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How to do push-UPS

Push-UPS – this is, in fact, bench press the opposite – the work included the same muscles as the bench press is the main exercise for developing the pectoral muscles. It is also important that the bench press is considered one of the five basic exercises for muscle growth.

As in the case with a barbell you can train different muscle bundles – when you use the footrest when the head is below, you train the top of the chest and back position, when the head above the legs, you train the bottom of the chest.

Push-UPS Benefit

The benefits of push-UPS, no doubt they give results, even if limited only to them. Push-UPS train primarily the upper part of the body — the body and hands, namely:

  • biceps;
  • triceps;
  • chest muscle;
  • front serratus;
  • deltoid muscle
  • back muscles.

They develop endurance, stimulate muscle growth. Carrying out a set of push-UPS in a mandatory manner shown to those who are actively involved in any kind of sports. But just to support the physical health is a necessary exercise.

How to build chest with push-UPS?

Despite the fact that when push-UPS you will not be able to use additional weight (like when training with weights) proper technique and the use of complicated variations is able to give quite a good result and increase breast.

The first thing to remember is that you should not train every day, otherwise the result will be negative. Muscle fibers grow in the recovery process, requiring up to 36 hours and two or three workouts a week is enough.

How to do push-UPS?

To properly do push-UPS, you must learn to feel the chest muscles: stand up straight, push the front side of the palm to your chest, then slowly allot a hand forward as if pushing away from something, trying to strain your chest muscles.

Repeat the movement again and again, feeling involved in the work the pectoral muscles. Second hand you can put on the chest to better feel it. The next step will be slow push-UPS from knees, again, with full control of the muscles.

The Technique of push-UPS

How to Do a Push Up Correctly In order to properly do push-UPS, you need to learn to control not only the work of the pectoral muscles, but also to follow in an elongated string body – this will allow to additionally employ abs and arm muscles.

Remember that more effective push-UPS not a hundred times in a row, making the last ten push-UPS, and do 5 sets of 20 slow and skilful repetitions, separated by a thirty-second break.

Types of push UPS — which is better?

In addition, you can enable work upper and lower muscle bundles, using supports for the feet or hands, you can vary the width setting of the palms. With the broad statement of the hands the work included the shoulders, while the narrow – triceps.

The most effective type of push-UPS is one in which widely spaced hands and feet are at high support. This allows you to stretch the pectoral muscles. Below you can watch a video of the classic push-UPS.

Pushups – a great and very simple way to pump breast at home. Correct technique, alternating different types of push-UPS and moderate load (2-3 times per week) to deliver maximum performance.

How many times to do push-UPS

It is also an important issue. Will help you to deal with them table push-UPS. You should train three or four times a week — so the intensity will be enough, because muscles need rest.

Exercise Program designed for 3.5 months, each training session consists of five approaches:

  • Week 1 — 20; 20; 15; 15; 10.
  • Week 2 — 25; 25; 20; 15; 10.
  • Week 3 — 30; 30; 25; 20; 15.
  • Week 4 — 35; 30; 25; 20; 15.
  • Week 5 — 40; 35; 25; 20; 15.
  • Week 6 — 40; 40; 30; 30; 20.
  • Week 7 — 45; 40; 35; 35; 25.
  • Week 8 — 45; 45; 35; 35; 25.
  • Week 9 — 50; 45; 35; 35; 30.
  • Week 10 — 50; 50; 40; 40; 35.
  • Week 11 — 55; 50; 40; 40; 35.
  • Week 12 — 60; 55; 40; 40; 35.
  • Week 13 — 60; 60; 45; 45; 40.
  • Week 14 — 65; 60; 45; 45; 40.
  • Week 15 — 65; 65; 45; 45; 40.

If you do this, the result is to increase the number of push-UPS to 260. The program can be difficult, if doing not only the classic push-UPS, but doing push UPS narrow grip, push-UPS with weights or chairs.

Video: How to do push-UPS

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