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Hiccups in children

Often hiccups in newborns occurs when the baby wants to drink or when he froze. Hiccups also causes trapped air in the stomach during feeding. The muscles of the diaphragm is reduced and the emotional shock – reaction may occur at a loud noise or bright light.

A large amount of food stretches the stomach wall, the diaphragm is reduced, and the newborn starts to hiccup. Prolonged hiccups can indicate inflammation of the lungs, diseases of the stomach, liver and intestines, the injuries of the thorax and spinal cord. Sometimes this problem lead helminthiasis and infectious diseases.

Symptoms of hiccups in newborns:

Symptoms of hiccups in newbornsThe diaphragm, which separates the abdomen from the chest cavity is reduced, the vocal cords are closed, and the result is a characteristic sound. Usually the attacks of hiccups last 10-15 minutes, but sometimes it is delayed for a long time. In the result, the baby can’t breathe, his body does not receive enough oxygen.

Treatment of hiccups in newborns:

Necessarily show the child to the doctor if hiccup is repeated regularly within two weeks. In simpler cases, think about it: if hiccups are the result of improper care of the child? Sometimes it is enough to make a couple of SIPS of water and the problem will disappear.

If kid froze on the walk, immediately go home and immediately attach it to the chest. And in order to get rid of stomach air, take the infant in his arms and hold vertically, patting on the back. Iskusstvennikh we need to find the nipple.

And in any case do not overfeed the baby. It is not necessary to invite house guests, if the newborn greets strangers with a loud cry and starts to hiccup.

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