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Hemorrhoids in children

Faced with the problem of hemorrhoids in a child, many mothers wonder and remain confused, because this disease is considered only “adults”.

But it is not so, kids too can be susceptible to this unpleasant ailment.

We offer You this article to faced with this problem, you could clearly understand the causes, ways and methods of treatment and prevention of this disease.

Main symptoms of hemorrhoids in a child

Children from three years old, already can clearly describe your condition. If the baby indicates that there is a constant discomfort in the rectal area and the anus, you should pay attention to the health status of the child. This discomfort can be a burning, tingling, itching, feeling of a foreign body. The baby may scratch or constantly touching the ass, to cry, to be peevish.

Hemorrhoids in children under the age of three can occur completely asymptomatic and only accidentally noticed the signs of this disease can point to it. These include: protrusion of the anus during attempts to go to the toilet or if the baby’s cries. As soon as the child calms down and stops pushing – bulging nodules disappear.

On the surface the stool can be detected by the scarlet blood that gets there from the crack of the rectum (but this symptom is not mandatory in every case of child hemorrhoids).

The child may increase the body temperature that will be associated with the outbreak of the inflammatory process in hemorrhoidal nodes.

Sometimes (very rarely) in children may be acute hemorrhoids, which is associated with the thrombosed hemorrhoids. In this case, the child appears pronounced sharp pain in the anal area. Growing child on it can tell itself and the breast will cry and worry.

Remember that hemorrhoids in a child can make a different and no less serious pathology of the rectum (prolapse, cyst).

If at the kid appeared the protrusion in the anal area, the child should as soon as possible to show the doctor. Timely diagnosis and proper treatment will help you to quickly get rid of this problem.

Causes of hemorrhoids in children

In young children causes hemorrhoids can act as one cause, and their complex.

Reason #1. Sitting on the pot for more than 10 minutes. This provokes the stagnation of blood in the pelvis.

Reason #2. Strong and long attempts on the pot.

Reason #3. Frequent constipation in your baby. They arise due to violations of the regime of meals, not a balanced diet (lack or insufficient amount of vegetables and fruits, a small amount of water, muffins), the disturbed intestinal flora.

Reason #4. Frequent tantrums and long crying of the kid. This leads to the fact that because of heightened rush of blood to the pelvic organs, is sharply increasing intra-abdominal pressure which is the cause of stagnation of blood in the veins and capillaries of the rectum.

Reason #5. Heredity. Disease of hemorrhoidal veins can be hereditary, if so inclined, at least one parent. Congenital hemorrhoids may occur from the first days after your baby is born. When trying to go to the toilet or crying hemorrhoidal nodules protrude outside, causing the child discomfort.

Reason #6. Inflammatory processes in the colon.

Reason #7. Tumor formation in the colon.

Reason #8. Infection of the large intestine.

Reason #9. Reduced physical activity of the child. If the child is sedentary, and constantly sitting – this may cause the formation of hemorrhoids.

Features of flow of hemorrhoids in children and the prognosis of recovery

External examination of the anus of the child allows professionals to immediately assess how much dilated veins of the anus. Visually, they are inflamed and swollen. The mucous membrane of the rectum is inflamed, as is constantly injured leaving feces and not getting sufficient nutrients.

If a sick child does not receive proper treatment, the knots falling out and bleeding, and this may cause lower hemoglobin and anemia.

If the mother to her baby noticed the signs of hemorrhoid, you should remember that to see a specialist as soon as possible and will not hesitate encountered a delicate problem, because of complications such as thrombosis and necrosis of hemorrhoids can occur at any time.

Proctologists there are several stages of flow of hemorrhoids in children

  • the child has small hemorrhoids, can be a small pain or itch.
  • in a child with pronounced bulging not only hemorrhoids, but also the entire region of the soft tissue near the anus.
  • the child fall out of the anus hemorrhoids, severe swelling of the anus. The baby gives rise to very severe pain.

Which doctor to contact if your child is showing signs of hemorrhoids?

A children’s proctology do pediatric surgeons. But that’s not the only professionals with whom You have to cooperate in the fight against this disease. The most common cause of hemorrhoids is a disturbance of bowel movement. To eradicate this problem need to see a pediatric gastroenterologist and pediatrician.

Treatment of child hemorrhoids

Dear parents, please, remember this one very important rule: to Treat hemorrhoids in a child need only be under the supervision of a physician!

Recommendations that will be presented in this article should be used only with the permission and under the control of the children’s proctologist or the surgeon who knows the full medical history of your baby.

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids

Treatment of child hemorrhoidsFor conservative methods of treatment of hemorrhoids include ointments and suppositories. Unfortunately, especially for children drugs for the treatment of this disease is not produced, so doctors use older means, calculating the dosage depending on the age and weight of the baby.

Note that not all the suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids available on the shelves at the pharmacy, you can apply for children. Usually, the user of the drug described a clear age limits and contains warnings about possible side effects.

Suppositories that do not contain age restrictions:

  • Ultra;
  • Relief;
  • Ginkor procto;
  • Gepatrombin G;
  • Suppositories with sea buckthorn oil.

Daily recommendations apply as well to the children’s ointments to treat  hemorrhoids. Massage in the treatment of child hemorrhoids.
To eliminate stagnation of venous blood and enhancing blood circulation in the rectal area of the baby, the specialist can in addition to treatment with suppositories and ointments and to appoint a special massage that gives good results.

Contraindications for therapeutic massage:

  • Tuberculosis of intestines and abdomen;
  • Acute inflammatory diseases of the internal organs of the child;
  • Neoplastic processes of the abdomen;
  • Gastro-intestinal diseases;
  • bleeding Tendency;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases acute and in the acute stage.

Surgical treatment for child hemorrhoids

Usually, the use of this method is not used in pediatric proctology. But there are some instances when this is necessary, for example hereditary hemorrhoids. With the help of surgical intervention under General anesthesia is excision of the nodes with the flashing of their feeding vessels.

Home treatment of hemorrhoids in children

Baby cream. Tool that helps to remove the symptoms of child hemorrhoids is an ordinary children’s cream.
Make sure that the composition was as follows: Panthenol, vitamin a, vitamin E, cocoa butter. The cream will relieve itching and swelling, reduce bleeding sites.

Sitz baths with a decoction of herbs. They possess a wonderful effect. Succession, chamomile, calendula, oak bark – helps to cope with the child’s hemorrhoids.

Home treatment of hemorrhoids in childrenRecipe sitz baths for baby: 2-3 tablespoons of flowers of the above herbs pour 1 Cup boiling water. Cover the dishes tightly with a lid and infused for 1 hour. Next, the broth should strain and use for sitz baths (hemorrhoids must be immersed in the liquid) or microclysters. The temperature of the bath should not exceed 37 degrees. The broth should be used to relieve the symptoms of the disease, but at least 1-2 times a week.

Steam bath with chamomile. Pour the chamomile in hot water (500 ml.), cover the container lid and leave for 5 minutes. After, put the child naked booty over the basin (drip pan, bucket or gallon jar) and cover tightly with a warm blanket. Make this bath should be within 5-6 minutes (but not longer) 1-2 times a day, about 5 days in a row.

Microclysters with rosehip oil or sea buckthorn. This procedure can be carried out only in the absence of allergic reactions to these drugs. For one procedure it is necessary 30-100 ml of oil (depending on the age of the child). It must be heated to 37 – 40°C. then, using a small rubber bulb with a soft tip (pre-oiled) enter in the anus. Next, the child must lie quietly for at least 10 minutes. Carrying out this procedure facilitates smooth removal of feces and microcrack healing of the rectum.

Vishnevsky Ointment. For external hemorrhoids you can use this ointment, it creates a fatty film, thereby producing a warming effect and, irritating the nerve endings, increases blood flow to the site of inflammation and has a regenerative effect.

Prevention of hemorrhoids in children

If the cause of hemorrhoids is related to the fact that the child has violated the way of life of the child and his eating habits, then no treatment will be effective, if not change the way of life of the baby.

The most important is normalization of the child’s chair. Sure that he has not had any constipation. Include in children’s diet foods rich in fiber and dietary fiber: vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, bran. These products are designed to stimulate the contraction of the intestine and prevent accumulation of feces in the rectum.

Let the child eats often, but small portions. Avoid salty, spicy, fried, smoked food. Include in the diet of baby milk products. They normalize the intestinal flora and eliminate constipation.

Follow your baby’s weight. Overweight children are several times more prone to hemorrhoids.

The child must drink adequate amounts of plain water, that’s water, not juice, tea or juice.

Limit time child’s computer, TV. A sedentary lifestyle is another main cause of hemorrhoids in children. Try as much as possible to walk, engage in joint business or, if the baby is older, give it to the sports section (with doctor’s permission).

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