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How to conceive twins

According to statistics, every year an increasing number appearing on light twins and triplets. According to doctors, this is because most women from an early age use contraceptives and various hormonal means. Moreover, today many women are trying to cure infertility methods which is stimulation of the ovaries, and uses IVF. As a consequence, born two and more children.

Twins – what are Gemini

The birth of twins depends only on the nature. The main thing you need to do man, is to create favorable conditions for its birth. It turns out that twins are different. Monozygotic or identical twins are the result of division of a fertilized egg into two identical embryos with identical genes and appearance.

Therefore, dizygotic twins, or twins, obtained by the fertilization of two different eggs and two different sperm. Such twins in the world, a great many, because it’s much easier to conceive. However, this pregnancy is not inherited. By the way, fraternal twins are formed even at the time of ovulation, when at the same time go out and ripen several fertilized eggs, which are found with the male sperm. Usually, the body’s ability to produce multiple eggs in one cycle of ovulation is transmitted only through the female line. That is, if grandma women gave birth to twins of different sexes, then her chances of having twins increases.

How to conceive twinsIt should be said that in the world there is no 100% method that guarantees the childbirth of twins. However, there are ways that stimulate ovulation and promote the release of multiple eggs. Before you start to use them, be sure to consult with your doctor to pass the necessary examinations and tests.

Thus, the doctor will determine the ability of a woman to conceive and to bear twins, and at the same time and prescribe the course of taking special drugs or other means affecting women’s ovulatory cycle. In no case can not be used alone, because they have many side effects and uncontrolled use of very hazardous to health.

How to make twins were born?

One of the main factors in the conception of the twins is genetics. In particular, the number of chances to give birth to twins increases women that have twins in the family through the maternal line.

However, if the woman really wants to give birth to two kids, and her genetics can do it, then sometimes it helps to find a partner, in whose family were twins.

In addition, it is known, after treatment of abnormalities of ovulation increases the chances of having twins. It interferes with the process of ovulation. It is treated by means of which follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). This drug stimulates ovulation, and in particular the emergence of two eggs.

How to make twins were bornMany doctors argue that the development of two or more eggs contributes to suppression of FSH by the action of oral hormonal contraceptives, after the abolition of which ovulation is restored twice.

Why after IVF appear mostly twins and triplets? The fact is that in vitro fertilization doctors are trying to grow more eggs, so to speak, in reserve, because some of them are unable to survive after extraction. In addition, not all eggs will be able to live in vitro and undergo fertilization. That’s why for more warranty does fertilize multiple eggs, and then the desire of the mother leave one or all of them.

However, these factors are not the main methods of conceiving twins. Despite the fact that doctors refer to the methods of folk medicine skeptical, there are couples who say that they really helped.
conceiving twins or twins

For example, for a couple of months before conception it is necessary every day to take folic acid. However, immediately stop Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. In your daily diet, you should add dairy products, nuts, whole grains and eggs and yams, which stimulates the ovaries and the development of more than one egg during ovulation.

In addition, it is proved that you should eat a lot of yams, or sweet potatoes. It is known that in families, tribes, where the basis of the diet was Yam, a large number of twins and twins.

According to psychologists, an effective way is self-hypnosis. For example, you need to present yourself a 40 year old woman. Because in 20-30 years of age, the woman’s chances to conceive twins naturally is 3%, while in 40 years they grow to 6%.

By the way, if a woman already give birth to children, then her chances of conceiving twins increases significantly. It is believed that this is due to the excessive weight gain that occurs after birth.

In addition, it is believed that much easier to get pregnant with twins the breastfeeding mothers who do not take contraceptives.

But whatever it was, only one embryo develops or two, it’s still the most beloved and long-awaited miracle in the world!

How to Get Pregnant with Twins

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