sleep Diphenhydramine
Sinapils Caffeine
Sinarest Acetaminophen
Sinarest Chlorpheniramine
Sinarest Nasal Spray Oxymetazolin (nasal)
Sine-Aid Acetaminophen
Sine-Aid IB Ibuprofen
Sine-Off Acetaminophen
Sine-Off Chlorpheniramine
Sinemet Carbidopa & Levodopa
Sinequan Doxepin
Singlet Acetaminophen
Singlet Chlorpheniramine
Singulair Montelukast
Sinubid Acetaminophen
Sinus Excedrin Acetaminophen
Sinus Relief Acetaminophen
Sinutab Acetaminophen
Sinutab Chlorpheniramine
Sinutrex Acetaminophen
Sinutrex Chlorpheniramine
Skelaxin Metaxalone
Skelex Methocarbamol
Skelid Tiludronate
Sla-Clens Salicylic Acid
Sleep-Eze Diphenhydramine
Slo-Bid Theophylline
Slo-bid Gyrocaps Theophylline
Slo-Phyllin Theophylline
Slo-Phyllin GG Acetaminophen
Slow-Trasicor Oxprenolol
Slynn-LL Phendimetrazine
SMZ-TMP Sulfamethoxazole
SMZ-TMP Trimethoprim
Snap Back Caffeine
Snaplets-FR Acetaminophen
Sodium Cromoglycate Cromolyn
Sodium Sulamyd Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
Sodol Carisoprodol
Sofarin Warfarin Sodium (oral)
Sol-Nadolol Nadolol
Solage Tretinoin
Solatene Beta Carotene
Solazine Trifluoperazine
Solfoton Phenobarbital
Solium Chlorodiazepoxide
Solu-Flur Sodium Fluoride
Solu-Phyllin Theophylline
Solurex Dexamethasone (systemic)
Soma Carisoprodol
Soma Compound Aspirin
Soma Compuond Codeine
Soma Compuond with Codeine Carisoprodol
Sominex Formula 2 Diphenhydramine
Somnol Flurazepam
Somophyllin Aminophylline
Sonata Zaleplon
Sopamycetin Chloramphenicol (otic)
Sopamycetin Neomycin
Sopamycetin Polymixin B & Hydrocortisone (ophthalmic)
Sopridol Carisoprodol
Sorbitrate Isosorbide Dinitrate
Soriatane Actiretin
Soridol Carisoprodol
Sotacor Sotalol
Span-FF Ferrous Fumarate
Spancap Dextroamphetamine
Spaslin Atropine
Spaslin Hyoscyamine
Spaslin Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Spasmoban Dicyclomine
Spasmoject Dicyclomine
Spasmolin Atropine
Spasmolin Hyoscyamine
Spasmolin Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Spasmophen Atropine
Spasmophen Hyoscyamine
Spasmophen Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Spasquid Atropine
Spasquid Hyoscyamine
Spasquid Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Spec-T Benzocaine (Mucosal-local)
Spectazole Fluconazole (topical)
Spectracef Cefditoren
Spectro-Chlor Chloramphenicol (ophthalmic)
Spectro-Genta Gentamicin (ophthalmic)
Spectro-Homatropine Homatropine (ophthalmic)
Spectro-Pentolate Cyclopentolate (ophthalmic)
Spectro-Sporin Plymyxin B
Spectro-Sulf Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
Spectrobid Bacampicillin
Spersadex Dexamethasone (ophthalmic)
Spersaphrine Phenylephrine (ophtalmic)
Spiriva Tiotropium
Spirozide Spironolactone & Hydrochlorothiazide
Sporanox Itraconazole
SRC Expectorant Hydrocodone
Sri-Dex Benzoyl Peroxide
SSD Sulfadiazine
SSD AF Sulfadiazine
St. Joseph Antidiarrheal Attapulgite
Stadol NS Butorphanol
Stagesic Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Stalevo Carbidopa & Levodopa
Stalevo Entacapone
Starlix Nateglinide
Statex Morphine
Staticin Erythromycin (topical)
Statobex Phendimetrazine
Statuse Codeine
Stemetic Trimethobenzamide
Stemetil Prochlorperazine
Sterapred DS Prednisone (systemic)
Steri-Units Sulfacetamide Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
Stieva-A Tretinoin
Stilbestrol Diethylstilbestrol
Stilphostrol Diethylstilbestrol
Stimate Desmopressin
Storz-Dexa Dexamethasone (ophthalmic)
Storzolamide Acetazolamide
Stoxil Eye Ointment Idoxuridine (ophthalmic)
Strattera Atomoxetine
Stri-Dex Salicylic Acid
Striant Testosterone
Stromectol Ivermectin
Stulex Docusate
Subutex Buprenorphine & Naloxone
Subuxone Buprenorphine & Naloxone
Sucrets Dyclonine (Mucosal-local)
Sudafed Acetaminophen
Sudafed Plus Chlorpheniramine
Sul-Azo Sulfisoxazole & Phenazopyridine
Sular Nisoldipine
Sulcrate Sucralfate
Sulf-10 Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
Sulfair Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
Sulfamethoprim Sulfamethoxazole
Sulfamethoprim Trimethoprim
Sulfamide Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
Sulfaprim Sulfamethoxazole
Sulfaprim Trimethoprim
Sulfatrim Sulfamethoxazole
Sulfatrim Trimethoprim
Sulfex Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
Sulfimycin Erythromycin-Base
Sulfimycin Sulfisoxazole
Sulfizole Sulfisoxazole
Sulfolax Docusate
Sulforcin Resorcinol & Sulfur
Sulfoxaprim Sulfamethoxazole
Sulfoxaprim Trimethoprim
Sulmeprim Sulfamethoxazole
Sulmeprim Trimethoprim
Sulsal Salicylic Acid & Sulfur
Sulten-10 Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic)
Summit Acetaminophen
Sumycin Tetracycline
Supac Acetaminophen
Supac Aspirin
Supac Caffeine
Supasa Aspirin
Super-Anahist Acetaminophen
SuperChar Charcoal Activated
Supeudol Oxycodone
Suppap Acetaminophen
Supracaine Tetracaine (Mucosal-local)
Suprazine Trifluoperazine
Surfak Docusate
Surgam Tiaprofenic Acid
Surmontil Trimipramine
Sus-Phrine Epinephrine
Susano Atropine
Susano Hyoscyamine
Susano Scopolamine & Phenobarbital
Sustaire Theophylline
Sustiva Efavirnez
Sutilan Tiopronin
Syllact Psyllium
Syllamalt Malt Soup Extract
Symadine Amantadine
Symbyax Fluoxetine
Symbyax Olanzapine
Symmetrel Amantadine
Syn-Captopril Captopril
Syn-Diltiazem Diltiazem
Syn-Pindolol Pindolol
Synacort Hydrocortisone (topical)
Synalar Fluocinolone (topical)
Synalgos-DC Aspirin
Synalgos-DC Caffeine
Synalgos-DC Dihydrocodeine & Aspirin
Synaml Fluocinolone (topical)
Synarel Nafarelin
Synemol Fluocinolone (topical)
Synflex Naproxen
Synophylate Theophylline
Synthroid Thyroglobulin
Synvinolin Simvastatin
Generic Brand
Salicylamide Citra Forte, Fendol, Improved Sino-Tuss, Kolephrin, Omnicol, Presalin, Rhinogesic, Rid-A-Pain Compound, S-A-C, Saleto, Salgesic, Salicylic Acid, Salphenyl, Tri-Pain, Tussanil DH
Salicylic Acid Antinea, Buf-Puf, Calicylic, Clear Away, Clear by Design, Clearasil Clearstick, Clearasil Double Textured Pads, Compuond W, Cuplex, Cuticura, Duofilm, Duoplant, Freezone, Gordofilm, Hydrisalic, Ionax, Ionil, Keralyt, Keratex, Lactisol, Listerex, Lotio Aculfa, Mediplast, Meted Maximum Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Noxzema, Occlusal, Off-Ezy, Oxy Clean, Oxy NightWatch, P&S, Paplex, Propa pH, Sal-Acid, Sal-Plant, Salac, Salacid, Salactic Film, Saligel, Salonil, Sebucare, Sebulex, Sebutone, Sla-Clens, Stri-Dex, Tersac, Trans-Plantar, Trans-Ver-Sal, Vanseb Cream Dandruff Shampoo, Vanseb Lotion Dandruff Shampoo, Vanseb-T, Verukan, Viranol, Wart-Off, X-Seb
Salicylic Acid & Sulfur Acnotex, Aveeno, Creamy SS, Diasporal, Fostex, Meted, Night Cast Lotion, Night Cast R, Pernox, Sastid, Sebex, Sebulex, Sulsal, Therac, Vanseb
Salmeterol Serevent
Salsalate Amigesic, Diagen, Disalcid, Mono-Gesic, Salflex, Salsitab
Saquinavir Fortovase, Invirase
Scopolamine Buscopan, Isopto Hyoscine, Transderm-Scop, Transderm-V
Scopolamine & Phenobarbital Barbidonna, Barophen, Bellalphen, Donnamor, Donnapine, Donnatal, Donnazyme, Donphen, Hyosophen, Kinesed, Malatal, Relaxadon, Spaslin, Spasmolin, Spasmophen, Spasquid, Susano
Secobarbital Novosecobarb, Seconal
Secobarbital & Amobarbital Tuinal
Selegiline Carbex, Eldepryl, Jumex, Jumexal, Juprenil, Movergan, Procythol, SD Deprenyl
Selenium Sulfide Exsel, Glo-Sel, Head & Shoulders Intensive Treatment Dandruff Loti, Selsun, Selsun Blue
Senna Black-Draught Lax-Senna, Dosaflex, Dr.Caldwell Senna LAxative, Fletcher’s Castoria, Gentlax S, Perdiem, Prodiem Plus, Senexon, Senokot, SenokotXTRA, Senolax, X-Prep Liquid
Sennosides Ex-Lax, Gentle Nature, Glysennid, Herbal Laxative, Mucinium Herbal, Nytilax, PMS-Sennosides, Prompt
Sertaconazole (topical) Ertazo
Sertraline Zoloft
Sibutramine Meridia
Sildenafil Viagra
Simethicone Degas, Di-GasFlatulex, Gas Aid, Gas Relief, Gas-X, Genasyme, Imodium Advanced, Maalox Anti-Gas, Maalox GRF, Mylanta Gas, Mylicon, Ovol, Phazyme
Simvastatin Epistatin, Synvinolin, Zocor
Sodium Bicarbonate Gaviscon-2, Triconsil
Sodium Biphosphate Fleet Phospho-Soda
Sodium Citrate & Citric Acid Albright’s Solution, Bicitra, Modified Shohl’s Solution, Oracit, Tussirex with Codeine Liquid
Sodium Fluoride Fluor-A-Day, Fluorident, Fluoritab, Fluorodex, Fluotic, Flura, Karidium, Listermint with Fkuoride, Luride, Pedi-Dent, Pediaflor, Solu-Flur
Sodium Phosphate PMS-Phosphates
Sodium Salicylate Dodd’s Pills, Tussirex with Codeine, Uracel
Sotalol Betapace, Sotacor
Sparfloxacin Zagam
Spironolactone Aldactone, Novospiroton
Spironolactone & Hydrochlorothiazide Aldactazide, Spirozide
Stavudine d4T, Zerit
Sucralfate Carafate, Sulcrate
Sulconazole (topical) Exelderm
Sulfacetamide (ophthalmic) Ak-Chlor Ophthalmic Solution, Bleph-10, Cetamide, I-Sulfacet, Ocu-Sol, Ocusulf-10, Ophthacet, Sodium Sulamyd, Spectro-Sulf, Steri-Units Sulfacetamide, Sulf-10, Sulfair, Sulfamide, Sulfex, Sulten-10
Sulfacytine Renoquid
Sulfadiazine Flamizine, Flint SSO, Sildamac, Silvadene, SSD, SSD AF, Thermazene
Sulfadoxine & Pyrimethamine Fansidar
Sulfamethizole Thiosulfil Forte
Sulfamethoxazole Apo-Sulfamethoxazole, Apo-Sulfatrim, Bactrim, Co-trimoxazole, Cotrim, Gantanol, Novotrimel, Nu-Cotrimox, Protrin, Roubac, Septra, SMZ-TMP, Sulfamethoprim, Sulfaprim, Sulfatrim, Sulfoxaprim, Sulmeprim, Triazole, Trimeth-Sulfa, Trisulfam, Urobak, Uroplus
Sulfamethoxazole & Phenazopyridine Azo Gantanol, Azo-Sulfamethoxazole
Sulfasalazine Azaline, Azulfidine, PMS Sulfasalazine, S.A.S Enteric-500, S.A.S.-500, Salazopyrin, Salazosulfapyridine, Salicylazosulfapyridine
Sulfinpyrazone Anturan, Anturane, Apo-Sulfinpyrazone, Novopyrazone
Sulfisoxazole Apo-Sulfisoxazole, Eryzole, Novo-Soxazole, Pediazole, Sulfimycin, Sulfizole
Sulfisoxazole & Phenazopyridine Azo Gantrisin, Azo-Sulfisoxazol, Azo-Truxazole, Sul-Azo
Sulfisoxazole (ophthalmic) Gantrisin
Sulfur & Coal Tar Meted Maximum Strength Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Sebulex, Sebutone, Vanseb Cream Dandruff Shampoo, Vanseb Lotion Dandruff Shampoo, Vanseb-T
Sulfur (topical) Cuticura, Finac, Fostril
Sulfurated Lime Vlemasque, Vleminckx Solution
Sulindac Clinoril, Novo-Sundac
Sumatriptan Imitrex
Suprofen (ophthalmic) Profenal

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