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Hemorrhoid Treatment – Cold and Ice

Hemorrhoids is a disease with periodic exacerbations and progressive complications. It is therefore important to treat this disease. The etiology of the disease is that the veins leads to the formation of painful hemorrhoids. Internal external hemorrhoids brings a lot of discomfort and discomfort. The main symptoms are:

  • severe itching;
  • pain during bowel movements;
  • bleeding.

Today the presence of the disease occurs in enough young people. The cause of the disease can be a genetic predisposition, and various factors can cause the development of hemorrhoids. Often because of the reluctance to apply see the proctologist — the disease will only get worse, causing a lot of discomfort and pain. In the later stages bleeding and thrombosis – is quite dangerous complications.

Procedures performed in the home, can effectively get rid of the existing symptoms. Effectiveness of the popular methods of hemorrhoid treatment, in particular treatment with ice and cold, and tested by loads of people. But one should always remember that hemorrhoid treatment is very individual. Some methods suit some patients, other ways to effectively help the rest of the number of people. Universal variants of treatment of the disease, so when choosing it is important to rely on your own well-being.

There are many methods of treating hemorrhoids. Proctology uses a variety of ways:

  • surgical
  • tourism
  • rectal suppositories,
  • ointment,
  • tablets

Effective in combating disease and folk medicine.

How ice and cold to help treat hemorrhoids?

The healing power of ice known for a long time. The Caucasian mountaineers have used ice in the treatment of many diseases, including hemorrhoids. Because of the living conditions of the highlands the population of the Caucasus got rid of the symptoms of pure frozen water. Preserved until the present time the methods of cold therapy used in outpatient treatment and at home. The basic properties of ice:

  • positive effect on blood vessels;
  • reduction of inflow of blood;
  • decongesting in the hemorrhoidal nodes;
  • effective pain relief.

Ice is able to freeze the nerve endings, so widely used by physicians in practice rectal. In the treatment of hemorrhoids with ice can achieve rejection of diseased tissue without surgical intervention and complete disappearance of hemorrhoids.

Cryotherapy and its benefits in the treatment of hemorrhoids

No wonder many painkillers these methods are based on the effect of “freezing”. Exposure to cold causes a blockage of nerve endings that are responsible for pain. A large number of nerve endings located in the anus. Sometimes when there is of hemorrhoids pain is unbearable strong, and the ice can significantly get rid of the pain and relieve the condition.

Cryotherapy has a reasonable impact. Thanks to her, spazmiruyutsya veins of the rectum, making blood flow is not abundant and contributing to the disappearance of bleeding. The main advantages of cryotherapy:

  • brings no pain;
  • the inability of bleeding during procedures;
  • has almost no contraindications;
  • does not require hospitalization;
  • does not require pre-preparation procedures.

During treatment with ice fabric node die on the third day and completely reject in a week. By the end of the month there is complete healing of scars.

Indications for treatment ice hemorrhoidal formations

The impact of cold in the treatment of the disease shows at an initial stage of internal nodes. If you use ice in the third stage of the disease the treatment may be ineffective. The main indications for the treatment of hemorrhoids with ice are the freezing of the hemorrhoidal formations to further their necrosis.

Perfectly cured initial stage of the disease. Also, ice is widely used in the treatment of various polyps of the colon and the presence of papillomas.

Ice suppositories for hemorrhoids

Candles with ice hemorrhoidsMany who suffer this disease, prefer to treat at home. Fight the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids it is possible in house conditions, it is sufficient to use some traditional recipes:

  1. In a wide basin filled with ice water. The affected areas of the nodes are immersed in cold water. This bath will relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The procedure is best done before bedtime. The duration of the minimum.
  2. Effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids applying a cold compress with ice. The compress applied for a few minutes directly on the hemorrhoid. To prepare the compress, you need to take the bandage and wrap him in ice. This method is applied twice a day for a month.
  3. Well-proven treatment ice rectal suppositories. First, from a dense paper it is necessary to form a conical shape. After the cooked form filled with water and placed in the freezer for freezing. During the procedure, the suppositories is released from the paper and gently inserted into the rectum. The presence of ice in the gut must not exceed thirty seconds. As soon as the body becomes accustomed to a more prolonged exposure to ice, you can increase the time spent inside an ice suppositories.
  4. In a small puddles are frozen ice cubes, which are applied as a lotion to the inflamed swollen the hemorrhoidal.
  5. After a bowel movement the area of the entrance into the rectum is wiped frozen piece of ice. A proctologist recommended to use the ice regularly for hygiene of the anus.
  6. In a sitz bath with very cold water add grains of potassium permanganate. Water should buy pale pink color. Also, this cold water can be carried out hygiene procedures.
  7. In the molds to fill decoctions of herbs – oak, chestnut, yarrow, green hound, Burnet and put in the freezer. Use herbal ice cubes for protyani, lotions, compresses and rectal suppositories.

Treatment ice hemorrhoids are amenable to education at all stages. The method has almost no contraindications, but in some diseases, treatment with ice is still not possible.

Existing contraindications

The impact of cold on inflammatory processes in the gut when internal hemorrhoids are not always allowed by medicine. There are certain contraindications to the use of ice in the presence of hemorrhoids:

  • acute onset and course of the disease;
  • proctitis in the degree of inflammation;
  • thrombosis hemorrhoidal formations;
  • too large hemorrhoids.

Is it Possible to get rid of hemorrhoids with ice?

Clinical studies have shown that the application of ice suppositories to get rid of hemorrhoidal formations forever. Ice relieves pain and reduces inflammation, thanks to the narrowing of blood vessels in the tissues, interacts with the ice suppository, and at the same time, the expansion of blood vessels surrounding tissues. This vasodilation allows you to:

  • to provide the human body with oxygen;
  • to conduct an effective immunomodulation;
  • increase muscle tone;
  • to eliminate the infringement and spasms.

Treatment with ice helps to forget about the presence of hemorrhoids, but requires long time and patience.

Can the hemorrhoids go on its own without treatment?

You can often hear the misconception that hemorrhoids it is not necessary to treat. Actually, to postpone the consultation with the proctologist – a big mistake, fraught with bad consequences.

Hemorrhoid treatment ice

At an early stage the hemorrhoid is almost imperceptible and not particularly worried. Drop-down hemorrhoidal nodes easily reduce yourself. However, if you neglect the disease begins to develop inside. Different education not always found in a timely manner.

Late stage of the disease can cause the formation of permanent hemorrhoids “bumps” of the extended inflamed veins. The walls of blood vessels so weak that education can’t go back to the original position independently. Sometimes in advanced stages of the disease require surgical intervention.

Factors causing the hemorrhoids

It is important to correct any predisposing factors through a healthy lifestyle. The main factors influencing the development of the disease are:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • incorrect diet;
  • lifting weights;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes in the body;
  • pregnancy, birth;
  • smoking, alcohol;
  • sexual relationship.

To eliminate precipitating factors you must think and start to follow a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Proper routine and periodic treatment will help to restore the vascular tone and gradually get rid of the disease. It is important to rule out any precipitating conditions for the development of the disease.

In the framework of effective treatment using cold and ice, as well as not allowed increased exposure. To do this:

  • not to SuperCool the entire body;
  • not to neglect the exercises and therapeutic exercises;
  • do not use for seats soft chairs, it is better to sit on a hard stool;
  • in no case do not ignore personal hygiene.

In the presence of hemorrhoids needed several times a day to wash the anus with cool water, you can also use for straining herbal teas. Complicates the course of disease and overweight. Therapeutic diet helps to lose weight and bring the body back to normal.

To get rid of hemorrhoids you can, if you follow the full recommendations of proctology. Medical treatment is quite compatible with treatment with ice at home. Ice and cryotherapy is very effective in dealing with hemorrhoids. It is important to restore the imbalance between outflow and influx of blood in the pelvic organs and the rectum.

The ice also effectively promotes the healing of fissures of the anus, which cause spasms of the sphincter. Colon cleansing and diet also help to get rid of constipation, which is one of the precipitating factors of the disease. After normalization of the microflora will start to come to the desired tone of the vessels of the rectal wall. Provide a high level of activity, hygiene, healthy lifestyle and effective treatment ice will help to get rid of hemorrhoids forever.

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