How not to be afraid of childbirth

Just imagine now, little time remains before the promised date to the long-awaited birth of the baby, and a young woman so much you want to feel happy mom, but fear of childbirth may not give rest to interfere with sleep and bring to nervous breakdowns. Incredible anxious thoughts, constant worrying or feeling rampant fear is probably the most common feeling among all yet pregnant women. However, doctors say that it is not necessary so strongly to worry in vain, believe me, everything will be perfect, and very soon you will be able to see this. And we, in turn, will add to this effort and will try to help you to overcome fears and anxiety so that your baby can see at birth, happy and totally relaxed mommy.

And certainly, all these nine months of the current pregnancy you have been able to learn a lot. For example, to maintain a correct, healthy lifestyle, eat foods rich in vitamins, walk daily naturally in the fresh air, nature and, last but not least, you have learned to understand and great to feel their own body. Actually that is why, in any birth, the woman will directly depend on personal feelings and a certain mood. Just try to listen to his body to his mind, and, of course, try to understand what exactly specifically are you afraid of? And most importantly, can you do something? We will try to help you a little in this. To start, understand that you are afraid of severe pain or you are afraid of the unknown. Well, if you try to learn about the process of labor activity more, it’s likely that your fears are completely pass? Agree if the fears and will not vanish entirely, believe me, perhaps aware of the essence of the process, you will be able to manage their fears, and they will become not so big! So actually, let us first point to deal with fear of childbirth, set it to full awareness, and most importantly the clarity and accuracy of the information.

How is the birth of a child?

How is the birth of a childBelieve me, after studying this process of childbirth, as they say from the letter a, and to the letter I, you definitely will cease to fear that by chance be able to miss the beginning of contractions, futile, childbirth, or it’s not going to be able to recognize real bout, say, confuse them with false contractions, suddenly will not understand, and went water, etc. What is more, typically the birth process itself subdivided into three distinct phases.

Do not worry, bout you can hardly something to confuse. Because contractions are the first and quite a long stage of labour, which can last up to ten or fourteen hours. As the start of the fight described in detail here. Remember that once your contractions will increase over time and will become more intense and longer lasting, you can state the fact that finally came the second stage of your birth, in fact when in speed will have the full attempts. By the way, are themselves attempts will not be as painful as the contractions were so afraid of them just not worth it. However, in this period it is extremely important to accurately perform all the instructions from the physician, midwife, and other medical personnel, it is very important to correctly breathe in and exhale air and believe, then your birth process will be easy and quickly. And here, at last the happiness of your child is already born, and after him went the placenta, this is the third stage of labour, after which genera are almost finished.

Of course, we tried to describe all the stages are very short, but the essence of this process, I think, were quite clear. Understand all that you will need during childbirth is best to relax, but not to turn off the brain and hearing, it is important to listen to specialists midwives and as we have said to breathe correctly. It would be very nice if you will be able constantly to anticipate the joy of the upcoming meeting with your child. Additionally, to prevent panic, we advise you to learn to breathe properly and we even dedicate this lesson, the next item on our publication.

Basics of proper breathing during labor

Definitely once having mastered the technique of proper breathing during childbirth, the woman will be able to fully control the birth process itself, and of course the woman will not get lost during childbirth and not to panic, but it’s extremely important. And imagine it is important primarily because up until the baby is in the womb, the obligation to supply it with oxygen almost completely depends on you. This issue is constantly taught in the schools for future moms and dads, and in hospitals too. The very first thing you, as a future mother must learn is the rule that will need to breathe as slowly and as deeply as possible meant during strong contractions. Naturally, to the moment of childbirth, the contractions will become more frequent, and with the breath is also going to increase.

Next let’s try a little to rehearse how you will breathe in time childbirth.

For a start, take the most comfortable position and at the same time try to relax. Then as slowly and as deeply inhale, then exhale calmly air, without holding the breath. This breath can either help you to feel a certain harmony in childbirth and feel in this period most calm and relaxed.

Now you can gradually increased his breath. Gradually go to as often as possible, but deep breath, imagine as if you are literally just finished a long sports Jogging. Such rapid breathing can help you much easier to move the whole process is full of fights and futile, as this will help to save the woman power for the most demanding stage of labor.

Next, try to breathe in the most superficial way, but at the same time often. Remember, this is the type of breathing completely prevents anoxia your baby. Only important to know what to breathe, that way too for a long time is strongly discouraged, though, because you can with this breath dizziness.

And in conclusion some time alternate breathing through the nose and out through the mouth. So most deeply inhale the nose the air, and then quickly exhale it through your mouth, then try to do everything exactly the opposite. But to you it was more relaxed in the nursing home, ask your husband will join you at birth, especially if he himself wishes to be present at the birth of his baby. Next, let’s talk about the help of my husband more, dedicating this next paragraph struggle with fear that occur in women before childbirth.

Support the husband or relatives during childbirth

It is extremely important to remember that the woman in no case should not be left alone with such prenatal fears. Just share your concerns with the family and loved ones. For example, talk about this with your husband, especially if you have a dream that her husband was near during the upcoming birth. Try to explain to my husband how important it is for you his understanding. After all, statistics say that most women are more comfortable giving birth in the presence of loved ones and the birth process with the support of loved ones, these women carry easier. And when, instead of the husband immediately at birth is the mother of the woman – believe me this is also a wonderful option. Agree who, as neither the mother will be able to better understand and support their child, even a grown-up, who else but Mama will easily survive such responsible for women are constantly reassuring and encouraging your child? In General, specifically if you feel that you together with your family member’s birth will be a little easier – immediately will solve this issue with doctors because it is not a serious problem.

How do not fear childbirth

How do not fear childbirthIn addition, the communication and discussion of existing fears such as pregnant women, future mothers, like yourself, can also help to dispel all doubts. This communication also helps to get a lot of practical advice about how better to unwind and relax. Well, and in order to be able to raise your own vitality directly before childbirth, modern psychologists are strongly recommended to make use of and even such simple advice. Namely:

Try during pregnancy to wear only bright and comfortable clothing.
Try more often to buy the house with fresh flowers that you love.
As often as you can enjoy foot massage or back, which may perform and your husband, and professional massage therapist.

Periodically drink mild sedative charges herbs, keep only, what would such herbs you have no allergies.
Often arrange a Spa break or Spa therapy, inhale the essential oils that you like let it be lavender or something that just soothes.

And in conclusion we would like to note that women’s childbirth is a normal, completely natural process, which was laid in a woman’s body by nature, in fact that is why it would be better to let it go and fully trust your body. And most importantly be confident in yourself, because nature created us in the best way – and everything must be great.

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