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“U” – Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Generic drug – is a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. That is, a drug having the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drug, but do not have patent protection.

May differ from the original drug in composition of excipients. Placed on the market after expiry of patent protection the original drug. The most common is now called “Generic”.

In the pharmaceutical industry there are 2 groups of drugs:

  • Original drug (Brand-name Drugs)
  • Generic drug.

Branded drugs are expensive, the price of generics are much cheaper than original drugs .

Original drug – this is a new development pharmaceutical company, which it was first discovered, synthesized, and protected by a patent for many years (usually 10+). During this period, the drug produces only this company. The original drug is often unique in its kind and has no analogues among competitors, so the pharmacy you will not be able to pick up analogue remains valid patent protection.

When patent protection is removed and appear analogues (Generics), this is the original brand-name drug will cost more than all other generics drugs

The essential requirement for the sale of generics – proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. The active ingredient original brand drug and the generic drug are always the same, but the dosage of the active substance and appearance of drugs can vary at the discretion of the pharmaceutical company.

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The list of expensive branded medicines (letter “U”) and their cheaper analogues (generic drugs):

Brand Generic
U-tract Atropine
U-tract Hyoscyamine
U-tract Methenamine
U-tract Methylene Blue
U-tract Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
UAA Atropine
UAA Hyoscyamine
UAA Methenamine
UAA Methylene Blue
UAA Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Ugesic Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Ulcidine Famotidine
Ultra Pred Prednisolone (ophthalmic)
Ultra Tears Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
ULTRAbrom PD Carbinoxamine
Ultracef Cefadroxil
Ultracet Acetaminophen
Ultracet Tramadol
Ultragesic Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Ultralente Insulin
Ultram Tramadol
UltraMOP Methoxsalen
Ultrase Pancrelipase
Ultrazine Prochlorperazine
Unguentine Benzocaine (topical)
Uni-Bent Cough Diphenhydramine
Unidur Theophylline
Unipen Nafcillin
Uniphyl Theophylline
Unipres Hydralazine & Hydrochlorothiazide
Unipres Reserpine
Uniretic Hydrochlorothiazide
Uniretic Moexipril
Unisom Nighttime Sleep Aid Doxylamine
Unisom SleepGels Diphenhydramine
Univasc Moexipril
Univol Aluminia & Magnesia
Urabeth Bethanechol
Uracel Sodium Salicylate
Urecholine Bethanechol
Urex Methenamine
Uridon Atropine
Uridon Chlorthalidone
Uridon Hyoscyamine
Uridon Methenamine
Uridon Methylene Blue
Uridon Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Urimax Tamsulosin
Urimed Atropine
Urimed Hyoscyamine
Urimed Methenamine
Urimed Methylene Blue
Urimed Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Urinary Antiseptic No.2 Atropine
Urinary Antiseptic No.2 Hyoscyamine
Urinary Antiseptic No.2 Methenamine
Urinary Antiseptic No.2 Methylene Blue
Urinary Antiseptic No.2 Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Urised Atropine
Urised Hyoscyamine
Urised Methenamine
Urised Methylene Blue
Urised Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Uriseptic Atropine
Uriseptic Hyoscyamine
Uriseptic Methenamine
Uriseptic Methylene Blue
Uriseptic Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Urispas Flavoxate
Uritab Atropine
Uritab Hyoscyamine
Uritab Methenamine
Uritab Methylene Blue
Uritab Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Uritin Atropine
Uritin Hyoscyamine
Uritin Methenamine
Uritin Methylene Blue
Uritin Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Uritol Furosemide
Uro-Mag Magnesium Oxide
Uro-Ves Atropine
Uro-Ves Hyoscyamine
Uro-Ves Methenamine
Uro-Ves Methylene Blue
Uro-Ves Phenylsalicylate & Benzoic Acid
Urobak Sulfamethoxazole
Urocit-K Potassium Citrate
Urodine Phenazopyridine
Urogesic Phenazopyridine
Uroplus Sulfamethoxazole
Uroplus Trimethoprim
Urotoin Nitrofurantoin
UroXatral Alfuzosin
Urozide Hydrochlorothiazide
Ursinus Inlay Aspirin
Ursofalk Ursodiol
Uticort Betamethasone (topical)
Generic Brand
Undecylenic Acid (topical) Caldesene, Cruex, Decylenes, Desenex, Gordochom Solution
Ursodiol Actigall, Ursofalk

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