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Hand Cramps

Any cramps, including in the hands, represent an involuntary muscle contraction. People cannot control them, but may render first aid to yourself, which does not require special skills.

Causes of cramps

Quite often, cramps of the fingers to bother those who work a lot at the computer. Their hands clenched and the long-term are in the same position make the same movement. The result is a chronic “numbness” of fingers and hands.

Among the reasons for spasms in hands release the main:

  • Stress.
  • Fright and sudden fear.
  • Deterioration of blood supply of the upper limb leads to hypoxia of muscles and cramps.
  • Muscle strain, and physical strain when performing a workout, particularly during running, jumping, swimming. This cause is considered as  the main of these.
  • Heat a factor in hypothermia. It is known that after contact of the skin of the hands, for example, ice water, appear convulsions.
  • Intoxication as a result of food or alcohol poisoning. This reason leads to convulsions that can last for several days in a row.
  • Lack of calcium in daily diet. Calcium— essential element for human body, which is involved in most life processes. Before you start looking for the cause of convulsions of the fingers, you should reconsider your daily diet.
  • Complaints of cramps in the hands often come from coffee people, because the abuse of  drinks depletes calcium and other necessary for the body trace elements. Deficiency is manifested by such clinical symptoms as spastic contraction of the muscles.

Why cramp your hands? The causes of this problem are many, but all of them are the result of incorrect human relationship to your body.

Hand Cramp Relief


To find out the cause of the seizures can only be a doctor after receiving the results of  a full examination of the person. In the choice of therapeutic measures and medications necessary to consider the patient’s age, General condition, anamnesis of life and diseases, presence of comorbidities and diseases that he suffered.

Causes and treatment of cramps in the hands are closely interdependent context: in identifying the specific causes of this pathology are easy to pick up a remedy which will promptly give the expected result.


Self-treatment of spasms of the hands

Self-treatment of spasms of the hands - exercise

Self-treatment of spasms of the hands – exercise

  • Special exercises for the hand active finger movements, intense compression and unclamping fists, flapping his brushes in the air.
  • Massage and self-Massage – usually seizures occur in one hand, so a healthy brush can massage and stretch your spazmirovannah hand.
  • Phytotherapy – an excellent remedy for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. If you experience cramping of the fingers should be daily to drink chamomile tea, which promotes relaxation of the muscles. The same effect has lime tea.
  • Correction of the diet consists of regularly eating foods containing large amounts of calcium and potassium, such as milk, cheese, fresh vegetables, herbs.
  • To avoid hypothermia should be those who have convulsions occur very often. Constant contact of skin with cold water can cause chronic convulsions.

In the absence of results from self-treatment, you can seek the assistance of the reflexologist. Sometimes cause spasms in the muscles of the arms is regular impact on the active points of the body that creates high blood flow in the tissues and leads to the formation of cramps. Only the expert can determine such a cause and to find the optimal method to get rid of seizures forever.

Home treatment for the convulsions of the fingers and hands owner

  • Ointment of the juice of celandine can be done by connecting one part juice of celandine with two parts of vaseline. This ointment need daily use for two weeks.
  • Laurel oil is obtained from fifty grams of the crushed dried Bay leaf and glass of raw vegetable oil. The resulting mixture insist in a dark place for twelve days.
  • With lemon juice twice a day for two weeks smeared places on the body where most  just having seizures.
  • Magnet is applied to the affected area and after a minute the spasms pass.
  • Adonis insist in a glass of water in a dark place for two hours, then filtered take three times daily one tablespoon.
  • Of the pharmacy chamomile, brewed two cups of boiled water for forty minutes and take in the day.
  • Raisins steeped in a liter of boiling water overnight. The next morning, eat the raisins and drink the infusion.

Warning! To use such funds to complete disappearance of symptoms.

Cramps prevention

To prevent the occurrence of cramps in the hands and fingers need  to adhere to the following simple rules:

  • to include daily in the diet of foods that are sources of potassium and calcium-milk, cheese, cottage cheese, green vegetables, nuts;
  • to take vitamin complexes and dietary supplements containing the body needs trace elements;
  • not cool to wear in cold weather gloves or mittens;
  • to make a warm bath for hands and take baths for the whole body with sea salt and essential oils.

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