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FAQ: How to Do a Push Up Correctly

To help you get the maximum benefit from this program, I have compiled a list of answers to 20 most common questions covering topics such as proper technique, frequency of training, getting rid of excess weight, rest, recovery, etc. in addition, in this section you will find recommendations for running the auxiliary exercises, a description of the likely changes during the execution of the program and know what to do if you has a hard time with traditional push up.

Push Up can greatly affect the development of a number of muscles. Here mostly are due to the chest muscles and arms. From that, how are you going to do Push Up, depends on which muscle group you will upload. Well, for example, if you do Push Up with wide hands, it is natural that the emphasis will be on chest muscles. If you stand on the fists, arms spread out at shoulder width apart and do Push Up, then upload you shoulder muscles and triceps. If my leg, for example, on a chair, and hands to stand on the floor and do Push Up, emphasis will be made on the upper part of the chest muscles, if you do the opposite – to put the hands above the feet, it is injected is the lower part of the chest muscles. In General, everything in this spirit. It seems to be a simple exercise, but the performance of it is incredible.

How to do push Up correctly – questions and answers

Can I do Push Up every day instead of three times a week?

No. It is very important to give the body time to recover after intensive exercise. During exercise muscle tissue is destroyed, but during the holidays it time to recover. Daily load on the muscles will interfere with the recovery process and slow down your progress. In order to recover and to adapt to the load gained during strength training, the body needs 48 hours. Don’t forget that.

My progress stopped and I can no longer increase the number of Push Up. What happened?

After an impressive force at the initial stage of the program body may need a break. Stick to the plan, believe the numbers — and soon you will resume the journey towards the coveted hundred Push Up. In addition, during training, and keep breathing. Holding the breath deprives you of the ability to perform Push Up technically correct, so it should be avoided.

During the push UPS hurt my wrists. What you need to do?

Try to perform push up on my knuckles. Then the body weight will fall not on the palm and on the knuckles, and it will allow to avoid tension in the wrists. Just remember to put fists under a soft Mat or folded towel.

Do I Have to touch the breast sex while performing Push Up?

Technically correctly stop when the chest is 3-5 inches from the floor. Benefit from touch breast sex no. Instead, ensure that it is in the phase of lowering the angle of bending of the hands at the elbow was 90 degrees.

How fast you need to perform Push Up?

Push Up need to be performed in a slow, measured pace. Instead of jerking up and down, you should try to fully control the lowering and lifting of the body. Roughly each phase (movement up and down) should last a couple of seconds.

How to breathe correctly when performing Push Up?

It is important to inhale while lowering and exhale while lifting. Performing the exercises, be careful not to hold your breath. Try to breathe rhythmically.

How to keep your head?

The head should be kept in the neutral position, i.e. not to look forward or down at your navel. Traditional army style Push Up require you to send look forward, but I believe that this head position causes excessive muscle tension neck.

Can I pause between Push Up if I start to get tired?

To make a short pause to catch his breath permitted, but such respite can only be in the upper position. Do not turn off your elbows, keep your buttocks up and hold your elbows on the floor for support.

I can’t do any Push Up in a traditional style. What do I do?

Start with a preparatory program. There you will find simplified versions of Push Up, which are suitable for any fitness level.

Will I lose weight if I start to do this program?

In principle, Push Up help burn calories and build muscle, to maintain it to spend the extra calories. However, by themselves they are not the best means of reducing weight. If your main goal is to lose weight, then you should use an effective program of cardio in conjunction with any plan of strength training.

My son (daughter) wants to do Push Up – this is useful for teenagers?

Absolutely safe! By the way, Teens are very receptive to strength training, and this plan will help them to achieve excellent results. However, before permitting the children to proceed to the execution of the program, you need to make sure that they are completely healthy, and if you have any doubts about their physical condition, consult a doctor.

After you perform Push Up my hands are shaking. Is this normal?

Yes. Feeling the tremors suggests that the muscles accumulated lactic acid, which is a sure indicator of a sufficiently large load. Stretching exercises after a workout will help wash the lactic acid from the muscles and normalize their condition.

What changes should I expect if I decide to follow the plan?

In the course of performing seven-week plan, you will notice a significant increase in the strength of the upper body. In addition to the increase in strength you can count on the development of the chest muscles, shoulder girdle and hands, though this usually requires a few weeks, because the body needs time to synthesize proteins used in muscle contractions.

Can I use special pads for Push Up?

People with weak wrists say that the use of grab bars, or the stops for Push Up allows them to achieve greater success than the use of traditional techniques with the support of the palms on the floor. However, the use of end stops associated with the risk of an excessive increase of the amplitude of the lowering of the chest and damages the connective tissue. So you need to make sure that the angle of bending of the hands at the elbow joint was not less than 45 degrees.

After the previous workout I’m still sore hands. Should I continue to run the program?

Then you should listen to your body. What caused the pain — the total fatigue load or you have overdone it and damaged the muscle? If you have any doubts about your ability to continue the program, stop immediately, rest for a few days and consult your physician.

Can I do other workouts that day, when I’m doing Push Up?

This program will be a good addition to any program you do strength training (and Vice versa), but note that in this case, your productivity will drop a bit. Between workouts it is advisable to arrange a small respite in order to avoid the risk of damage to muscles or other injuries. In addition, you should carefully carry out the warm-up before training and stretching after it.

“Rest between push UPS — 60 seconds. What do I do during the holidays?

What you want! Please, do stretching exercises, walk, drink water, shake hands. Importantly, after a minute of rest and you were ready to be wrung out further.

When performing Push Up hurt my elbows. What am I doing wrong?

Many people turn out the elbows at the top of the lift. This is considered a very serious technical error. In the top position your arms should be almost straight, but in no case should not straighten completely on and off at the elbows.

In addition, try to keep the elbows close to the body, not to breed them. With good technique you should feel the contraction of the triceps.

What time of day is best to do Push Up?

The best time to workout depends largely on individual peculiarities of the person. Some people feel a surge of energy in the morning, others, like me, prefer to exercise in the evening. Some people tight routine allows you to exercise only late at night, but so good pushups that you can perform them almost anywhere anytime! All you need to do is to allocate enough time to properly warm up and prepare your mind and body for the upcoming strenuous exercise.

During training I lose my concentration. How to make Push Up more fun?

Try to train with a partner or, even better, in the group. Many people workout takes more pleasure when they are surrounded by friends, family members or work colleagues. An additional advantage of such training is to increase the motivation and the desire to show their best side. It is good idea to perform Push Up under the sounds of your favorite tunes. In this regard, some prefer to use a rhythmic, energetic music, while others prefer relaxing and smooth. Find the style that best suits you personally, and have fun.

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