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Hernias in children

Umbilical hernias in infants is congenital or acquired. In the first case it occurs due to the anatomical structure of the body. Many infants observed dysplasia ( underdevelopment ) of the connective tissue: muscles of the anterior abdominal wall is weak, the skin is not sufficiently elastic.

In the second case, the cause of umbilical hernia can be bloating, constipation, frequent and prolonged crying newborn. As a result, the navel ( fibrous ring ) closes too slowly, and thereby creates the prerequisites for the occurrence of hernia.

Symptoms of umbilical hernia in children:

Symptom of umbilical hernia baby is convex seal near the navel, resembling a pea.

Treatment of umbilical hernia in children:

Treatment of umbilical hernia in childrenRange of therapeutic measures is determined depending on the size of the hernia. If the diameter of a “pea” at the kid more than two inches, you should show it to the surgeon such dimensions hernias require a simple surgical intervention. But often the cost of conservative treatment.

First of all, it is necessary to arrange proper nutrition of the child, to deal with colic, as well as to ensure that the baby cried as possible. In addition, the doctor will prescribe specific exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, massage.

Two month old baby necessarily lay on your stomach for at least 2-3 minutes 10-15 times per day. Put it next bright toys that he had a desire to reach them. Give your child a chance to “swim” on a large soft ball, putting it on the ball stomach and lightly swinging in different directions.

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