Pregnancy test

How to determine pregnancy without a test

Every woman wants to determine pregnancy in the early stages. And each of it has its reasons: someone is suspected plunges shock, and someone looked forward to the minimal hints of pregnancy. Fortunately, there are many methods to diagnose pregnancy and to confirm their own guesses.

The most reliable, fast and best of them is the test to determine pregnancy. They are inexpensive, easy to use, available in the pharmacy and astonishingly varied: test strips, interactive, electronic, digital, inkjet. If there is no test that can measure the basal temperature. This method is more reliable than test, so you can start with him. More precisely you define gynecologist.

But what to do when no gynecologist, no test, no stores are not at hand? To do this, look closely to the body, to the ongoing changes. Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week and first month – will give you an opportunity in the house to find the answer to an important question: does inside someone? It should be remembered that this is only indirect signs, so they should not be perceived as the final result.

If you do not feel any symptoms of pregnancy, and test them mentioned methods, and a suspected pregnancy after all you have to do the old grandmother’s way. To do this, lie on your back, relax, and laying his finger to his navel, to feel whether there is a pulse. If there is a surge inside the navel – you are pregnant, if not, then pregnancy. To believe such a diagnosis is only your decision. However, you can verify.

Determine Pregnancy Without a Test – The First Signs

1. Delay of menstruation. of Course, this happens in many pregnant women, however, from that moment makes sense to search for other symptoms. If monthly went to term. and nothing unusual was observed, but there are other signs of an interesting situation, it is likely that their origin is not associated with pregnancy.

In very rare cases, menstruation can go and during pregnancy, approximately every 4-5 weeks, but it’s just a little spotting. If it starts bleeding, it means only one thing — a miscarriage.

Doctors can diagnose pregnancy in the examination only after 2-3 weeks delay. At that time, the uterus grows to the point that it is already possible to draw conclusions.

2. Morning sickness. Nausea and vomiting. This is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. However, it occurs not in every woman.

3. Pain in the mammary glands. this symptom is Most informative for women, never facing the breast and thinking about how to determine pregnancy without a test. It so happens that the chest even touch impossible. By the way, Breasts are a feature of pregnancy to increase 1-2 sizes. Nipples become oversensitive. Sometimes even in the early stages of them begins to stand colostrum when gently pressed. However, if you’re not both Breasts, but only one of them, and in any particular region, then there is reason to suspect pathology of the mammary glands.

How to Determine Pregnancy Without a Test4. Pain in the uterus area or (and) ovarian. This pain is very similar to that experienced by many ladies before and during the first days of menstruation. By the way, noticed this symptom, the girls in the first place and start to think that the cause of the pain is about the upcoming month which is almost here. However, bleeding did not occur, and mild periodic pain persists. However, sometimes this sign indicates a dangerous pathology like ectopic pregnancy. So, pondering on how to determine pregnancy according to the temperature, without a test, or for any symptoms in the home are useful when more is less-reliable signs of pregnancy, need to quickly contact a doctor.?

5. The increase in secretions of the genital organs. this Usually occurs during ovulation. Highlight transparent and odorless. If there is a whitish hue or structure of the discharge becomes cheesy, we can already suspect and thrush, which, incidentally, is also quite common in pregnant women. But only in this case without treatment is not enough. In the period of carrying a baby need to best protect your body from any, even such “easy” diseases. Any infection during pregnancy is dangerous.

6. Strengthening or on the contrary decreased libido. every woman there is a jump in libido or in one or the other side. This is due to hormonal changes in the body. So, the male gender need to take things easier, they are not less loved, just that their woman is preparing to become a mother.

7. Irritability, drowsiness, tearfulness, and other such “feminine” emotions. When the night suddenly begins to want pineapple, and fish. By the way, any such wish can be not just a whim. For example, on the side where you want, when the body lacks of vitamin C. Chew wall willing girls with calcium deficiency. And sniff petrol in case of iron deficiency, anemia. Drowsiness also suggests that it’s time to give your body rest, after all, now two meet.

8. More frequent urination. and not Like the heat, and drink you no longer steel, but for some reason in a toilet “on-small” pull to go more often. Cystitis? No, pain when urinating but I still got a stomach ache. So, it’s time to look for the answer to the question of how to determine pregnancy at home. This phenomenon is associated with some relaxation of the sphincter of the bladder due again to hormonal changes. And it’s almost all 9 months, so be prepared!

9. The increase in body temperature along with basal temperature increases. Yes, this happens outside of disease. Low-grade fever is unpleasant, but it needs to survive. Especially because it increases, as a rule, only in the first month of pregnancy.

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