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Headache after alcohol

After a good celebration there is often severe headache, especially when the person has abused alcohol. It appears due to severe intoxication, because he is poisoned by the substance – ethanol. Because of the alcohol oxygen ceases to flow in sufficient quantities in the cerebral cortex. The cells that do not receive enough oxygen, they are dying, increased intracranial pressure. Please note, if the headache after alcohol strong, it suggests that the brain is poisoned with this substance.

Causes of headache after alcohol

When a person does not remember what happens to him in the evening, he completely loses memory of the events, it says that alcoholic beverage violated the part of the brain responsible for memory function.

After a person drinks alcohol, the liver is involved in active work. Because of this the body suffers from a shortage of sugar in the blood, and it is needed to make the brain work well, so there is a strong headache.

Often unpleasant sensation in the head triggered by dehydration, inflammatory process, due to the fact that the swollen blood vessels. Poisoning is manifested by loss of coordination, and slurred speech.

Headaches are not always provoked by the fact that the person has drunk large amounts of alcohol, often can this happen due to the fact that used poor-quality products, it affects the body as a poison. Remember that headaches are often provoked by the abuse of red wine, it greatly increases the pressure.

Treatment of headache after alcohol

If severe headache, will help these methods:

  1. As much as possible drink purified water, so it will be easier to overcome toxicity. Helps ascorbic acid. For this 200 ml dilute to two tablets.
  2. You need to take a contrast shower, the skin will participate in the process of getting rid of toxic substances.
  3. To receive analgesics treat carefully, so as not to cause damage to the liver.
  4. Eat warm, nourishing broth, take a walk on the street, breathe the fresh air.
  5. Cope with a headache, help massage, acupuncture.
  6. To restore the liver and relieve spasm of the vessels will help No-shpa.

In that case, if there is severe vomiting, nausea, red skin, hallucinations, you need to call an ambulance. In this situation it is necessary to wash out the stomach, may need IV fluids.

Prevention of headache after alcohol

It is important to adhere to certain rules, with which you can protect yourself from headaches:

  1. You can not drink alcoholic drinks if you didn’t eat, also not to eat.
  2. In any case do not drink alcohol, sparkling water.
  3. Alcohol is best consumed by the body, if you eat boiled potatoes, salt, flour.
  4. Be sure to consumption of alcoholic beverages need to take sorbents – activated carbon, so you’ll quickly get drunk.

Home Self-treatment of headache with a hangover

  1. Drink pickle juice, with pickled cabbage, cucumbers, add a bit of honey, composed of fructose, with the help of her alcoholic substance will be faster to split.
  2. It is recommended to purchase in the pharmacy willow bark and chew it. It contains the substance that aspirin – a large number of silleta.
  3. Perfectly narrow the blood vessels that have expanded the cold. For this you need to the forehead applying a compress, then massage your temples, for him to use ice cubes.
  4. Get rid of a headache, nausea help drops, which include mint. You need to dilute a small amount in 200 ml of water, then drink.
  5. Help to overcome the intoxication of dairy products, they remove toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Advise if you have severe headaches, use essential oil of peppermint, rosemary, lavender.
  7. Note succinic acid, using it can withdraw the excess amount of ethanol, so get rid of all symptoms. This is recommended in a glass of water to brew a teaspoon of acid.
  8. Clean out the lemon, take the rind and attach it to the temples, to keep until, until a slight redness, then start to sting a bit.
  9. Get rid of a headache, which is a consequence of intoxication, will help the infusion on the basis of herbs for him to take rose hips, motherwort, honey. All mix thoroughly, add a little honey, to insist.
  10. The best remedy for a hangover is activated carbon.
  11. In order to remove the headache and cleared mind, I have to make a special tincture, you will need mint, vodka. To insist in the dark. In a glass of water dissolve 25 drops of tincture, you need to drink immediately.
  12. Effectively fights with a headache such a mixture, for it will need a small amount of vinegar, it is best to give preference to Apple cider vinegar, add the egg raw, a little salt. All carefully to mix and drink.
  13. To quickly was a headache and he regained consciousness, need the ear lobe rubbing until, until they will not appear red.
  14. Traditional healers from ancient times used this recipe, for it will need a small amount of carrot, cabbage, pickle. All thoroughly and eat it.
  15. More rest, not to overload themselves after drinking alcohol, you can take a relaxing bath.
  16. Drink plenty of mineral water with a slice of lemon.

It is prohibited to treat headache alcoholic drink, as is done very often, it can lead to alcoholism, which get almost impossible.

So headaches after alcohol better to prevent than to treat. Remember, several intoxications after ingestion of alcoholic beverages adversely affect the liver, pancreas, nervous system, heart, vessels, kidneys. Therefore do not abuse alcoholic beverages.

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