Conception of a child

How to conceive a boy

Since ancient times people tried in advance to program and / or to determine what sex the baby is born. In particular, there were a great many omens, rituals and beliefs, which testified to the fact that is born it is a boy.

People have long tried to identify the sex of the baby. Many people have any understanding of what the sex of the child depends directly from the father. Due to the belief that different testes is the seed that conceives children of different gender, became the custom to tie up one testicle. At the same time began to apply the methods of folk medicine: herbs, decoctions of them, the adjustment.

Nowadays there are numerous methods to have a baby boy. But, unfortunately, and not surprisingly, most of them very different from the methods that were used by our ancestors, even though we already have the scientific evidence.

However, it should be said that all the ways to conceive a boy, who is known for today, do not give 100% guarantee. They can only increase the chance that the light will be exactly the boy. Therefore, if they helped, says it’s not about their absolute performance. Because all people are different and for each case there are many factors that must be taken into account.

Calendar method for conceiving a boy

How to conceive a boyThe most reliable and confirmed by research scientists is called the calendar method, that is, the child’s sex on ovulation. It is quite simple, but at the same time troublesome. This method consists in that the Y sperm are more effective, but live on less than the X-sperm.
It turns out that in the case of intercourse on the day of ovulation and for 10-20 hours before it occurs more chances to conceive a boy. In other words, for the birth of his son need to conception was the day when ovulation occurs, but not later than days after.

Genetics and heredity in the conception of a boy

As mentioned above, the sex of the child depends primarily on men. According to scientists, it’s all in the DNA and chromosomes. Initially, the child gets DNA from both parents and from my dad and mom – 2 chromosomes. However, women have the same chromosomes are XX and men are different – XY. Therefore, the sex of the baby depends on which chromosome is the sperm that will fertilize the egg. Hence for a baby boy the sperm must be chromosome Y.

Influence poses during intercourse

In addition, there are other conditions which must be followed for a baby boy. In particular, important even pose, which is the same conception. Based on the fact that the Y chromosome long-lived but slow to respond, you need to have sex in positions that significantly reduce the path of the sperm to the egg.

Therefore, the main principle in this situation: the deeper, the better. That’s why most optimal posture for a baby boy is “woman on top” or “the man behind”. In addition, necessarily, need to sex the woman felt the orgasm. Because when you orgasm the vagina occurs alkaline environment, which is not very suitable X-sperm.

In addition to conceiving a boy for some time prior to sexual intercourse and during it you want the room was cool. Besides, the man is highly desirable to take a cold shower. This is because at high temperature the Y-chromosome can be killed.

Conceiving a boy: diet, nutrition and diet women

A few months before planned conception, a woman needs to sit on a special diet. The diet have to include:

  • any meats and sausages, smoked meats and pickles;
  • any fish from exotic seafood is desirable to give;
  • eggs only protein;
  • mineral water, coffee and tea is not strong, while mineral water with calcium and milk is not desirable to drink.
  • cereals (rice, semolina, and so on). Cannot pastries milk;
  • vegetables (potatoes, peas, beans, lentils), is contraindicated salad, dill, green beans;
  • any fruit (oranges, peaches, apples, and so on);
  • all types of nuts and seeds;
  • mushrooms;
  • dried fruit (prunes, apricots, figs).

Numerology in the conception of a boy

To find out the sex of the baby, you are making the following calculations: if the date of birth of the mother falls on an odd day, therefore, the ideal time to conceive a boy will be even. Or in other words: all numbers, dates of birth mothers are added, then also daddy. Then both numbers added and published date, more suitable for a baby boy.

How to conceive a boy on the Lunar calendar
How to conceive a boy calendar

To determine the conception of a boy can be at the annual lunar calendar. In other words, to plan the gender of the baby, it is very important to know the sign, at the moment of conception, which is the moon. According to astrologers, for a baby boy auspicious days, when the moon is in Libra, Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini or Leo.

In addition, scholars argue that the sex of the child depends on the age of the woman and the serial number of the month. Therefore, if the number of years even, in even-numbered months, a woman can conceive a girl, the odd – boy.

IVF – effective means to conceive a boy?

Thanks to modern technology, including conception, namely, in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be left in the uterus only one embryo of a specific gender.

This is true, in particular, when the genus of one of the parents has a genetic disease that is passed on to a certain line, that is, female or male, and you want to avoid this disease in the child.

In other situations directly to conceive a boy to do IVF is not desirable: first, very expensive, and secondly, it makes no sense.

How to Conceive a Boy

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