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Hand Numbness

If hands are numbness day or night, it can be a symptom of diseases and so you need to consult a qualified professional. In addition, it is advisable to understand the cause of this phenomenon. The reasons can be several and for determining the most probable of them is recommended for screening. In some situations, the fundamental factor is compression of certain part of the body, which entails a breach in the bloodstream. Sometimes that will be enough to change the pose and everything is back to normal. But this does not mean that you do not need to see a specialist.

As the primary causes of numbness of hands throughout the day serves correctly chosen pose. For example, when the crossing arms on the chest is pumping under pressure of the arteries located on the shoulder that causes a disruption in blood flow.

As one of the evidence of such actions is the feeling of coolness in the hand. When the blood moves through the vessels, the fabric will be enriched with oxygen and other substances needed to complete its existence. If by displacement, for example, improper sitting as well as prolonged these effects may begin as numbness and manifested a very unpleasant sensation of pain.

Causes of numbness of hands

There are several key causes that can be called the basic factors of numbness of the hands and other limbs. Among them are a number of harmful postures.

  • Seat in a position where one leg is on the other. Many prefer this posture for sitting but this position will not be harmless. In such a situation, there has been a violation in the full blood supply that will be the beginning of varicose veins of the legs.
  • Sitting position, when his head tilt back. Here is the contraction of the artery at the vertebrae that often leads to violations of the blood supply to the head and the brain.
  • Crossing arms on his chest. In this situation, there is a compression of arteries, similar to the previous action.
  • Seat with a bent back. If long-time deflection of the waist is not natural, can manifest various diseases in the vertebrae.
  • It involves the overhang of the lower limbs from the chair without touching their horizontal surface. So many people prefer to sit, especially on high chairs. In this case, the edge of the seat will compress the main groups of muscles located on the back of the thigh, and that was the cause of disturbances in blood flow.

Numbness fingers left or right hand

Numbness common is the numbness of the fingers, which is often called the “carpal tunnel syndrome”. In this situation, the entrapment located in the area of the wrist tendons and nerve. This nerve is responsible for what the sensitivity in the area of the palm and fingers of the hand. If there is congestion, swelling occurs and clip nerve with the consequences of this situation consequences. For example, will feel a slight tingling and could have a loss of feeling of the fingers and palm. Left-handers will numb the left and right-handers the right hand.

Main symptoms:

  • at night you can be “goose bumps” on your body, which will go over in pain throughout the whole hand;
  • reduced the ability of tactile fingers, not the pinky, and even less of the ring finger;
  • perhaps a burning sensation, can cause seizures;
  • wrist becomes raised, tender or impaired mobility of the fingers.

If the treatment is conducted in a timely manner, it is possible to avoid problems with the thumb, because it may atrophy. In particularly difficult situations is lost the strength of the hand. This problem happens not only from the syndrome of the wrist, because the inducing factor may be a vascular pathology, a neuralgia in the neck and upper extremities, including the spine.

Numbness of the hands and symptoms of disease:

  • if the left limb can numb the fingers, including the pinky and ring, the problem lies in diseases of the heart;
  • if you have numb finger tips on the hand by reason of acts of lack of minerals and fortified complexes in the body, and also may develop atherosclerosis;
  • if the index and middle fingers ceased to have the required level of sensitivity on the back side and painful sensations appear, the reason lies in neuralgia of the brachial nerves, or a problem with the elbow joint;
  • in the absence of sensitivity of the thumb and forefinger, and in a situation when there is weakness in the fingers or on the outer side of the seat has pain, the reason lies in the cervical osteochondrosis.

Not less likely cause similar effects in diseases of other organs that may not have connections with the upper limbs. In such a situation may occur dysfunction in the internal organs, the diaphragm, including the impact of pneumonia or surgery. Of the most common diseases stands out diabetes, including heart attack and stroke along with angina what are the causes of these problems. If symptoms are prolonged, it is recommended to contact a qualified doctors to address them.

Numbness hands and feet

Numbness of the limbs associated with internal failures in the body, including changes in sensitivity. Of the main factors are the following problems:

  • Incorrectly selected position for the seat. Manifested a slight tingling which will pass relatively quickly, if you change the position. Prevention is the correct seat;
  • Lack of vitamin B12. As it is present in all life processes in the nerve fibers, it will affect the sensitivity of muscle and the cardiovascular system. As a demonstration of the problem are seizures and numbness;
  • A Pinched nerve. In this situation you need to solve the problem with the spine that affects the musculoskeletal system;
  • Carpal tunnel Syndrome. This problem is one of the most common among those who work sitting at a computer;
  • Neuropathy. In this situation we are talking about the difficulties with the nervous system. Manifested in the form of itching, burning, you may have a tingling or tightening on the exposed part of the hundred, fingers and toes;
  • Hyperventilation, which is a consequence of anxiety or fear. Because of shallow and rapid breathing is restricted blood flow to the lower limbs, so they become less sensitive, there is numbness and weakness;
  • Raynaud’s Disease. Can manifest in the form of short-term disorder of blood circulation, including can numb the feet and hands;
  • Obliterating endarteritis. Due to the fact that there is a narrowing of the blood vessel, there is a disturbance in the circulation that would result from cooling of the extremities. If not treated this problem, there is a complete overlap of vessels and appears to work.

Numb hands in sleep

During sleep can manifest themselves in various factors that cause the numbness of hands. They can be simple and quickly resolved complex or when you want a specific treatment. One of the reasons acts a certain neck position. It should not be aimed, as this will cause muscle strain, including limited access to tissues of the blood. The problem can be solved by choosing a higher quality pillow and its placement.

In another situation, the problem is that the woman puts her head on the male chest, and the pressure head at the region overlapping occurs arteries and numbness of hands at night. You may receive a clot, which is a very serious problem requiring immediate solutions. To notice the problem is not difficult, because it is constant and does not come relief.

In another situation, the difficulty lies in the cervical spine. If manifested low back pain, observed pain in the lower part of the back, and the pain will be drawing from a passage in the region of the hands. Do not forget about the carpal tunnel syndromes.

What to do if numb hands?

When not full numbness of hands and then, when the problem is in the fingers, is to make a special blend. You have to take half a Cup of butter and add to it the same quantity of sugar, and then blend to mix. Performing a movement in a spiral to massage the sore spot. After these steps, the fingers placed in one liter of water, and take only warm liquid and mix it with a couple tablespoons of salt. In this solution hand hold for forty five minutes.

Another technique proposes to use a half-gallon container, which add garlic, which will require about a third of the volume. After adding the usual water and insist in a dark place for fourteen days. Stirring the solution is performed once a day. Take five drops that are diluted in a teaspoon of water. The procedure extend for a month.

Treatment of numbness of hands

Hand Numbness TreatmentBefore the start of treatment for numbness of the hands and feet, it is recommended to determine the cause, which is the root for this problem. Correct diagnosis will help to determine the direction of treatment. For example, if the problem is cardiovascular system, you will need to consult a cardiologist, and other factors that trigger numbness of the hands and feet need.

If the reason lies in neurology, you want to go to a neurologist, as it may be a pinched nerve endings, which eliminates the use of drugs and vitamins. Additionally appointed a physiological procedure. If the problem is physical exertion, you will need to limit them and undergo drug therapy, including the use of marine products, which has the fatty acid omega three.

In the case of suspected neuropathy of the elbow joints is proposed to deal with electroneuromyography, which will help confirm or refute the diagnosis. In the case of his confirmation appointed therapy and taking vitamins.


The sudden numbness of the limbs will need to refer to qualified specialist who can help in this matter. In the case where the numbness is rare in nature and is not a cause of serious discomfort, eliminate the cause is not so difficult. Helps morning exercises, sport activities, healthy lifestyle. You will have to do the scrolling of the hands in different directions. Then it is necessary to do a warm-up shoulder joints, which is achieved by making a circular motion with his hands.

No less successful in the prevention of numbness of hands and feet at night is the usage of ammonia. In this situation, it takes fifty grams of ammonia, which must be mixed with ten grams of camphor alcohol. The resulting composition is stirred and add a liter of water. It remains to pour one spoon of salt and to interfere before the composition will not remain without the salt. Compresses with this solution help to get rid of numbness in hands and feet.

Numbness in Fingers & Hand

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