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Hemorrhoids – symptoms and treatment

In most cases, hemorrhoids begins quietly. Development of hemorrhoids is quite “slow”, the transition from one stage of disease to another can take months and even years. Modern medicine distinguishes four main stages of hemorrhoids flow.

Stage of hemorrhoids:

  • Stage 1 of hemorrhoids – internal hemorrhoids. At this stage of the disease the symptoms are minimal and sometimes the disease may occur implicitly, without any external manifestations. Usually, if a patient something and are concerned, the more often it is itching near the anus or discomfort when urinating. Quite often the first stage of hemorrhoids is detected accidentally, when you go to the hospital for another reason. Self-diagnose the disease at this stage is almost impossible, this can only be done by a doctor. Treatment the first stage of hemorrhoids usually proceeds successfully applied conservative therapy or techniques such as photocoagulation or sclerotherapy.
  • Stage 2 hemorrhoids symptoms of disease are of a more explicit nature, such as – itching or burning sensation in the anus, a clear link pain with defecation, and bleeding is quite common, which almost never happens in the first stage of hemorrhoids. It is worth noting a rather important symptom prolapsed hemorrhoid during defecation. These symptoms quite clearly indicate disease and require timely treatment to the doctor for treatment. The doctor may prescribe conservative treatment, ligation, sclerotherapy or combined treatment.
  • Stage 3 hemorrhoids – external hemorrhoids. First and foremost it is characterized by loss of hemorrhoids without a bowel movement, for example, during the lifting of weights or other physical exertion, in contrast to the second stage nodes are not drawn independently and require manual reposition. Advanced knots quite easily determined by touch and visually, during the inspection. Treatment of this stage of the disease already presents some difficulties and, therefore, preferred surgical techniques, it can be resected nodes, ligation or combination therapy, using both conservative methods, and operational. It is important to remember that at this stage of the disease, self reduction of nodes can lead to complications, so the treatment your doctor is required!
  • Stage 4 hemorrhoids acute hemorrhoids, this stage is the exacerbation of the process, which up to that leaked chronically. An important difference is that the nodes do not reduce, and if possible to push them back, they almost immediately fall out again. In the fourth stage the disease may be complicated by thrombosis, therefore, shows primarily surgical or combined treatment. Self-medication at this stage is absolutely contraindicated!

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Hemorrhoid Treatment

Over the years the development of proctology was invented many methods of treatment of this disease, however, is now used to only a limited number of methods. All methods can be divided into conservative and operative. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

Photocoagulation – this method applies to the operational methods of treatment of hemorrhoids, although a scalpel is not used, on hemorrhoids effect a focused beam of thermal (infrared) radiation, thereby stops the bleeding. The photocoagulation is used mainly in the early stages of the disease or in the complex therapy for 3-4 stages.

Sclerotherapy – not used in all stages of the disease, except the fourth. The method is similar to the treatment of varicose veins in the hemorrhoidal dilated veins introduced a special substance sclerosant, which contributes to their “bonding” and, as a consequence, the stop of bleeding. Important is that acute hemorrhoids is a contraindication to sclerotherapy.

Latex ligation this method can be used in patients with second and third stages. The essence of manipulation is that hemorrhoid “clamped” during the procedure, and after 12-14 days is simply torn away. Currently for ligation nodes apply latex rings, which are completely inert in relation to the tissues of the body.

Hemorrhoid TreatmentSuture ligation – despite the similar names, with the above technique is not very common. Suture ligation is the flashing of the arteries that provide blood flow to the hemorrhoidal nodes under ultrasound guidance using a special arthroscope. The procedure is minimally invasive and is applied for 2-3 stages of the disease.

Mucosal Resection method Longo – is removal of part of the rectal mucosa above the hemorrhoid, followed by suturing the defect formed. The result of the procedure, the node as if “pulled” up, and its blood supply is sharply reduced. Longo method is mainly used in the third stage of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidectomy – modern gold standard in the treatment of acute hemorrhoids. The essence of manipulation is surgical removal of the hemorrhoid and suturing of the defect of the rectal mucosa, which is formed after that. Hemorrhoidectomy is applied at the fourth stage of the disease and has a fairly strict indications and contraindications, the decision on the surgery should only take a qualified doctor.

Drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Conservating with regard to methods of treatment of hemorrhoids, currently they are all based on the “three pillars” – analgesic, anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic (prevents thrombosis) effects. Before drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids included one or two components that were not efficient enough. Modern drugs, such as Ultraproct”, “Procto-glivenol”, “Epsolon” and others, possess all the above properties, thus quite effective in the treatment of early stages of hemorrhoids or in a combination therapy.

Feature rectal suppositories “Epsolon” in that they contain three main active ingredients:

Heparin, which prevents the formation of blood clots (this is one of the main complications of hemorrhoids);

Lidocaine, with good local anesthetic effect;

Prednisone relieves symptoms such as itching, burning, by pronounced anti-allergic action.

Complex action of these components allows the use of drugs on their basis not only in the treatment of hemorrhoids as such, but also in diseases such as fistula in the anus, eczema (which may include itching in the perianal region), and as part of combination therapy in pre – and postoperative periods.

Of course, as with any medication they do have certain contraindications and side effects therefore, before applying you should consult with your doctor.

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Home Hemorrhoid Treatment

In order to cure hemorrhoids at home gave good results need to comply with General guidelines. First and foremost, the cost to establish a regular chair. For this diet it is recommended to introduce foods rich in dietary fiber and fiber. It can be such vegetables as beets, carrots, cauliflower. Not less useful and fruits, and both fresh and dried, this can be prunes, figs, apples. It is recommended to regularly consume bran, vegetable oil and cereals. Very useful to drink juice, pressed from fruit or vegetables. You must also try to move more, to walk in the fresh air, try not to sit for a long time. Treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids must include adherence to all the recommendations, otherwise no national prescriptions will not help.

To treat hemorrhoids at home should comply with all medical recommendations. So, proctology suggest in the period of exacerbation to eliminate the use of toilet paper. Patients are encouraged to wash each time after defecation. To learn how to treat hemorrhoids at home using traditional medicine, you can read the special literature, but the methods chosen are advised to discuss with the proctologist.

Propolis for the treatment of hemorrhoids

One of the most popular methods, of course, is the treatment of hemorrhoids propolis. This valuable product of beekeeping you can make your own healing ointment. For this purpose 15 grams of propolis must be very good to grind, and 85 grams olive or sunflower oil (refined) you need to bring to a boil. Then in the boiling oil add the crushed propolis and once again bring the entire mixture to a boil. Thereafter, the resulting mixture must drain well through a thick cheesecloth and cool. This ointment is applied to hemorrhoids a couple of times a day or apply as a compress. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment of hemorrhoids the ointment can range from a couple of weeks and up to three months.

Sea Buckthorn oil to treat hemorrhoids

Often, a treatment of hemorrhoids, sea buckthorn oil, which is already very long known for its anti-inflammatory properties and against edema. For example, you can make a compress with organic sea buckthorn oil. To make it a clean gauze sponge should be well impregnated with oil and applied to the anus for an hour. Compress applied five times per day, and the patient must be lying down. To speed up the recovery, you can make a compress on all night. Can skin around the anus and the hemorrhoid to lubricate the sea buckthorn oil.

Hemorrhoid Treatment cold

Home Hemorrhoid TreatmentOften self-treatment of hemorrhoids includes mandatory use of ice. It is used to make suppositories which are inserted into the anus. Hemorrhoid treatment with ice can be used to get rid of external hemorrhoids. For this ice cubes should be wrapped in a clean gauze and apply to anus. If you have no ice, you can simply moisten clean gauze with cold water and apply it to the anus.

Potato treatment for hemorrhoids

Folk recipes for treating hemorrhoids include the use of conventional raw potatoes. To make a suppositories from a potato, you should wash and clean the tubers from the rind. Then cut out a potato suppositories, which by its size and shape is fully consistent with standard rectal suppositories. The resulting piece of potato to be inserted into the anus, where it can remain until the act of defecation. After the suppositories will be released along with the stool, the patient should insert a new one, also made out of the same root.

Enema for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Enema decoction are one of the most effective ways hemorrhoids. Getting directly to the mucous membrane of the rectum, natural ingredients quickly relieve pain and other unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids. Despite a wide range of action of an enema, it cannot be used in the presence of bleeding, damage of the mucosa, erosion.

To treat hemorrhoids apply oil enema, cleansing and medicinal. Enema for cleansing – helps soften the stool. For cleansing enema uses water heated to a temperature of 38 degrees. To provide greater effect, added to water sea salt (tablespoon), glycerin (a tablespoon), or decoction of chamomile.

For medical enemas use broths from the seeds of flax, mugwort, chamomile, strawberry.

  • Enema with chamomile – in the brewed Cup of boiling water a few tablespoons of chamomile blossoms. Infused for hours. Before using filtered.
  • Enema with flax seeds – a tablespoon of seeds per Cup of boiled water. Leave for several hours. Apply a little bit of warm broth.
  • Enema on the basis of medicinal herbs sage, chamomile, horse chestnut (30 grams), oak bark (50 grams), nightshade leaves (7-8 tablespoons). A mix of herbs diluted in two liters of boiling water, infused for 4-5 hours. Enema of decoction of herbs quickly relieves the pain.
  • Enema based on strawberry leaves the crushed leaves (tablespoon) diluted in a glass of boiled water, infused for half an hour.

Enema on the basis of wormwood 4 tablespoons of herbs poured a liter of boiled water and languishing on a slow fire for 5-7 minutes. To insist in a warm place for 5-6 hours. Oil enema for hemorrhoid treatment put for the night. Contribute to the dilution of stool, normalize the chair. For oil enemas use flax oil, olive oil, sunflower, mineral oil. For the preparation of oil enemas, selected oil (50 to 100 ml) is heated to a temperature of 38-40 degrees, and then add any broth and herbs.

Hemorrhoid treatment in the home should be comprehensive. In addition to relieving symptoms of the disease and getting rid of hemorrhoids you need to know the causes of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid treatment includes a special diet that excludes too fatty, spicy and heavy food. In the treatment of hemorrhoids at home and avoid relapse it is necessary to abandon unhealthy habits such as Smoking and drinking alcohol, and change your lifestyle – sport and active leisure must become your new good habits.

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