Infectious diseases

Herpes on the lips and genitals

Herpes simplex Virus is one of the most common viruses. Worldwide this virus is from 65 to 90 percent of people. Herpes is divided into two types: the first type usually cause the appearance of painful sores and blisters on the lips and in the mouth, when the virus of the second type these lesions appear on the genitals and in the anus. In recent years, the most common cause of infection of genital herpes is the herpes of the first type, parageusia during oral sex. Some time later, the bubbles gradually burst and heal.

Symptoms of herpes

Symptoms of herpesMany people may be carriers of the herpes simplex virus and not realize it because it in

It can be:

Molluscum contagiosum

In some cases, asymptomatic. Most of the patients with herpes, with occasional relapses, among whom the disease does not manifest itself. The worsening of the virus can be triggered by hypothermia, by exhaustion, stress, lack of vitamins, low immunity, as well as menstruation in female patients. To date there is no medication that can completely get rid of herpes. The virus remains in the body life, while in the nerve cells. However, there are medicines, allowing to reduce the frequency and decrease the severity of relapses.

Herpes Labial

Also known as herpes virus first type is usually transmitted through skin lesions or saliva. Infection can occur if you use other people’s Cutlery, a toothbrush, kissing, and so on. After infection of painful blisters on the lips, the tongue, gums, inside of the cheeks, and remain two or three weeks. Until bubbles can be felt burning, itching, tingling in the affected area. Even herpes can cause muscle aches and fever.

This virus is incredibly contagious, and most people – the media. However, his symptoms appear only in some. Asymptomatic carriers of virus occur two times more often than patients with the presence of symptoms. Usually, the incubation period lasts from two to twelve days after direct exposure. Infection with herpes virus of the first type most often occurs in childhood.

Genital herpes

Herpes simplex virus of the second type is commonly transmitted sexually. This can happen during vaginal, anal, or oral sex, as well as the touch of skin to skin. It is important to know that infection can occur even if mucous membranes and the skin has no rash or bubbles. Very often people are not even aware that is sick herpes and unknowingly infect their sexual partners. A condom can protect you from genital herpes, however, does not give absolute protection, as the rash may be on the skin not covered by a condom.

Virus genital herpes in men is rarer than women. This fact can be related to the fact that transmission is more from male to female than Vice versa. Also, the expectant mother can transmit the virus to her child during childbirth, which can cause very serious consequences. The risk may increase substantially if the woman is first infected with herpes during pregnancy. If a pregnant woman happens aggravation of genital herpes, she may recommend a cesarean section.

Quite often this disease is unnoticeable and without symptoms, often in the form of a mild rash. But some infected with the painful blisters on the genitals or in the anus. Small wounds and blisters can appear on other parts of the body, but in most cases – below the belt – in the groin, buttocks, rear thighs, lower back and so on.

The very first symptoms of genital herpes in the majority of cases occur within two weeks after Contracting the virus, and can be quite noticeable. Vesicles heal within two weeks to a month. In addition, you may experience symptoms similar to the flu – swollen lymph nodes and fever. In most cases relapses occur four or five times a year, but over time they become less pronounced.


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