How to bathe a newborn

So, today we will talk about such necessary, and at the same time to enjoy the process as bathing a newborn baby. 5-10 years ago the doctors were of the opinion that to bathe the baby is only after fully heal his umbilical wound, that is 10-15 days after discharge from the maternity hospital. Today, young mothers are advised to start swimming right from the day of his arrival home. Therefore, if the neonatologist in the maternity house gave the green light, then all is safely gathered in, and boldly proceed to first bathing procedures in your child’s life.

What to cook for bathing a newborn?

What to cook for bathing a newbornTo bathe a baby the first few months of his life better in a special children’s bath. Water should have a temperature of 36-38 degrees. You can add a few crystals of potassium permanganate, pre-diluted in a glass of water – it disinfects the water and prevent the ingress of microbes in the still unhealed umbilical wound of the child.

In addition, bathing you will need baby soap or gel, soft sponge foam, flannel or Terry cloth towel, powder or oil for the skin that you want to use after washing.

Note that the temperature of the air in the bathroom should also be quite high, 25-26 degrees.

Now, immerse the baby in the water. Need to support the child’s back and neck so that his head was above the surface. It’s also handy to use while bathing a special slide – this will free your hands while bathing. If the child is not naughty, then you can let it soak in water for 10-15 minutes (this is the approximate time, which is enough in the first weeks of a child’s life, then the procedure of bathing can be extended up to 20-30 minutes).

After taking a bath, wash the child. To do this, gently massage his body with a sponge with soapy foam, avoiding soap on the genitals and face. The child’s head wash last but not least, rejecting her back so that the soap got in my eyes. In the end the kid watered with warm water from a pitcher (not from the shower!) and wrap in towel.

What to do after bathing the child?

What to do after bathing the childLay your baby on the changing table or crib and gently wipe it. Should not be too hard to RUB the delicate baby skin, just slightly wet. Then with a cotton swab blot the navel of the baby. If your doctor insists on handling the umbilical wound antiseptics, it does not need any grease.

After that, a cotton swab, gently blot ear passages child. It is impossible that after bathing in them remained water – this can lead to inflammation.

Before you wear a baby diaper, use a powder or a special baby cream – this will help avoid diaper rash.

If your child likes the process of bathing, it is possible to carry out the procedure every day. If he cries during washing, it will be enough to bathe him in the tub 2-3 times a week and other days just to wipe his body with a wet napkin.

The first few days the mother is best to wash your child’s assistant, and having been accustomed, she will easily be able to cope.
I hope that these tips will make bathing your baby in a fun, and my mom it will be given with ease!

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