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Headache During Pregnancy

Many women already from the first days of pregnancy begin to disturb headaches. In fact, they are often one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. But can also appear in the second or third trimester. Although most often occur at the beginning and at the end of pregnancy.

Sometimes, it is impossible to determine why a pregnant headache. But still there are factors that can provoke headaches during this period.

Causes of Headaches in Pregnant

During pregnancy headacheHormonal changes. Now in the female body goes through many complex processes. Adapting to changes, the body can react to them, including, and causing a headache.

Hypotension – low blood pressure – often occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, especially if it is complicated by the development of the early toxicosis pregnant.

Hypertension – high blood pressure – are more characteristic of the third trimester in the period of late toxicosis. It is often combined with swelling and protein in the urine and indicates the development of serious pathology of pregnancy. When these States suffer from health and future mother and her child. Therefore, you must immediately see a doctor.

Nutritional factors. Cold food or eating foods containing tyramine and phenylamine (nitrogenous compounds that can affect the condition of blood vessels), can cause headaches. Should be deleted or caution in the consumption of the following products: chocolate, nuts, yogurt, chicken liver, avocados, citrus fruits, bananas, canned and pickled products, Japanese food, tea, coffee, Cola, hot dogs, red wine, cheese.

Hunger as a cause of headache. So do not let this condition. Eat better explored through short periods of time.

Eye strain or prolonged involuntary stay in the same uncomfortable position.
Allergic reactions.
Physical stimuli – flickering light, noise, harsh odors.
Change of weather or climate zone can cause a headache in any person, and pregnant is no exception.
Stress. And already it is clear that pregnancy should avoid such factors. Any anxiety, psychological stress, worry, or worse – depression cause headaches.

Physical fatigue, sleep deprivation. Proper rest and a good night’s sleep is extremely important in this period.

Headache at the weekend. This implies, for example, longer than usual, NAPs, which can also head ache.

Climate: is too dry or warm air, a lot of tobacco smoke.

Various diseases. As a rule, headache during pregnancy does not represent any danger. But what happens when the attacks are harbingers of serious diseases. Sudden severe headache can be a sign of circulatory disorders of the brain in cervical degenerative disc disease, dystonia, meningitis, hematoma, glaucoma, sinusitis, kidney disease. In all these cases the pain is accompanied by other symptoms, characteristic for each specific disease. And this situation requires immediate medical advice. In any case, the reason for the headache must install a neurologist, who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

As for the causes of headaches, the most common form of pregnancy is migraine. Headaches and migraines may be accompanied by visual disturbances, gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, vomiting, nervous reaction to light. Some feel pain in the shoulders or in the entire half of the body, dizziness, ringing in the ears, coughing, eyes bloodshot and he becomes very irritable.

What to do for headacheThis pain is usually strong, throbbing, mainly hurts half of the head. Often migraine is preceded by the so-called aura, when before the eyes appear light flashes or fading.

It is noteworthy that about 15% of women never experiencing migraine attacks, first encounter with them with pregnancy. But it also happens that headache ceases to torment the woman just in the period of carrying a child. This is due primarily to the absence of ovulation and menstruation, one of the most frequent causes of headaches. Although replaced by many other precipitating factors.

Besides migraines often headache voltage. Typically, it is characterized by medium intensity, often covers the whole head in contrast to migraine. Pain voltage squeezes his head, like a Hoop, or causes a pulling sensation. Mainly caused by stress or overexertion.

Treatment of headache during pregnancy

Medications when experiencing headaches during pregnancy are assigned very rarely – only in very severe cases, and exclusively by the doctor. In other cases, you must apply the treatment of headache during pregnancy without drugs. And if possible it is better to resort to preventive measures.

Be sure to see your doctor if:

– headache was almost constant, and recently changed its character;
– my head hurts even in the morning, immediately after waking up;
– pain permanently localized in a particular part of the head;
– headache is accompanied by other symptoms of the nervous system: disturbances of vision, hearing, speech, motor function, sensation, and so on;
– the headache is accompanied by high or low blood pressure.

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