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“V” – Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Generic drug – is a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. That is, a drug having the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and effectiveness as the original drug, but do not have patent protection.

May differ from the original drug in composition of excipients. Placed on the market after expiry of patent protection the original drug. The most common is now called “Generic”.

In the pharmaceutical industry there are 2 groups of drugs:

  • Original drug (Brand-name Drugs)
  • Generic drug.

Branded drugs are expensive, the price of generics are much cheaper than original drugs .

Original drug – this is a new development pharmaceutical company, which it was first discovered, synthesized, and protected by a patent for many years (usually 10+). During this period, the drug produces only this company. The original drug is often unique in its kind and has no analogues among competitors, so the pharmacy you will not be able to pick up analogue remains valid patent protection.

When patent protection is removed and appear analogues (Generics), this is the original brand-name drug will cost more than all other generics drugs

The essential requirement for the sale of generics – proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. The active ingredient original brand drug and the generic drug are always the same, but the dosage of the active substance and appearance of drugs can vary at the discretion of the pharmaceutical company.

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The list of expensive branded medicines (letter “V”) and their cheaper analogues (generic drugs):

Brand Generic
V-Cillin K Penicillin V
V-Gan-50 Promethazine
V-Lax Psyllium
Vagistat Tioconazole (vaginal)
Valadol Acetaminophen
Valergen Estradiol
Valertest Oxandrolone
Valisone Betamethasone (topical)
Valium Diazepam
Valnac Betamethasone (topical)
Valorin Acetaminophen
Valpin 50 Anisotropine
Valrelease Diazepam
Valtrex Valacyclovir
Vanacet Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Vancenase Beclomethasone (nasal)
Vancenase AQ Beclomethasone (nasal)
Vanceril Beclomethasone (oral inhalation)
Vancocin Vancomycin
Vanex Expectorant Hydrocodone
Vanex Forte R Chlorpheniramine
Vanex-HD Chlorpheniramine
Vanex-HD Hydrocodone
Vaniqa Eflornithine
Vanoxide Benzoyl Peroxide
Vanquils Aspirin
Vanquin Pyrvinium
Vanquis Acetaminophen
Vanquish Caffeine
Vanseb Salicylic Acid & Sulfur
Vanseb Cream Dandruff Shampoo Salicylic Acid
Vanseb Cream Dandruff Shampoo Sulfur & Coal Tar
Vanseb Lotion Dandruff Shampoo Salicylic Acid
Vanseb Lotion Dandruff Shampoo Sulfur & Coal Tar
Vanseb-T Salicylic Acid
Vanseb-T Sulfur & Coal Tar
Vantin Cefpodoxime
Vapo-Iso Isoproterenol
Vapocet Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Vascor Bepridil
Vaseretic Enalapril & Hydrochlorothiazide
Vasoclear Naphazoline
Vasocon Naphazoline
Vasocon-A Antazoline
Vasodilan Isoxsuprine
Vasoprine Isoxsuprine
VasotateHC Hydrocortisone & Acetic Acid (otic)
Vasotec Enalapril
VCF Nonoxynol 9
Veetids Penicillin V
Veganin Acetaminophen & Codeine
Velosef Cephradine
Velosulin Insulin
Veltane Carbinoxamine
Vendone Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Ventolin Albuterol
VePesid Etoposide
Verazinc ZincSlufate
Verelan Verapamil
Vermox Mebendazole
Versabran Psyllium
Vertab Dimenhydrinate
Verukan Salicylic Acid
Vesanoid Tretinoin
Vexol Rimexolone (ophthalmic)
Vfend Voriconazole
Viagra Sildenafil
Vibramycin Doxycycline
Vibutal Aspirin
Vibutal Butalbital
Vicks 44 Cold Flu and Cough Phenyltoloxamine
Vicks 44M Chlorpheniramine
Vicks NyQuil Multi-Symptom Doxylamine
Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray Oxymetazolin (nasal)
Vicodin Hydrocodone & Acetaminophen
Vicodin-Tuss Hydrocodone
Vicoprofen Flurbiprofen
Vicoprofen Hydrocodone & Ibuprofen
Videx Didanosine
Vincol Tiopronin
Vioform Hydrocortisone Clioquinol & Hydrocortisone
Viokase Pancrelipase
Vioxx Rofecoxib
Viprynium Pyrvinium
Viracept Nelfinavir
Viramune Nevirapine
Viranol Salicylic Acid
Viravan DM Pyrilamine
Virazid Ribavirin
Virazole Ribavirin
Viread Tenofovir
Viridium Phenazopyridine
Viro-Med Aspirin
Viro-Med Chlorpheniramine
Viroptic Trifluridine (ophthalmic)
Viscerol Dicyclomine
Visine Tetrahydrozoline
Visine L.R. Oxymetazoline
Viskazide Pindolol & Hydrochlorothiazide
Visken Pindolol
Vistacrom Cromolyn
Vistaril Hydroxyzine
VitaCarn Levocarnitine
Vitalax Psyllium
Vitamin A Acid Tretinoin
Vivactil Protriptyline
Vivarin Caffeine
Vivelle Estradiol
Vivol Diazepam
Vlemasque Sulfurated Lime
Vleminckx Solution Sulfurated Lime
Volmax Albuterol
Voltaren Diclofenac
Voltaren Ophtha Diclofenac (ophthalmic)
Voltaren Ophthalmic Diclofenac (ophthalmic)
Voltarol Diclofenac
Vontrol Diphendiol
Vosol HC Hydrocortisone & Acetic Acid (otic)
VP-16 Etoposide
Generic Brand
Valacyclovir Valtrex
Valdecoxib Bextra
Valproic Acid Depakene, Myproic Acid
Valsartan Diovan, Diovan HCT
Vancomycin Vancocin
Vardenafil Levitra
Venlafaxine Effexor
Verapamil Apo-Verap, Calan, Chronovera, Isoptin, Novo-Veramil, Nu-Verap, Tarka, Verelan
Voriconazole Vfend

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