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Chinese Herbal Tampons (medical tampons, Clean Point, Beautiful Life) – a simple and affordable way to self-prevention and treatment of many female diseases: intrauterine inflammation, inflammation of the pelvic area, appendages, polycystic, cervical erosion, polyps, infertility, diseases caused by such pathogens as chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Trichomonas (vaginitis, cervicitis, etc.), hemorrhoids, incontinence, cystitis.

Not just in medical practice there were cases, when after a course of application of therapeutic tampons have eliminated the need for operations to remove tumors in the uterus (cysts, fibroids, polyps, etc.) observed fast (half an hour after the start of the application) analgesic effect of medicinal tampons.

Through the use of herbal tampons of the genital organs derived bacteria, viruses and products of their vital activity. Chinese herbal tampon is a small herbal ball, wrapped in cloth, on a string, which, as with the conventional swab with the introduction of the tampon inside the vagina 7 cm, must remain outside and help him then remove.

Composition of Herbal Tampon (Beautiful Life):

  • Angelica, normalizes female hormonal balance and relieving inflammation,
  • resin of the dragon tree, is effective in the treatment of infections and tumors
  • burnaska camphor, which has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect,
  • acacia Catechu – good for reproductive function,
  • lilac, normalizing the menstrual cycle.

The main difference between Medical Tampons from Hygienic Tampons (except composition) lies in the fact that they are introduced for three days. I.e. one swab introduced into the vagina, should stay there for three days. Treatment Chinese tampons consists of three swabs. After removing the first tampon 24 hours you rest, then again for three days, enter a second swab, then rest for 24 hours, etc. That is a total of the course of treatment will last 11 days.

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Chinese Herbal Tampons – How to Use

To start with the application of therapeutic tampons better the first day after the end of menstruation. Anyway, a week before a new menstruation the course of treatment must be completed.

Each time after extraction, another tampon should abundantly to douche with a weak decoction of chamomile. It is necessary to withdraw from the vagina all of the selection that drew off the medicated tampon. If all this is bad take it to a lab for analysis, it will show that your body is cleansed of necrotic substances. The latter, incidentally, does not itself appear. Often, after applying the second swab of the secretions is still more than after the first. It is important to be ready to faint from the sight of everything from what will purify your body.

Chinese medicine for more than 5 thousand years. And, incidentally, a reason this nation is so prolific! Neither this not the best proof that they know how to care about women’s health?

The need for the introduction of the tampon for three days does seem unusual and confusing. But really there is no danger. Because the tampon does not clog the vagina tightly, as his fellow hygienic or Menstrual Cup. Herbal ball is small, and through it will be easy to get the allocation out.

About the violation of microflora of the genital organs after the use of medical swabs and speech can not go, because their action is aimed at its recovery. In fact, phytochemicals, of which, in fact, consists of medical tampon, are antioxidants and antihypoxants. Their action is aimed at neutralizing free radicals and eliminate oxygen starvation of the tissues and cells. All the described processes normalize microcirculation. Herbal tampons are a kind of absorbent, absorbing all the negative microflora, whereby the uterus and other female organs are cleansed and revitalized.

Side effects of Herbal Tampons:

  • So, their usage is prohibited during menstruation and is contraindicated in pregnant women.
  • Virgins use tampons treatment is not recommended for the same reasons as regular tampons.
  • During the course of treatment herbal miracle balls sex life is prohibited, but three hours after extraction of the tampon and douching sexual intercourse will not hurt.
  • Women with increased vaginal dryness, may experience some difficulty and discomfort during insertion of the tampon. To solve this problem, the swab before application can withstand a few minutes in water at room temperature.

Herbal Tampons – Reviews

The therapeutic effect of Chinese herbal tampon is not only with the sexual organs of women, but with the entire endocrine system. As a result, the uterus rejuvenates, improves the skin, leaving dryness and age spots on it, even the wrinkles on the face and body.

Many men have noted an increase in elasticity of the vagina in their partners and increasing their libido after the use of medical swabs.

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