Hangover After Vodka

If yesterday you drank vodka, woke up the next day and feel terrible, then vodka you drank more than their quota and now need to get rid of a hangover.

The most logical solution is painkillers. Preferable those that contain paracetamol, because aspirin irritates the stomach and can increase weakness and poor health. Drinking painkillers, do not spare water. One or even two glasses will help dehydrated body to come back to normal.

The myth that hangover best hangover after vodka treated with a new portion of alcohol is not true. Doctors advise not to consume alcohol for several days after heavy impacts, allowing the body to recover. Given the state of health during hangover, to follow this advice is not difficult.

Hangover after vodka – what to do?

  1. Do not try to get rid of a hangover more alcohol will only get worse.
  2. Painkillers based on paracetamol is preferable to aspirin.
  3. Water is very important for the body. Try to drink liquids as much as possible.

Independent and home-grown ways of curing a hangover after vodka

  • Body requires treatment, and it should start with a cleansing enema with a decoction of chamomile. It removes the oxidation products of alcohol, cleanse the colon from the remnants of toxic substances.
  • Second step is the adoption of a contrast shower that washes away the sticky sweat with the vapors of alcohol and fills the body with vivacity and freshness. Restores lost energy, joy, good mood.
  • Shower can replace the hot tub with essential oils of mint, pine, lemon. It gives a sense of tranquillity and inner peace. Depression and nervousness are leaving relaxed body. If the heart and blood vessels, relax in the sauna. Ten minutes in her excrete toxins from the body, and the patient will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Water treatments it is advisable to complete nutritious Breakfast. It could be a bowl of delicious soup or a hearty chicken soup, bacon and eggs, topped with greens. If nausea does not let go and the body asks for cucumber pickle, to convince themselves in abundant nutrition. The food runs the metabolic processes of the gastrointestinal; tract and well-coordinated work of the liver.
  • How to quickly cure a hangover after vodka? Miracles do not happen, but the walk through the alleys of the Park or the river will accelerate the healing process. Weakness in the legs can not afford to leave the house. Stay in the shade cozy balcony, and a pleasant chill fills the lungs with new oxygen, and the soul – a pleasant rest. Deep breathing and physical exercises (stretching, push-UPS) help in treating hangover at home.
  • To complete cleansing the blood from toxic substances need to constantly please yourself mineral water and hot tea with mint or lemon balm, dried fruit compote and tomato juice, green tea with a slice of lemon and chamomile extract. Drink plenty of water – this is a natural drip for the body, rich in vitamins and minerals. Perfect and delicious diuretic is the flesh of the watermelon. Giant berry easily and quickly eliminates symptoms of intoxication after the vodka, taking away the weakness, fatigue and increased weakness.
  • How to cure hangover after vodka at home? The answer to this question is to look at bee honey, which should treat yourself to one teaspoon every 60 minutes. join milk and dairy products. To avoid the unpleasant consequences of a friendly party, the hangover prevention should start in the evening with a glass of kefir or yogurt. A diet should include complex carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, pasta), which attract toxic substances and excreted. Their company share cheese products, eggs and vitamin-rich kiwi, dried apricots, hibiscus tea.

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