How to drink alcohol and Not get drunk

When alcohol at a corporate party, business dinner, wedding or other important events required to maintain sobriety of mind and self-control. For the unprepared person it is a complex task that requires advance preparation. Thanks to this material you will learn how to drink and never get drunk during a rough feast. Here are all the existing methods.

First understand why people get drunk. Guilty of fusel oils in alcoholic beverages. They interfere with the functioning of the cerebral cortex. The consequences appear individually: some people disrupts the function of the occipital part of the brain and vestibular apparatus, and as a consequence lost his balance and (or) the ability to speak. The others – off the “moral center” that controls behavior. In rare cases, temporarily lost memory.

The situation when in the morning after a big dose of alcohol drunk man doesn’t remember anything, not as common as one might think. Most of the “victims” just feign amnesia. Just they are ashamed of their behavior and they want to justify rash actions.

How not to get drunk from the alcohol – before drink:

1. “Vaccination against alcohol.” 4-5 hours before the meal to drink about 100 grams of vodka or the equivalent amount of other alcohol. The body will begin to produce alcohol dehydrogenase, the enzyme responsible for the processing of alcohol in the body. After the “vaccination” you can not be afraid of strong intoxication, especially if you know the measure.

2. Fatty foods. 1-2 hours before the party suggest to eat a sandwich with butter, fat, caviar or sturgeon. You can still have 10-20 ml of olive oil (if you can).

Attention! Fatty food does not block the effects of alcohol, but only slows down its effect for 40-45 minutes. This means that people will start to get drunk about an hour after taking alcohol, but the intoxication is swift and strong. Suggest to use this method only if the event doesn’t last, and you will have time to get home.

3. Medications. 2-3 hours before drinking alcohol to drink 4-5 tablets of activated charcoal, and directly before a meal 1-2 tablets crushed into powder. Make sure that the coal is not left on the teeth after pills advised to carefully rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. Activated carbon absorbs part of the alcohol and fusel oils, as a result of the person less drunk.

Still 40 minutes before meal you can take one tablet of zantac or festal. These medications on the basis of pancreatic enzymes ensure the normal work of the stomach when overloaded.

4. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. in No case do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, otherwise all other methods will not give the desired effect.

How not to get drunk from the alcohol – while drinking:

1. Use only high-quality alcoholic beverages. the better the alcohol, the lower the fusel oils that cause intoxication and decrease of self-control. From bad moonshine and get drunk much faster than good quality vodka, cognac or wine.

2. Do not mix your alcohol. Reaction to mixing different spirits are unpredictable and manifested individually. For example, some people absolutely can not interfere with the red wine and vodka, others beer and brandy. From combining champagne with other drinks gets drunk almost everything.

When mixing alcoholic drinks (if you do) I advise you to remember the rule of “Gorki” – the degree of alcohol consumed must increase. Vodka after beer you can drink, but not Vice versa.

3. Snack alcohol hot food. Alcohol copiously to eat hot food. Meats, fish, boiled potatoes with butter or lard, and parsley and lemon significantly reduce the degree of intoxication. Better to abandon the exotic dishes, which you never tried before. A combination with alcohol is fraught with unexpected consequences.

4. Not to keep alcohol in your mouth. Alcohol absorbed into the blood not only through the stomach wall, but also through the blood vessels in the mouth. Recommend to empty the glass in one swift gulp. Also beware of cocktails, drinking through a straw.

5. Drink alcohol non-carbonated drinks. Carbon dioxide contributes to rapid intoxication, therefore alcohol and soda are incompatible. Alcohol you can drink juices, fruit drinks and compotes.

6. To move more during the party. To control your condition suggest you periodically leave the table (if possible) and get a breath of fresh air.

It is impossible to drastically change the temperature. For example, to go out from a warm room in winter, so you’ll get drunk faster.

7. To give up cigarettes. This is more for people who smoke regularly. Literally, they can knock just one cigarette you smoke.

8. Replace alcoholic drinks. do Not immediately drink the entire contents of the glass or glasses. Try to quietly substitute the alcohol for something soft the same color. For example, wine to the cherry juice, vodka, mineral non-carbonated water. Also, alcoholic drinks can be discreetly diluted with juice or water in the glass.

9. To vomit. This is the most radical, but at the same time the most effective method. If you feel that you quickly get drunk, then vomiting – justified, because then you will only get worse. The procedure can be repeated every hour.

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