Genetic alcoholism

American scientists came to the conclusion that children whose both parents are alcoholics, the risk of addiction 5 times higher than that of their peers, where families do not abuse alcohol. Based on these results, many doctors began to speak of genetic predisposition to alcoholism is inherited. Let’s find out how well-reasoned is this position.

Doctors are confident that genetic alcoholism – is a hereditary disease caused by failure of one or more genes, leading to the formation of persistent addiction to alcohol.

The reason is considered to be excessive alcohol consumption by close relatives of the patient, first and foremost, parents and grandparents.

Genetic alcoholism – alcohol abuse is hereditary?

1. What genes are related to alcoholism? While scientists cannot give an unequivocal answer. They only believe that for the development of alcoholism meet several different groups of genes, but to identify them have not succeeded. Without evidence, the assertion that alcoholism is inherited can be considered only hypothesis.

2. What are the chances of Contracting a genetic alcoholism? Supporters of this theory does not operate with numbers, they talk about a certain predisposition, to highlight the degree of influence which, among many other factors (social, psychological, economic, etc.) is not possible.

3. Is it possible to treat genetic alcoholism? the Reasons are not clear, the degree of influence is also, of course, that any method of treatment no. Doctors do not recommend to abuse alcohol parents so that the dependency is not passed on to their children. But what to do people whose parents were alcoholics, scientists can not say. The Council do not drink alcohol at all, trivial.

Based on the statistics of the likelihood of development of dependence on alcohol in children of alcoholics, advocates of the genetic theory forget that at an early age, children tend to copy the behavior pattern of others. Becoming teenagers, they use the model laid on a subconscious level, without thinking about the reasons for their actions. Drinkers in the families, the children even play in the feast, imitating the use of alcoholic beverages. This is not to blame genes, and the dominant model of parents ‘ behaviour.

Alcoholism is a psychosocial problem, the presence of genetic components has not been proved. Not to become an alcoholic person, it is sufficient to control the dose of alcohol drunk, not to rely on their bad genes.

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