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Hair Fall

Normally, a person falls to 100 hairs a day. To understand if you need to experience, help easy way. Take your fingers a thin strand of hair and lightly pull. If the hand remains no more than 2 hairs, all right. If more urgent need to take action.

What to do if hair is falling out much? Panic fall is not worth it. Of course, if you are not dealing with a pathological hair loss, or alopecia (hair completely falls out on the whole head or individual zones). Ideally, the cause of the trouble needs to find out a specialist.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by both external and internal reasons. The first one deals with bad nutrition, in particular, so loved by the fairer sex diet. Deprived of nutrients, the hair follicles die prematurely. Lack of vitamins C, B5, B6, PP and iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium bad impact on the hair roots. But even if your daily diet is replete with vitamins, their absorption may interfere with Smoking, alcohol and some medications.

Often, the hair beginning to fall out after hormonal changes. In women, this is usually associated with pregnancy, abortion, using birth control pills, menopause and certain diseases of the endocrine organs. The hair immediately impacted by any health issues.

Powerful anticolonialism” effect have different stresses: sudden weight loss, the use of anesthesia during surgery, emotional distress (hair loss begins 1-2 months after the stress). Detrimental effect on the temperature extremes, so do not forget about the headdress in the cold season. Hair loss can also be genes.

Hair Fall Treatment

Hair Fall TreatmentLook at what you need to do to help when the loss hair.


So check out your daily diet. It should contain sufficient proteins and iron. Hair will be grateful, if to include in the diet lean meat poultry, beef, legumes, cheese, vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities. Do not forget about multivitamins, especially that today’s manufacturers offer special packages for hair.


Many believe that this is just a way to give the hair a neat appearance. But in vain! Correctly selected brush gently massages the scalp, improves blood circulation, which beneficially affects the hair follicles. To achieve the effect, you need a few minutes a day (especially before bed) to comb the hair in different directions.

Shampoos and conditioners

In vain some distrustful inscription “Strong” on the tools for hair care. Many of the substances contained in them can really reduce or even stop hair loss. For example, ginseng extract stimulates the vital functions of the cells of the head, makes the hair stronger and strong. Also to nourish and strengthen the hair should choose the means with pantanodon and jojoba oil, to stimulate hair follicles is the best suited vitamin PP.

It is useful to apply stimulating shampoo with nettle extract, chamomile, menthol, for colored — with protein and extract of horse chestnut. And to protect the roots from free radicals helps vitamin. Hair loss we should not abuse the various styling products, even if they are “enriched with vitamins”.

Home methods for hair loss

They have proven to strengthen hair domania funds. The most effective are masks based on burdock root. Easy way – pour two tablespoons of the root with boiling water and heat on a slow fire for half an hour. Cooled broth strain and rinse the head after washing.

Mask with onions strengthen the hair isn’t worse, but because of the persistent peculiar smell are not popular. Take vegetable oil, onion juice, hot honey (all one tablespoon) and 1 egg yolk. After mixing, the mass is rubbed into the hair roots. Then the head is recommended to wrap a towel and leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes. If the procedure is repeated twice a week, the result will be noticeable after 3 months. To get rid of onion smell, add to the rinse-water a drop of perfume.

Well strengthens hair light rubbing salt into the roots washed hair.

Good warming brandy hair mask: a tablespoon of brandy, egg yolk, teaspoon of honey and a little vegetable oil (for dry hair). Massage into roots and distribute on all length of hair, leave for 30 minutes. Then wash with shampoo and rinse with boiled water with lemon juice.

Don’t forget about herbs: brew in a thermos St. John’s wort, sage, nettle, immortelle (equal parts), leave for 4 hours, then add the henna until a homogeneous substance applied for 30 minutes on your hair before washing.

Perfectly strengthens hair and henna – a popular means to lovers of red shades. But no need to keep the henna on the hair more than an hour: it can dry up the hair.

How To Stop Excessive Hair Fall

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