How to determine ovulation

Almost every healthy woman has in mind childbearing age, normal ovulation should occur on a Your period basis and in approximately the middle of each menstrual cycle. However, not each of the women has given it a fact or phenomenon at least some value. And only then when it is discovered that the woman just does not work for a long time to get pregnant, the first thing that a woman will need to do is be able to determine your ovulation.

Ovulation is called the process output is already ripe for a complete fertilization of the egg directly from the follicle. It is quite clear that without the full ovulation about the likelihood of successfully conceiving a baby and questionable. And be it natural or artificial insemination, pre Mature egg will be needed in any case. Actually that is why when planning their pregnancy, many women are trying to clearly define your own ovulation. Women interested in the question if it comes at all, if it is, how regularly, and even when this happens. Such data allow us to choose the woman most suitable moment for the next sexual intercourse, the main purpose of which is the birth of your baby.

Correctly identify the female ovulation may be several different ways. And depending on each specific situation doctors to choose one or the other of these ways, and often combine a variety of ways between him, this need for greater efficiency and reliability.

However, regardless of whether was your menstrual cycle stringent regularity or not, your ovulation if it is, of course, what happens, always has to come in twelve or sixteen days before the beginning of next month. And it was at this period a woman can often experience dramatically increased libido and sometimes feel quite typical pain directly in the lower abdomen, right in the area of the ovaries – it may be some stretching, though slightly tingling sensation.

How to determine ovulationYes and vaginal discharge during ovulation period is usually markedly increased in number and tend to be thicker and even thick. You can sometimes even be seen in such small allocations, but it is quite obvious streaks of blood. But immediately after the occurrence of ovulation total number of mucus significantly and abruptly decreases.

Standard pelvic exam

As you understand to identify the onset of female ovulation can only be experienced by a qualified gynecologist naturally in face-to-face examination of the woman. It is in these days a woman is observed in the so-called medicine “symptom of the pupil”. Directly with a standard examination of the cervix of the woman in the lumen always found quite viscous, but still transparent mucus. And if this mucus to capture ordinary tweezers, it can be seen as such will be stretched directly between the ends of the tweezers literally a few inches.

Standard measurement of basal temperature

Ovulation FemaleThis method for determining the onset of ovulation applied in our medicine for many generations and, moreover, is characterized by a high degree of accuracy. This method is that the woman needs daily to measure basal (mean rectal) temperature. And after each measurement to build a special graph based on all received data. These measurements will be the most common mercury thermometer, and every morning and preferably in one and the same time, while the woman did not even get up from his bed. However, it is extremely important that your sleep lasted for not less than six hours. And almost any of the external factors that can really affect the final results of this review and even a little distort them, because data must be clearly marked when entering these data in the graph. Such circumstances might include drinking alcoholic beverages before, active sexual intercourse as well just before the next measurement, and even change your microclimatic conditions in the room. Similarly affect these graphics are capable of too short duration female night’s sleep, acute or chronic inflammation in her urinary system, a sharp increase in body temperature that occurs on the background of some infectious diseases, and even taking certain medicines (which contain hormones), and sometimes transferred on the eve of stress.

Phase ovulation

Typically, the final results of the generated graph are evaluated on the basis of available indicators, well, at least, taken from three menstrual cycles, with a row. Curve such as basal temperature will show you the improvement of existing indicators, and 0.5 or even 0.6 degrees almost after each of your ovulation. But then the temperature should be maintained at such slightly elevated levels until your next period. In the same case, if it falls a lot sooner than ten days after ovulation, the doctor, though indirectly but will be able to judge certain lack of the hormone progesterone, which in fact may be the real reason for habitual miscarriage of the baby. The preservation of such measurements at their high levels, and longer than two weeks and the complete absence of your next menstruation, it can be real evidence, only that in pregnancy.

If you yourself are such a schedule of basal temperature, you will definitely be able to notice that on the day of ovulation rate will decrease by 0.4 or a maximum of 0.6 degrees. And, of course, this period is considered to be the most favorable and the most real to make so necessary for conception intercourse. Therefore, try to get it in this period.

Ovulation tests

Ovulation testsComfortable enough and today quite common method to determine ovulation is regular home ovulation test for the occurrence of ovulation. This test works on the principle of the same test, but pregnancy, only here the reagents will react sharply elevated levels of so-called luteinising hormone (or LH). The total concentration of luteinising hormone in women can dramatically increase immediately before the occurrence of the next ovulation. If your test shows exactly two fairly bright stripes, this means that female fertility reaches its maximum and this is the best time for that would make the conception of a baby.

This test ovulation it is possible to buy almost any nearest pharmacy (and the pricing of these funds as the most diverse). Only now conduct such testing should be exactly in the course of the day and not at all with your first portion of urine after sleep, as is usually done with standard tests to determine pregnancy. Often the woman has to repeat this procedure for several days in a row, since-until you have to fix the same increased level already known to us luteinising hormone directly in the urine of women. It would be better to conduct such testing is always strictly one and the same time, and it needs to get much more authentic and real data.

There is another method that can be used in normal domestic conditions, which in addition will be different still quite high accuracy performance is, of course, the use of a powerful microscope. Such special microscopes specifically for these tests it is possible to buy almost any drug store – they are quite powerful, quite compact and very comfortable.

The main point of this test will consist in the following. Just before expected ovulation General condition, and composition of the saliva of any woman a few change of course under the influence of the hormone estrogen. And, of course, it is quite possible to see under the microscope is pre-dried saliva usually perfectly crystallizes, thus forming a strictly specific figure. But for carrying out the required test must be applied to clean glass literally drop of your saliva (obligatory in the morning and on an empty stomach) and just wait until it dries completely. Then you will need to consider all this under the microscope: the picture that will remind you of a fern leaf, and is a real Testament to the onset of your ovulation. Moreover, both before and after ovulation, this effect will not be viewed while on the glass will be visible only completely randomly scattered and even blurred dots.

Technique ultrasound
We can say that the most accurate and the most efficient method that can accurately determine the onset of ovulation, is, perhaps, a standard ultrasound. Moreover, in some specific cases, the doctor can actually see the very moment of your eggs directly from its follicle. The method of ultrasound allows you to define so-called dominant follicle refers to the potential for full maturation. But the real harbinger of the onset of ovulation can safely assume a sharp increase of this follicle size up to 18 or 20 mm, which is immediately after the occurrence of ovulation simply disappears, but in its place have already formed the so-called yellow body.

As a rule, to determine the exact moment of ovulation ultrasound try to have 2 or even 3 days before its possible estimated start and then every other day after it is complete. In addition, at irregular erratic menstrual cycle medics begin the study with approximately the tenth day of the cycle and try to repeat every 2 or 3 days.

Research on the biochemical composition of the blood
This method to determine ovulation is considered the most expensive and the most inconvenient, because it is usually necessary to take a blood test for hormones. And directly to clearly determine the date of ovulation, this method is truly in the most extreme and rare cases. However, to conduct such biochemical research doctors use it when it is extremely important to determine the exact level of hormones in the blood of women, for example, to establish whether it is possible in particular women the onset of ovulation in principle. Naturally, when planning a pregnancy this can occur often.

How to determine ovulation tests
How to determine ovulation testsIt should also be noted that this “hormonal” a method for determining the occurrence of ovulation can be true only under the condition of constant and regular menstrual cycle of the woman. And blood tests have, unfortunately, on several occasions, and so throughout your cycle.

We can say that the most reliable of the available symptoms preceding the onset of your ovulation, and it comes in approximately 18 to a maximum of 36 hours, is the sharp increase in the level of so-called LH (or luteinising hormone) and FSH (or follicle-stimulating hormone). However indirectly, about past ovulation can tell you quite a sharp increase in levels of the hormone progesterone, which occurs already in the middle of the second phase of your menstrual cycle.

It should also be said that some women in investorom cycle (this cycle when ovulation may not occur) may be recorded and a slight increase in the total number of male sex hormones, and sometimes a significant reduction in the female sex hormone – estrogen. It should also be remembered that the presence of ovulation could be judged by the level of hormones secreted by the thyroid gland as well as the level of the hormone prolactin (usually produced only by the pituitary gland).

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