Pregnancy test

How to determine the pregnancy to delay menstruation

A pregnancy test is an accurate method to refute or confirm their suspicions of pregnancy in the house. It is quite reliable, affordable and easy to use. But what if the delay to wait long, and you need to know now. There are many signs of pregnancy that can be you.

However, there are enough reliable methods to determine pregnancy:
Ultrasound is the most accurate way, and it can also exclude pathological pregnancy. The procedure is done in a vagina or female front abdominal wall. However, one should not misuse ultrasound, as early in pregnancy as it can cause unwanted miscarriage.

Laboratory analysis on specific hormone – detection in the urine of women HCG, which is produced immediately in the Bud, and then in the placenta. HCG detected in the urine on the second day after the embryo is implanted in the uterine lining. On the tenth week of pregnancy there is the maximum of its secretion. However, the hormone may be present in the urine of women and diseases.

How to determine the pregnancyComplex and at the same time the correct diagnosis of pregnancy is built on the measurement of the amount of hormones in the female body the laboratory method. In this situation, you need to donate blood C of Vienna. As a result you can find out the date of possible pregnancy. This method diagnoses a pregnancy already ten days after fertilization.

Measurement of basal temperature. She always reduced before the beginning of the cycle. However, during pregnancy it rises. How is it done? Medical thermometer is inserted to a depth of two centimeters into the rectum for 5-6 minutes right after you Wake up, not rising from bed. If the temperature is consistently larger than 37 degrees, it is a sign of pregnancy.

The usual tests with high sensitivity can diagnose pregnancy already on the tenth day after fertilization.

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