Blood pressure

High blood pressure – what to do?

High blood pressure puts our lives in danger, makes the person dependent on drugs and doctors. Typically, we will coraima with the disease, on medication, because nothing can change.

And you can change your habits and try to defeat this disease and add years of life.

Hypertension is the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart failure. As a rule, modern drugs reduce the risk of these complications and prolong life. But the medicine that the doctor attributed, not always omnipotent .

In addition to medications the doctors call for correction of the diet and lifestyle. Observing certain rules, you can reduce high blood pressure and therefore the risk of complications. Because this treatment is free, but requires great willpower.

What to do for high blood pressure?

If increased heart pressure, what to do?

Nutrition is a very important rule for hypertension. Healing diet is very effective not only at high pressure, but also diabetes, gastric ulcer.

Reduce meat days, 1 — 2 a week will be enough. Replace animal foods sea food ,fish, dairy products. Try to use vegetable oils when cooking: sunflower oil, olive oil.

Soups it is better to cook in vegetable broth, but if you don’t give up the meat and bone, then remove the top layer of fat. Remember that animal fats fill the blood vessels of plaque and vegetable oil cleaning them.

Need healthy fats a day is not always possible to cover the food, so you need to use dietary supplements that have polyunsaturated fatty acids, stanol and plant sterols. It is better to consult a doctor, that he has appointed the right supplements.

Be sure to eat every day complex carbohydrates and simple minimize. The most important complex carbohydrates pectin is that they relieve the body of cholesterol. 30 grams of pectin per day reduces cholesterol by 11 %, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Foods for high blood pressure:

  • apples — the main source;
  • plum
  • pears
  • apricot
  • quince
  • plum
  • legumes;
  • juices with pulp;
  • finished products — Supplement E440.

And dried fruit pectin increases by 10 times.

If increased blood pressure what to do — of course to diet to eat right.

What to do for high blood pressure?

1) Limit sweet, this will help reduce the risk of obesity. After all, every kilogram person adds 2 mm Hg to his pressure.

2) Most difficult part for many is to limit salt. If you eat in a day, one teaspoon of salt is about 5g, the pressure will decrease by 9 mm Hg. Of course nedolivat food is difficult enough, but what can you do for your health. You can use salt substitutes because they sodium is reduced by potassium.

This salt is less harmful, but bitter, try to throw it in the food after cooking.

3) Everyone knows that traffic is life, but over the years the desire disappears because of diseases, lack of time, excess weight problems, laziness. We are bound to our chair or car seat .

And just 4 minutes ‘ walk a day reduces the risk of hypertension by 10 times.

The easiest way to spend lunch time in the fresh air. If you go on the transport, get off 2 stops early, walk or try to walk in the evenings.

To physical activity were useful, the heart rate needs to increase by 50% from maximum:

Heart rate during physical exercise = heart rate at rest +(220-age heart rate at rest) multiply by 0.55.

How to self-treat high blood pressure?

What to do for high blood pressure1) Even in healthy people, the lack of sleep increases the development of hypertension by 40 percent. If you sleep less than five hours, complications for cardiovascular disease doubles. This daytime sleep does not compensate for this watch. So sleep should be scheduled. Try to go to bed before midnight, as the time from ten in the evening till morning the best for rest and recuperation.

2) Crisis, trauma, trouble, blow — all this leads to stress, the closer to the heart you perceive problems, thereby shortening life. Try each problem find but a small proportion of the positive, think happy ending and most importantly believing in him.

Always ask for help from family, friends, share your problems and you will get better. If necessary, visit your doctor, because there are times when even the strong person is not able to cope.

Useful to Stress soulful singing, good songs or chocolates.

3) Owners of the alcohol and tobacco industries make huge fortunes on addictions. And fans of alcoholic beverages and Smoking paying their health.

Smoking and excessive alcohol drinking increases heart attack and stroke threefold. People quit in the first year of quitting Smoking reduce complications of hypertension twice. And after 10 years the risk for cardiovascular disease will be the same as that of non-smokers.

Conclusion: our body is amazing and has the ability to heal itself. Don’t underestimate this, relying only on medication and pills. Especially now you know what to do for high blood pressure.

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