Hangover After Wine

According to doctors, to drink wine without consequences in the morning is possible if the wine is natural and dry, varieties does not more than two and the total dose for the party will not exceed 300 ml, and for sparkling wine — 500 ml.

Semi-sweet, sweet and fortified wines make a greater load on the enzyme system, but of course in different degrees. Remember that organic wines contain no additives and are made from non-grape material — if you are not confident in their knowledge, do not hesitate to read the label.

Hangover after wine – what to do?

White wine: 130 calories in a glass. The pulp of grapes contains tyrosol and hydrational that help to lower LDL “bad” cholesterol. However, in wine sulfites are used to achieve a white color, and they often cause a hangover. Sulfites can also cause allergic reactions, enhance headache or asthma.

Red wine: 120 calories in a standard glass, a little less sugar than white wine. Red wine has more antioxidants that prevent the formation of blood clots and reduce inflammation. It is very good for the heart. However, lovers of red wine have great suffering from a hangover, than fans of white wine or beer because the red wine is made from two types of alcohol – ethanol and methanol. And liver first, dealing with ethanol, making methanol is to “wait” for their turn.

In red dry wine contains a powerful antioxidant resveratrol and a number of valuable minerals, but the benefits of wine will only be in amount of not more than three glasses a week. A 300 ml natural dry wines you can drink with absolutely no morning effects. If you wish to try several wines experts recommend to follow the rule: from light to dark, from dry to dessert, from weak to strong, from dry to sparkling. Sparkling wine, mulled wine, and blend them with sugar and spices — enhances intoxication.

For the treatment of hangover after wine fit all standard ways of curing a hangover. However, after the wine hangover is longer than hangover after beer or hangover after vodka, and the symptoms are reduced in the evening (the next day after drinking).

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