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Anyone who drink alcohol in large quantities was experienced the next day hangover symptoms: severe throbbing headache, nausea, dryness and unpleasant taste in the mouth and tormenting thirst, fatigue, irritability and a bad mood. Often there is a heart and “failures” (rhythm) of the heart, autonomic dysfunction may manifest fever, alternating with feeling of heat.

About Hangover

Significant difference for hangover hangover in healthy people is the fact that in this condition a person needs to take another dose of alcohol for the normalization of well-being. A small amount of alcohol taken the next day reduces or removes General weakness and headaches. Alcohol does not cause disgust, and is perceived as the only life-saving treatment.

The reason for the hangover is that the liver does not have time to process a large number of incoming ethyl alcohol harmless to the body carbon dioxide and water, and therefore, blood remains the intermediate of this reaction – acetaldehyde.

The resulting acetaldehyde is even more toxic than alcohol, and it is associated with all the “hangover” suffering of the body. Hangover is a kind of protective reaction of the organism, which indicates pain symptoms of poisoning.

A hangover manifests itself in such symptoms as flushing of the face, redness of the sclera, palpitations, increased blood pressure, sweating, pain in the heart, trembling of the body and tremor of limbs, weakness, fatigue. A number of patients having dyspeptic disorders: pain in the abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Before Taking Alcohol

1. A few hours before the meal to drink activated charcoal plus aspirin. The number of tablets of activated charcoal — 1 to 10 kg of your weight. This method is personally tested on myself as a student. With me it works fine. And advised him of my classmate, who went to Medical University. And the doctors, as you know, not bad advice.

2. A 50 — 100 grams of vodka or cognac. Thus, many believe, the body as it gets “shot” of alcohol and at the very feast you will find it easier to drink.

3. Before the meal to drink orange juice.

4. A Glass of milk. It slows the absorption of alcohol.

5. Medication that helps the liver. But only those to which you have no contraindications!

During Taking Alcohol

1. Do Not mix drinks. If you already drink wine with brandy, it is best to start with wine. Plus don’t forget that cognac and vodka both and high degree, but still they should line up in a certain place. First, drink vodka, and then cognac.

2. In between the toast do not forget to drink plenty of fluids better than plain water!

3. in addition to liquids not forget about the food. But then opinions diverge. Someone advises before you sit down to eat a little piece of butter at the table to eat more meat. Thus the body is formed a barrier and the alcohol is absorbed more slowly. Someone advises not to eat a lot of fatty at the table, and it is better to give preference to the more simple food: potatoes, salads, pickles, herring, poultry, fruits, sweet.

4. At the table Try not to drink carbonated beverages. They quickly pass the alcohol through the body causing intoxication occurs much faster.

After Taking Alcohol

But there are recipes galore, but all of those are not so effective as early action.

1. Coffee — friend or foe? Then, oddly enough, opinions differ. Someone advises to drink hot strong coffee without sugar with lemon and brandy, someone strongly advises not to drink coffee. In any case, here you have for themselves should decide whether you the drink.

2. A Lot of fluids before bedtime and in the morning. Anyway, after taking a large dose of alcohol from the body excreted a lot of fluid and minerals. Therefore, the main rule is that the restoration of water — salt balance. That’s why often advised to drink a lot of simple boiled water, water with lemon, orange juice, mineral water, brine, effervescent tablets with vitamin C, etc.

3. Pain killers. Any pill that helps you to get rid of a headache. In my case it’s just the tablets — the combination of caffeine and vitamin C.

4. To Drink hot chicken or other meat a nourishing broth.

5. Some suggest to drink a little brandy or a light beer. That is to say, sober. To be honest, I do not advocate this method and it does not always help. So it is better to use them in very severe cases.

6. A Cold shower and a walk in the fresh air.

7. Mint tea. Acts soothing plus beneficial.

8. Honey. British scientists said that honey helps in getting rid of a hangover, as the fructose contained in honey, converts harmful effects of alcohol to acetic acid, which is then harmlessly excreted from the body. So a bit of sugar with strong, sweet tea (mint or chamomile) eat a piece of bread with honey.

9. Medications that you can find in any drugstore. From Alkaseltzer, ending with the Chalk! Aspirin, Advil, Succinic Acid, Ascorbic acid, absorbents, Glycine, Activated charcoal, Mint alcohol, Smectite, and more. Do not forget about contraindications!

10. And most importantly, is the presence of a strong shoulder to lean on, a loved one who will readily serve you a glass of cold water and aspirin, will cook you a hot broth and will pull you out Hiking with the dog or just.

It’s not all recipes, a huge number of them, and some are just striking in their sophistication. So if you’re really interested, you can click on the links below and find something interesting.

And, most importantly, drink only qualitative drinks, a good snack, do it all in good company and with good mood!

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